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  1. Aguinaldo added a topic in Holgers Liveries   

    Paintkit or Aicraft.
    Hi how can I paint the orange color? This only appears when loading the aircraft with the painted livery, but it does not appear when using the paintkit files. Any clue?

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  2. Aguinaldo added a topic in Tweaking, repaints, SDK   

    Need help
    I am trying to change the color for this piece or file in the paintkit and I can't find the file. I really need your help. I just need to know what file name is so I can work on it. I want to change to grey color. Thank you.

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  3. Aguinaldo added a post in a topic Mega Airport Johannesburg preview   

    i have got FNLU scenery for fsx and fs2004 if you need contact me. it is a freeware. Mega JNB by aerosoft will be awesome. FNLU will be substituted by the new luanda airport that is been built in this growing city of Bom Jesus.
    here is some links:
    check development on the link above.
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  4. Aguinaldo added a post in a topic installing the fmc trouble   

    Thank you very much janekBln. its working. thx a lot.
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  5. Aguinaldo added a post in a topic installing the fmc trouble   

    Can nobody help me on how to install the fmc in this wonderful aircraft? Please can someone help me please???????
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  6. Aguinaldo added a post in a topic installing the fmc trouble   

    The first one is the middle and the top is the second.
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  7. Aguinaldo added a topic in Simcheck A300   

    installing the fmc trouble
    win 7 64 bit home edition. is there anything wrong i am doing? need help.

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  8. Aguinaldo added a post in a topic My Traffic 2013 Help   

    I had to repair and i run as administrator and my fsx traffic was low and i increased to 100%. STB and my traffic 2013 now works fine....... Thanks for your help Shaun and Aerosoft forever with you guys.
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  9. Aguinaldo added a post in a topic My Traffic 2013 Help   

    I have the file and the size is 127,597 Kb

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  10. Aguinaldo added a post in a topic My Traffic 2013 Help   

    No i never had any AI traffic installed b4.The only i have is some of the Aerosoft scenery i have installed in which comes with aircraft in the scenery. Thats all i have. Can any body help me please????????
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  11. Aguinaldo added a topic in Tools/Missions General   

    My Traffic 2013 Help
    Hello i hope you are all doing great. I have installed the software for more than two times and i see not traffic at all and i have been selecting different airports and still don't see any traffic too. Do i have to move the aircraft's installed from MY Traffic 2013 to FSX/Simobjects/Airplanes or just leave the way it is installed? I have got STB3 and MT2013 and i remember that the first time i installed both software's, one of the software used to automatically start after FSX was loaded, but now it is not starting anymore. On my first install there was traffic but in very small number of aircraft's, example KDFW, EDDF,VHHH and other huge airports with only 2 or 3 aircraft's day and night times. My STB3 settings is good because it was corresponding the number of the traffic at the airports i was selecting when i had my first MT2013 installation, but now MT2013 does not show any traffic at all. Windows7, 64bit , AMD A6-3650 Quad Core processor, 8GB RAM, 1TB Hard Disk. FSX Gold Edition. Please need help.THX
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  12. Aguinaldo added a post in a topic Twin Otter Repaint Sonair   

    Can nobody help me on this repaint? Please I want to enjoy this bird with this livery please helpppppppp.......
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  13. Aguinaldo added a topic in Aircraft General   

    Twin Otter Repaint Sonair
    Hello to everyone. I just bought this nice bird today and i am asking a favour if someone can do this repaint for me please. I love this aircraft .
    This link is for the logo if cant see well http://www.logosdata...sonair_85036093
    This for the country flag if not well visible besides the registration. http://www.worldatla...rica/angola.htm
    Here is the photo link

    Registration D2-FVM D2-EVC D2-FVP PLease. Thank You.
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  14. Aguinaldo added a topic in Aerosoft Mega Airports   

    Madrid2008, Lissabon, Anchorage and Launcher.
    Madrid and Lisbon - The picture message says that is already installed and to uninstall before run the installer. These two sceneries are not installed and i even went to check at control panel, Fs9 aerosoft folder and it doenst show none of these two sceneries.

    Anchorage one of the terminal just show the gates without the terminal building and i already reinstalled more than 3 times.

    Whenever i bought the Anchorage scenery it gave me an option to install the launcher and it shows an error message and so the instalation is never completed. Inside launcher folder there is a sub folder with names of some sceneries and some sceneries i didnt ever bought it. Guys what is the laucher main function? Please i need help. Lisbon event is coming up on March17 on vatsim network and i dont want to miss it. Help Please.......

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  15. Aguinaldo added a post in a topic Developers: How to prepare an Airport for AES   

    Hello Aerosoft Support , I am having the same situation as Juan Rodriguez, I am developing the scenery for Luanda, Angola ( FNLU ) and i would like to make that scenery compatible with AES. So i am looking if i can find a PDF manual so i can read requirements and regulations or then an explanation for Aerosoft support staff. I am Aerosoft customer too and i am satisfied with the service that support have provided to myself. I hope to ear from you soon.

    Thank you.
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