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  1. kconlon

    A3xx RAT

    Is the functionality of the Ram Air Turbine modeled? If not, are there plans to model it somewhere down the road? Thanks Kevin
  2. kconlon

    Any news CDU virtualavionics ?

    You really shouldn’t need it, there is a MCDU web app that you can run in a web browser, tablet or phone. You need to enable it using the Airbus configuration tool. Kevin
  3. Pretty good video from an x-AirBerlin FO where he takes you through and explains the walk around of an A320. (Actually all his videos are good!) Kevin
  4. kconlon


    Thank you Tom!
  5. kconlon


    I was one of those people that purchased the 318/319 Product using my serial number from a previous A319x for the discount before the bundle became available. I previously owned both the 318, 319, 320, and 321 products for P3Dv3. Can I use my serial number from one of these as a discount towards the 320 purchase? thanks, Kevin
  6. kconlon

    VRi Overhead panel

    Are the Airbus Pro series aircraft compatible with the VRi V320 Overhead panel? The documentation states it was fully implemented all function of the forward overhead panel of A320 in Aerosoft Airbus X Extended via the SDK. Just curious if there is much of a change with the migration to 64 bit? http://www.vrinsightshop.com/shop/step1.php?number=41&ckattempt=1 thanks Kevin. .
  7. When I go to select one of the A319's I am seeing 'extra' parts in the thumbnail. Any way to remove these? Thanks Kevin
  8. kconlon

    GSX Boarding Error

    I think that FSDream Team updated GSX the other day. Run the updater and see if it fixes the issue - it did for me. Kevin
  9. kconlon

    Barometer setting

    Not sure if this the right forum, Is there any way to have the barometer units of measure retain for the particular livery/airframe? I tend to have most flights in the US where we use inHg vs QNH. Kevin
  10. kconlon

    MCDU on an external device

    I use the whole IP address with the port number into the address bar like below. I have done this on the local pc, a networked pc and my iPad. Haven’t tried my iPhone but I will next flight.
  11. kconlon

    MCDU on an external device

    I am using Safari
  12. kconlon

    MCDU on an external device

    I have it working on my iPad. Make sure you run the connector as administrator Kevin
  13. kconlon

    Your best Screenshot

    Taking the bus weaving through a bit of weather into MYNN,
  14. kconlon

    Thanks Aerosoft team

    I wish it would have been listed in the store about an hour ago. I was OK with getting the 318/19 now and willing to pay the difference for in purchase price for the privileged of flying today. Now I am a bit disappointed that the bundle was released, anything in the works for the early adopters? Kevin