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  1. Possible to map additional controls?

    I think what I meant was either there would be an lua file where on fsuipc you can map commands to your stick(or keyboard), or alternatively just have key board shortcuts that I can then later map to my stick. But i'll look at the keys.xml file tomorrow
  2. Hello all, Flyinside just updated their drivers so I can now use my Oculus DK2 with P3D V4. Thankfully with my new card it runs far smoother too. Here's a short clip(forgive me for the end, the AI banked and dropped his speed brakes so there wasn't much I could do!): Cheers, Peter
  3. Hi, I have enjoyed the Lightning for a pretty long time, but one of my very small gripes is that there's little, aside from the weapon systems that can be mapped onto the stick. From what I understand, the only assignments are the following(aside from Tacpack items): Break chute deploy Brake Chute Release Gun Trigger Certain switches like the following would be great if there were commands associated with them (perhaps LUA in PSUIPC?): FD/OFF/AP switch on stick Canopy close Canopy Lock Autothrottle Flt Refuel Tacan controls Heading Bug Heading and Height Switches SWP cancel I'd be interested if other people have other ideas of what else there may be, but those are the things that would be great in being able to map onto my stick and throttle. (I know there's an argument saying it's not realistic to have the button on the stick considering the actual pilots had to press those switches, but then again using a mouse to click the switch seems less realistic). Cheers, Peter
  4. Scenarios?

    I asked this earlier. Unfortunately jcagle said the dll was fused with the actual aircraft itself. I imagine it's because it meets certain criteria like arm switches etc
  5. Just dropping by and saying hello
  6. Hello all, Been in the hangar upgrading my computer. Threw out my old graphics card and moved to a 1080, bought two new displays to make triple monitor and OC'ed my 6700K to 4.5GHz. Here are the results:
  7. Installing to P3D V4

    Sorry - replaced ASC.dll with 64 bit version which I found in a sticky thread. I suggest this thread is stuck for other people who wish to use P4D: Cheers
  8. Installing to P3D V4

    Also, I referred to the if you have sound issues sticky thread, didn't make a difference in sound problems.
  9. More Frightning!

    Also did you give the scenery a try?
  10. More Frightning!

    Various sights. First image of a Victor taking off at RAF Marham. Fourth image as I realised where all the 5 squadron Lightnings had gone, some sitting at Marham. 5th image on approach 6. 7th, and 8th as the aircraft lands.
  11. More Frightning!

    To join your collection
  12. Installing to P3D V4

    Thankfully to help with the frames just got my liquid cooler in, so a little bit of overclocking should help!
  13. Aerosoft Lightning & Team SDB Binbrook vs Orbx.

    If anyone is interested I can send on a PM basis an edited version of RAF Binbrook I made that was originally made by Ted Harrison with Ted Andrews buildings. I found that the frames are better, buildings are more realistic etc. I also compiled my own traffic files for it, so if anyone would like a peak give me a shout. Unfortunately the ICAO is X4BB but that is the only thing that is an issue. I may need to tweak traffic a little to get 5 squadron traffic on it. Otherwise, works fine on P3D V4.
  14. Installing to P3D V4

    Update. Been toying with settings - In the past I used the have Vsync disabled and left it on unlimited frame rate. I've enabled Vsync at unlimited frames which seems to have reduced stutters. The big change was I changed anti-aliasing from 8 MSAA down to 4. It made no change to the T5 in terms of frames, but had the largest impact on the F3, where no the F3 has better frames than the T5. F6 is now somewhere in between. Odd really.
  15. Installing to P3D V4

    Hi, So I ran through all the variants again. In each case I started at ACG Wattisham. The F3 was the worst with frames where it was sitting at around 15 FPS. However, what I mean by lag is control response. If I moved the throttles rapidly back and forth it would take 1.5-2 seconds to respond. Switches like engine start were even worse. It would freeze etc. The F6 sat at around 20 FPS, and it was generally better though you could still feel a noticeable lag in control response, though not as adverse as the F3. I tried both 904 and another F6 to no difference. The T5 however sat at 35 FPS, no lag and smooth with no lag. So it's rather odd here.