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  1. Mathijs Kok

    Aerosoft shop Preise X-plane 11

    Sorry for an English reply. Tom is right, it is just the tax that is the difference. Soon though US stores will be forced to charge you your local tax, just as out store has to do. In the mean many countries expect you to declare the purchase yourself to your local tax office. Of course not a lot of people do that.
  2. Daily report, not a lot of exciting things to report Stefan worked on solving the last bits of the problem we ran in yesterday using some beta software. We now know exactly what caused it and though we lost around 20 work hours in total it is good news. Wish I could tell you but it will result in better FPS and lower graphic memory use. Frank mainly worked on smaller issues and making sure his projects are stable because he will be offline next week (if there is anybody who deserved some time off it is him. Baylan and Robert are still on ShowStoppers and Critical items. Some got closed today and if the testers got time we can close a lot more this weekend as they are set to 'To be tested'. This testing is often pretty hard because to test for example a checklist item that has to do with the shutting down of the engine you got to do a complete flight. But progress on that super complex bit of code is progressing nicely. Rolf is doing a super job. The semi intelligent co-pilot is the 'cheap' version of the Connected Flight Deck where you actually have to manage crew coordination but for many (most?) users it is the option they will use most. It's is a major selling point of this project because as a beginner you are not alone in your cockpit. The semi intelligent co-pilot really helps you. I spend the early part of the morning on that certification issue I told you about yesterday (we are now sure that we'll get the certification for Europe and US) and the afternoon on the new voices for the checklists etc. We'll a selection of voices you can insert (as before) so your voices match the airline, but for the files we decided to include as standard we have gone with a professional bus driver because he just sounds more realistic. He states those words every day. We tried a pretty expensive sound studio but what they delivered was almost comical. Like a news reader, not like a pilot who is handling multiple things while talking to the ground crew. startup.wav This weekend will be almost completely testing.
  3. Mathijs Kok

    1.03 released

    Could be I forgotten that.
  4. At this moment our ACARS system does not read that information from IVAO or VATSIM.
  5. Mathijs Kok

    Paint Kit has painted-on textures?

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  6. Mathijs Kok

    Paint Kit has painted-on textures?

    You will need a tool that can handle layers like PhotoShop. DXTBmp is just for conversion.
  7. Are you sure you understand fisheye lenses? Because following that image as a guide the wings should be curved as well.
  8. To be honest, it is fun. I am the project manager of a superb team of developers. They deserve the credit. My task is to make sure they can work efficient and that problems are solved. Every company should make sure customers know why actually does the work. Credit where credit is due. It was high time their names were better known. Back to my MGB now, that exhaust still does not fit.
  9. Daily report. Not the best of days. we were fighting with the new optimized RealLight module after Stefan did a marathon session updating ALL textures and several testers including me ended up like this: As it was running the new modules and some other bit of beta code I am not supposed to speak about it took awhile before we discovered that deleting the shaders folder solved it. Now it all works again and we are very very pleased with the performance gains. At least 5 fps gained in the last week. And I honestly believe this is the best VC ever done. But of course I am biased. So Stefan spend his day on textures and compiling over and over. Frank and Baylan were (are) working on diverse show stopper issues, Robert on speed control in sids and stars. We gotten updates on the checklists that should solve a lot of the issues we had there. I spend a frustrating day dealing with stupid legal issues, In the morning adding all the new legal text to the forum to prepare it for the new European privacy law that will go into effect real soon. It's total bullcrap stuff that nobody will read and it will make the forum look a lot less clean because link to documents on what we will not do with your data has to be everywhere. The afternoon was 'slightly' more interesting as a professional customer is working on getting his sim stations that run our current beta certified for FTD Level 5 (FNPT II MCC). Technically there should not be an issue but as always there are long lists of questions etc. Not such a waste of time as the forum stuff but I much rather spend the time on the commercial version. Going to walk the dogs, get a large glass of wine and try to weld a new exhaust under the MGB.
  10. It might be surprising but I don't mind some of the harsh comments. They might piss me off but if they are based on facts I gotta deal with them. I feel a lot of this 'conflict' is not based on the merits (or price) of the product but on how customers perceive the company behind it. We got in aircraft not the best record on on time delivery (though projects like the DC-8 were pretty much on time). The CRJ was just late, we all laughed hard about that we Hans and I eaten our fair share of shit for that. You have never seen Hans or me complain about comments there. We just slugged on and delivered. The Bus projects are a bit different. I am not going over the reasons we changed things halfway (A330 > A320 series) or how we added 10 weeks to the schedule to add things customers really wanted (like better lights and rain effects). That has been discussed so often all that could be said is said. If commenters do not want to take that into account and point to a post from early 2016, so be it. I can't force people to read. If they have read it all and do not agree, so be it. In the schedule we discussed internally late fall 2017 that resulted in the statement we would release 'early 2018' we always used a late March date. So as project manager I consider myself delivering late by 3 months. Some potential customers who do not know the complete picture will believe we are 18 months late. No serious comments will swade those people to accept my explanation and that's why on many forums and Facebook you read comments that I consider silly. As facts will not make any change to what these people want to believe I rather ignore them. I manage a team of developers who I believe are world class, who do things never done before (think about the most complete MCDU, a weather radar that actually works with ANY weather engine as it is able to read the weather from INSIDE the sim, a server based connected flight deck, a semi intelligent co-pilot etc) and who will deliver all of that in a product that contains wo aircraft types in a sub 50 euro product. I stand in front of them and will take any abuse defending them. I get paid to eat shit, they do not. What I have problems with is defending Aerosoft as a company that is not messing with customers. We believe it is normal that a paying customer should install as often as he wants on his own systems, that there is complete transparency on what is installed where, complete transparency on what is tracked (uhh nothing) and that customers should not pay twice for a file. And of course we promise not to violate laws. As a publisher we sell products that need online activation and in some markets (like bus add-ons) where piracy is rampant we do try to protect our products. But I am not only the project manager of the busses, I am also the manager of support. And I claim there is no customer who paid for his products that is not able to use them. You pay, you play. If there are people who feel that is not true, just write me at We have been doing this for 26 years, growing every single year. Our customer satisfaction rating for sales is at around 90%, in support it is about 86% (and that includes all the people who ask for serials without paying). Our average customer bought more than 5 (!) products.
  11. Mathijs Kok

