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  1. Jespersson

    Incorrect RAAS call-out

    Will check this! Thanks! /Jesper
  2. Hi! I always load the aircraft in the turn around state but for some reason the speed brakes are alway armed and I usually have to move my speed brake axis up and down a few times before it works properly. I have assigned all controls with FSUIPC so I'm not sure if there's an issue with this or the panel state config. Kind regards Jesper
  3. Jespersson

    Incorrect RAAS call-out

    Hi! I'm not sure if I'm supposed to ask for support by you or by the airport devs, but I have a few airports where there are wrong callouts. For example, at the new MK-studios Lisbon i get a "On taxiway" call when on the main runway. Kind regards Jesper
  4. Thanks Dave, really appreciate the advice!
  5. Many thanks for this my friend! I will do some experimenting later tonight. In regards to the disk processing speed, would a SSD make much of a difference? Both my disks have quite a few years behind them so a new disk is the next planned upgrade for me. Kind regards Jesper
  6. Hi everyone! I'm trying to analyze my system and figure out the best way to optimize performance in P3D. Currently I usually have 15-30 FPS in an airport environment and about twice as much mid air which I personally believe is a bit low for my system. I recently installed a brand new GTX 1080 card which to be honest didn't make that much of a difference performance wise (from a GTX 960). I'm not really an expert on how different applications uses the system so I figured I might just ask here instead. What I've been able to understand so far is that by looking in the performance monitor the CPU cores are mostly maxed out and the graphics card is at about 30%. My old graphics card was always at 90%-100%. RAM and hard drives are also working on low levels. My questions are basically: 1: Is the performance reasonable for my system or should it be better? 2: What can I do to improve performance other than lowering the settings dramatically? My specs are: OS: Windows 10 CPU: i7-6700 3,40GHz Graphics: GTX1080 RAM: 16GB Display: Samsung 34" curved - 3440x1440 Hard Drives: 500GB for system and 750GB for games (Neither are SSDs). P3D settings: FXAA: Off AA: 4xMSAA Texture filtering: 2x Texture resolution: Medium 1024x1024 Game resolution: 3440x1440x32 Vsync: On Tripple Buffering: On Target frame rate: 35 Mipmap panels: Off Detail level: High Tesselation factor: High Mesh resolution: 5m Texture resolution: 1m High resolution terrain: Off Scenery complexity: Extremely dense Autogen draw distance: High Vegetation density: Dense Building density: Very dense Dynamic autogen vegetation: Off Water detail: Medium Bathymetry: Off Reflections: User vehicle Special effects detail: Medium Special effects distance: Medium HDR: On Dynamic reflections: Off Dynamic lighting: On Landing lights illuminate ground: On Lens flare: Off Shadow quality: Medium Shadow draw distance: Low Casting and recieving: Internal vehicle only Weather is controlled by Active sky with standard settings. Some of my addons: Many airport addons ORBX: FTX Global FTX Europe FTX Trees HD FTX Vector (with only Highways and Primary roads activated) EU England REX w soft clouds AS for P3D v4 Kind regards Jesper
  7. Good evening everyone! Sorry to start a new thread on the same topic as this: I love the buses so far and even though there are a few small bugs here and there they are a pleasure to fly. I just have one personal opinion to add to the seat belt sign discussion in the previous thread. I believe it's rather obvious that the passenger signs should be a part of the checklist when crossing 10 000 feet as it is a part of most European SOPs. However if you like me usually fly an airline that mostly uses high altitude airports you will in most cases end up with clouds a few thousand feet above 10 000ft on a normal day. If there are thunderstorms even more so. I was just thinking if there could be some sort of compromise done here. You guys know the technology behind this better than any of us so I won't go into that but here are just a few ideas. 1. Would it be possible to just have a reply to the checklist so the pilots would just confirm the position the switch is in? After all we are flying the damn thing so in my opinion it wouldn't be too much to ask that the pilot turns the switch off when he/she finds the situation appropriate. That would also probably be helpful for people from other regions with other SOPs as it wouldn't force them to switch it off. I know you can turn it on manually agian but how realistic is that really? 2. Would it be possible to use the auto position instead if you wan't it to be turned off at 10 000ft and the on position as a manual option? (Wasn't the old buses configured like this?) When descending it's less of a problem as there is nothing keeping you from switching it on before 10 000ft. 10 000 ft is after all the minimum altitude to turn the seat belt sign off, but in reality it's always up to the flight crew and how they feel about the current situation. Sure it should be part of the checklist but to me it seems wrong to have a forced function here as there are many situations when the crew would take a different decision. Have a good night guys! Looking forward to the future updates (and the A330)! Kind regards Jesper
  8. Have a look at this
  9. @Ray Proudfoot, not gonna say to much in this forum but there is another dev releasing LPPT today actually. Today it's for P3D and further on Xplane will also be brought in to the picture.
  10. Hi! Just for your information, in the livery manager for the A320/321 there is a Qatar A321 in the thumbnail for the EasyJet A320 and the United A320. Have a good day guys!
  11. Jespersson

    Very sensitive trim control

    I'm not using any 3rd party trim addon either. Just fsuipc.
  12. Jespersson

    Very sensitive trim control

    Yes, and that's exactly what we're talking about.
  13. Jespersson

    Button background lights

    Thank you sir!
  14. Jespersson

    Button background lights

    Sorry I must have been half asleep when I wrote this. The question is not regarding the screen brightness but the background lights for the MCDU. It would have been nice with a bit more screen brightness as well though as it's quite dark compared to the rest of the cockpit even when the brightness is maxed out.
  15. Jespersson

    Light switches in wrong position

    Hi! For example I don't like to wait until 10kts to turn on the taxi light and rwy turn off lights when it's pitch black outside. I always turn them on as I start to move as I believe most airlines do. The copilot is a great assistance in many phases of flight but this just seems like a strange thing to get cought on. I think many questions and issues where people don't understand why they're stuck would be gone with such a simple thing. I respect your opinion but for me it was a real let down compared to the old buses. Kind regards Jesper