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  1. Mathijs Kok

    Why not an addon "Great European Stadiums"

    In fact we had a project (free product even) for that a few years back. But these stadiums stand so lonely in the default scenery it simply does not look very nice. Will discuss it though!
  2. Mathijs Kok

    Aircraft can be funny!

  3. Mathijs Kok

    Web MCDU display frozen

    Okay, I will check that tomorrow.
  4. Mathijs Kok

    zoom + preselected cockpit views

    I will check all views to be zoomable before the next update.
  5. Mathijs Kok

    Sound reduction

    They sure help me! Thanks.
  6. Mathijs Kok

    Problem When Undocking MCDU

    It's also looked at from our side. Should be fixable.
  7. Mathijs Kok

    No pop-up panels except PFD

    Lol, it is indeed weird that they can be popped up with Shift 7 and Shift 8 but not with the mouse. I inserted in the (massive) task list of the responsible devs.
  8. It was indeed something we worked hard on to get right, lol.
  9. Mathijs Kok

    Strange strobes

    And that one overwrites the default strobe effect with one that is not backwards compatible. We are not fans of these products.
  10. Mathijs Kok

    Pause at TOD not working

    Mmmmm, we have not seen that in testing, but it is very well possible no tester ever used it. I'll check it out. Thanks for the report!
  11. Mathijs Kok

    WebInterface Missing?

    Yes, think I understand the issue.
  12. Mathijs Kok

    Brussels International preview

    All downvotes are being followed up on, most of the time we ask the voter why he did what he did. When there is not valid reason we remove it.
  13. Mathijs Kok

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Believe me, I have on my disk. It is amazing. Jo has such an eye for colors.
  14. Mathijs Kok

    zoom + preselected cockpit views

    And you are sure you use the right procedure to close the window? First click the small clickity thing and then the big lever?