    1.03 released

    I do not know, will wait for Michael to comment.
  12. Mathijs Kok


    We hope to get the 32 bit files next week, Then we need some testing, an installer etc.
  13. I will update that end of this week or over the weekend.
  14. From this moment on I will try to give a daily update on things our dev team has done. We took the plunge and moved the fonts to the simfolder. In principle this should have worked since P3d V3 but it always had issues. Now we think it is save. The big advantage is that the complete product is now in just two folder, the A318/A319 folder and a shared folder for all our bus products that has things like the company routes, nav data. Installing is now as easy as just copying the files. No more reboot to activate fonts etc. Stefan spend the day updating the VC textures so they will work with the new RealLight/TrueGlass modules. These allow compression so the extreme demands on Graphics Memory are reduced to an acceptable level. This makes 3 Gb graphics cards feasible and removes a massive headache from me. Robert, Frank and Baylan (the people working on the systems, navigation etc) kept on working the showstopper and critical bugs. A few were closed. Others discussed. In this stage making sure they all know what they are doing continuously is super important. We are planning a hackathon in the last week before release where we will focus on the simple and stupid issues, goal is to close at least 50 of them in 18 hours. One of our main advisory pilots did a test flight yesterday and made a video of the whole flights. He did not make things easy with a flight plan that had discontinuous elements he solved by going direct as is common on European airspace these days. Lot of new information to process but surprisingly no new bugs. The first stage to get to release is to make sure you get no new bugs! We added a new very experienced new pilot to our internal Skype group. This is very valuable as we need information and confirmation on issues at least 20 times a day. if we have that on hand it speeds up things a lot. I am pretty pissed off about some of the silly comments I read online since our news yesterday. I should not be, but I am. Things like that we are speeding things up to beat FSL's A319 release. Honestly I did not even know they were close to release and if I did it would have played no role. If a customer wants to buy that product at that price from that company they should. We are not in competition as the focus of the products is totally different. They do stuff we don't, we do stuff they do not do. I think a lot depends on who you want to give your money to. We got a lot of bugs fixed reports from Rolf on the checklists items I will check myself tomorrow. 18:30, our German devs are closing down after a 11 hour day, Baylan is getting breakfast and will start on tweaks to the TO, CLB, CRZ, DES pages. Some testers will check some bugs.