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  1. Uh Mathijs, that's why many developers give customers the OPTION to have the colours matched to FTX Global textures. There is no such thing as a "correct" colour for summer, so many variables in place, hence good developers give options. And you DO advertise the scenery as state-of-the-art scenery design!
  2. mburkhard

    Safedock under metal bars

    Thanks Bob, what would we do without Oliver
  3. mburkhard

    Safedock under metal bars

    Was there ever a fix for this published? I just re-installed EDDF Prof into my V4 and see the same issue. Some (not all!) docking systems are positioned too far back partly inside the terminal wall or, as shown above, behind their mounting structures. Some gate examples where the issue occurs: A20, A22, A50, A52. Thanks, Markus
  4. Hi Oli, it is my understanding that the ICAO standard requires for full threshold lighting for runways with instrument approach procedures flown onto them, so not just the wing bar lights. But I will dig up the corresponding ICAO documents next week at work to make sure. Anyway, since LPMA features a displaced threshold on both sides, it is even more reason to have full threshold lights. And adding to that I've never seen a runway equipped with touchdown zone lighting but only having wing bar lights, that doesn't make sense. So full threshold lights as you have done them for v1.04 is perfect! Thanks for the screenshots, looks excellent! I owe you a beer for these perfectly done lights, so I hope to see you next weekend
  5. @MK-Studios Thank you for V1.03, the sloped terrain is looking very much better now! However the runway lights are still far from being correct. The runway end lights for RWY23 are still white, but they should be RED, the same as RWY05! Come on, this is basic stuff! Furthermore, the runway edge lights at the end of each runway should be YELLOW, not red. You can clearly see this on the photos I've linked above. And it is also well documented in the AIP and charts. And if you want to do it 100% correct, the centreline lights towards the end of each runway first alternate between white and red before they get fully red, also visible in the photos above. I know you might consider this being minor details, but from a very able developer like you I would actually expect that the basics for flying are being done correctly, and that includes the runway lighting. If you don't want to fix all the items I've mentioned in this post, PLEASE at least fix the runway end lights for RWY23, it just looks so wrong when they are white instead of red! You've managed to do it for RWY05, so I'm sure you can do the same for the other side Thanks, Markus
  6. It doesn't matter in this case Mathijs! You see, one of the photos is only 4 years old, and the issue is runway lighting right? One very recent example where you can see that I'm right is your very own charts you sell as a license, LIDO. They do show both the red/white centreline lights as well as the yellow edge lights at the end of each runway. So yes, they are there, trust me. Now the photos I linked show exactly that, both of them. Just for MK Studios to see what I mean. So a 13 years old photo shows that the runway lighting is incomplete in the scenery. A 4 years old photo shows the same. And the up to date 2017 LIDO charts of LPMA show the same yet again. What more evidence you want to realise that this is indeed an issue? Must I copy the info out of the Portuguese AIP for you?
  7. Thanks, looks promising! Regarding the runway lights, check these two photographs to see what I'm talking about: http://www.airliners.net/photo/TAP-Portugal/Airbus-A330-223/2331925/L http://www.airliners.net/photo/-/-/621364/L You can clearly see both the yellow RWY edge lights towards the end, and the red & red/white centreline lights. Both are present in either RWY direction.
  8. @MK-Studios I would like to report two issues which I hope will be fixed in an upcoming update: Runway lights: I'm afraid the runway lighting is incomplete. For one thing the runway end lights for RWY23 are white, but they should be red. They are correct though for RWY05. Furthermore the runway centreline lights are missing the intermittent red lights towards the end of the runway, as well as the yellow runway edge lights, also towards the end of the runway. This is missing for both runway directions. It was however present on the old version of Madeira. The sloping terrain next to the runway is of rather poor quality regarding its texture. Compared to the flat grass areas around the runway this part of the terrain is of very low resolution. This might not be noticeable on landing, but is unfortunately very well visible when entering the runway for backtrack RWY05 via C. See attached screenshot. Furthermore there is a prominent cut between textures visible (marked with red arrow), so due to this the low resolution is even more apparent. Perhaps this sloped terrain texture next to the runway could be provided with a higher resolution? And placing a few 3D bushes up there towards the edge might help too, they are present on the photo texture after all. Adding some 3D bushes might disguise the low resolution even better. Thank you for the new airport, I'd love to see it a bit polished before you go all in on your new project Markus
  9. mburkhard

    Pisa X ( Ftx Global )

    Has this issue been fixed in the meantime? Just wondering before I buy...
  10. mburkhard

    Errors with LIMC Malpensa Runway Lights

    Hi David, am I correct in assuming that the update hasn't been released so far? The download shop still shows V 1.11, whose change log doesn't say anything about runway light fixes... Thanks, Markus
  11. Hi, I did install the Svalbard ENSB scenery recently, unfortunately I discovered that the runway lights are only very tiny dots and way too small. It means that on final the runway lights are almost invisible. I see on the promo video that there the lights are bigger and brighter. No light effect replacement installed or anything like that. Furthermore this is the only airport of all my add-ons having runway lights this tiny. I hope that someone has got an idea, it is difficult to fly to Svalbard in this time of year without visible runway lights Thanks, Markus Note that this is not a resized screenshot, just cropped out of a larger one. This is what I see on final. If you look very closely you can see a tiny hint of runway edge lights.
  12. Hi there, I've got a problem with the PAPI lights for Calvi LFKC airport: During daylight I can't really see them, they are way too dark and almost indistinguishable from the grass they're placed in. Even during the night on short final they are very very small and not well visible. See the attached pictures. The shots are not resized but cropped out of a much bigger screenshot so that you can see what I see during approach. The problem is that flying the circling like this is quite unrealistic. I see on the promo video of the scenery that on there the lights are brighter and bigger. Tested on P3D 3.4, no light replacement stuff installed. Oh and this is the only PAPI which has this problem, all other add-on sceneries work just fine. Anyone got an idea what might be wrong here? Thanks, Markus on final on final on base
  13. mburkhard

    Errors with LIMC Malpensa Runway Lights

    Thanks David, highly appreciated!
  14. Hello David, I've just installed your Malpensa scenery and I'm very pleased with it. A bit heavy on the frames compared to other airports this size, but not a big issue. I did find some errors with the runway lights though (tested in P3D v3.4): RWY35R and 35L are missing the touchdown zone lights. Those are actually a requirement for CAT3 equipped runways and are a worldwide standard So far I've only checked RWY35L and R, but not 17: The runway end lights should be red instead of green. Green lights only for the threshold of the BEGINNING of the runway, the end must be red. Hope this can be fixed in an upcoming update. Thanks! Markus
  15. mburkhard

    Menorca X Evolution Flickering Textures

    Same here, apron textures are flashing when rotating the camera around my aircraft in spot view, and this is without EZDok. I'm using P3D v3.4 incl. the service pack.