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  1. Caption contest!

    I think, it shows the place, where you can put your hand luggage, Kinderwagen or wheelchair, to be deliverd direct to the Aircraft. It should be near the boarding area from the gate. Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  2. Hallo, ich kenne Dein System nicht und weiß auch nicht welche Programme bei Dir alle laufen, aber folgendes könntest Du machen: 1. Nutze nicht den Taskmanager um die VAS zu prüfen, das ist zu ungenau, es gibt dafür kostenlose Software (s. Link) 2. Der FSX kann max 4 GB verarbeiten, egal wieviel Riegel Du in Deinen Rechner eingebaut hast. 3. Lies Dir mal die Beiträge in dem verlinkten Blog durch, dann verstehst Du schnell wo und was die Probleme sind: Vor allem dieser Beitrag trifft genau Dein Problem Viel Erfolg
  3. Pushback finished - back at gate

    Perfect, Oliver!! Runs at always now. Thank you very much and have a nice sunday!!
  4. Hello, yesterday I hat a strange experience with the pushback at KSEA (new installed). I use AES 2.44 and T2G KSEA. After pushing back from Gate 4C, nose to the right, and setting the brakes, i found myself back at the gate, like no pushback was done. Never had this before, and dont know how to fix it. thanks for your help!
  5. Hi, I am pretty shure, that your MCDU isn't set correct. Your "when I activate the NAV hold..." shows it's time to work thru the Step-by-Step Guide. There is no NAV hold, the Airbus offers a "Managed" or "Selected" mode. Do this Step-by-Step Guide and everything will be sunny for you
  6. Not overflying waypoints

    But you can make them "fly-over". Click on the waypoint and push the "fly over" button at your FMC.
  7. SPAD v0.5.1 stürzt ab mit Airbus V1.31

    ...und um Tom's Antwort zu ergänzen, schau Dir mal das Programm LINDA an. Auf AVSIM gibt es ein eigenes LINDA Forum mit der aktuellen Software und auch LUA files für den Airbus. Damit kannst Du die Saitek Schalter wunderbar zuordnen.
  8. Saitek Switch Panel

    Do you know LINDA and the LUA files? With that it's possible to assign your Saitek switches to a Airbus function. There is a Special LINDA forum at AVSIM with the lastest software and LUA files.
  9. MD-80

    Hello gents, maybe the most of you still know this wonderful small video of the DAT MD87 flight from Billund to Napoli. I some way, I love this pure mechanical aircraft. At the end, this real nice captain shows some hidden secrets of his aircraft. It's awesome
  10. P3D schöner machen

    Ganz ehrlich, 0% die neuen Texturen bringen sogar etwas mehr an Frames. Mein PC ist absolute Mittelklasse I5 3,4ghz, GTX770

    Schaut so aus, das wars wohl
  12. Solved Twin otter extended and F1 GTN

    Hey Dirk, I also thought what a wonderful addition the GTN would be. I tried the link at Post Nr. 130 and got it to work. BUT: it's much to small, it's 1000 times better to use the F1 GTN in a pop up window. So for me, no need to integrate the GTN in the Twin Otter anymore.
  13. Solved FSX Crash when inserting radial fix

    I never had problems with the Fix, and I use it very often. You are using the latest release of the Airbus?
  14. Solved FSX Crash when inserting radial fix

    Blahhh, this feature works perfect. You can use up to 4 Fix inputs, with radial and distancering.