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    WOS3 Directshow Error

    Please help im getting an error which says couldnt initialize directshow. Perhaps the neccesary codec for the video is missing. I installed codecs but it still doesnt work
  2. emileh

    PMDG 777-300ER

    Does anyone know whether the Aerosoft Installer for PMDG 777-300ER has been updated yet for P3Dv4 since its release from PMDG?
  3. Does anyone maybe know when we can expect the updated installer on Aerosoft for the PMDG 777-200LR
  4. emileh

    Airbus Series on P3D v3

    Hi all please help, I recently installed my Airbus series on P3d and now its not working right. Yes Simconnect and FSUIPC have been manually installed. See screenshot 1. Right MCDU not working, no buttons are even clickable 2. Something in the Autopilot also doesnt look right.
  5. It would be amazing to have south africa on AES aswell as the south african virtual aviation community is getting bigger. There is a new version of Johannesburg International with the new Pier that looks amazing.i just dont know how to upload pics otherwise i couldve shared some. For FSX here's a link to all the payware scenery http://shop.nmgtrading.com/