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  1. Sensitive & delicate

    If you search for the documentation, which should be in the simobjects folder within the 'myaddons' folder, if you go to Vol. 3 'Cockpit and Controls,' there is a breakdown of all the controls. If I recall correctly, ladder is either floats extend, or retract. 2. I can't say I've seen this explicitly, but I imagine with the ladder down and parking brakes this should happen?
  2. Sensitive & delicate

    If you disable turbulence effects this will stop occurring. As I understand it, this is more a limitation of flight modelling, such that in order to get an accurate flight model for fighters, they become oversensitive to turbulence. If you disable turbulence you should be ok.
  3. LANTIRN Checklists

    When you are lasing the target a pole on the right side of the LANTIRN display should have a stick that moves down until it passes the lower pole. There will be a timer called 'TREL' with a digit '+ x' which ticks down, until passing 0 which will indicate that you are in range.
  4. LANTIRN Checklists

    Hmmm I must have missed them. I think I'll need to create two lua profiles - one for A/A and one for A/G!
  5. LANTIRN Checklists

    Is it possible with the LUA files to add the FOV narrow and wide keys? Also as well for the TID RDR and IR/TV display keys? Thanks, Peter
  6. Just a few notes on P3D V4 Release

    That's no problem and I have no issue with that, it just seems confusing to have the manuals in the 'simobjects' folders of all places.
  7. Hi All, Was so pleased to be able to fly the fantastic F-14X release again, and in a lot of regards is a significant improvement over what I remember it to be. Frames are up from 30 -35 now to 40 - 50(on a 4K monitor now!), and everything seems to work. I really like as well the new throttle sounds for moving in and out of afterburner and closing the throttles. These aspects are very minor but it would be good to verify that I'm not alone on this: 1. When I press shift + 8 the sim closes abruptly. I will check this again to make sure it is not an isolated case however. 2. In the FSUIPC lua for parameters 283 and 284, the PDF file lists them the wrong way around. I can't remember exactly but ATTK and AC STAB parameter numbers are the wrong way around. 3. Can't seem to disable engine smoke, which on the ground really drops the frames. 4. After a real hunt I found the newest manuals. I'm sure it's deliberate that the F-14X files are outside of the P3D V4 folder, but it is slightly confusing that in order to find the manuals you have to go to the following directory(at least in my case): C:\Myaddons\aerosoft\F-14 Extended\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft F14A Pre86 It may be best if the Documentation is placed somewhere like 'My Documents' or in the Aerosoft folder in the P3D directory. Alternatively, the manuals on the forum and product page could do with being replaced with the most recent ones. These are all very minor points and in no way am I intending to be detrimental to the product as I sincerely enjoy it, but just want to bring these things to light. Kind Regards, Peter
  8. Dust off your TacPack.....

    Is this released or coming soon? Peter
  9. F-14 Extended (v3)

    Great to hear progress is being made.
  10. Issue RIO radar monitor

    No problem.
  11. F=14 Extended in Prepar3D v4

    Great to hear progress on this - since I moved to V4 I haven't been able to use one of my favorite aircraft
  12. Issue RIO radar monitor

    Looks like a DX10 issue? Perhaps you should run FSX as DX9?
  13. Possible to map additional controls?

    I think what I meant was either there would be an lua file where on fsuipc you can map commands to your stick(or keyboard), or alternatively just have key board shortcuts that I can then later map to my stick. But i'll look at the keys.xml file tomorrow
  14. Hello all, Flyinside just updated their drivers so I can now use my Oculus DK2 with P3D V4. Thankfully with my new card it runs far smoother too. Here's a short clip(forgive me for the end, the AI banked and dropped his speed brakes so there wasn't much I could do!): Cheers, Peter
  15. Hi, I have enjoyed the Lightning for a pretty long time, but one of my very small gripes is that there's little, aside from the weapon systems that can be mapped onto the stick. From what I understand, the only assignments are the following(aside from Tacpack items): Break chute deploy Brake Chute Release Gun Trigger Certain switches like the following would be great if there were commands associated with them (perhaps LUA in PSUIPC?): FD/OFF/AP switch on stick Canopy close Canopy Lock Autothrottle Flt Refuel Tacan controls Heading Bug Heading and Height Switches SWP cancel I'd be interested if other people have other ideas of what else there may be, but those are the things that would be great in being able to map onto my stick and throttle. (I know there's an argument saying it's not realistic to have the button on the stick considering the actual pilots had to press those switches, but then again using a mouse to click the switch seems less realistic). Cheers, Peter