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  1. As you know Connected Flight Deck is at the core of our more complex aircraft. We feel it is hugely important because the single most unrealistic part of flying airliners for most people is the fact they do the job of two people and the whole aspect of crew management is missing. It's just wrong. Our advanced semi intelligent checklist solve part of that but nothing beats actually flying with a real person. We are at this moment overhauling that part of the Airbus code. It will used for our Airbusses but also for the CRJ and one other airliner projects you don't know about right now. We like to know what you would like to see different from the current version. What new features would you like, what made the old one hard to use?
  2. The installers of German Airports 3 – Hamburg have been updated to remove a few remaining issues (sorry for the mishap) AS_GERMAN-AIRPORTS-3-HAMBURG_FS2004_V105.exe AS_GERMAN-AIRPORTS-3-HAMBURG_FSX-P3D-FSXSTEAM_V201.exe
  3. Just delete all drivers and try again. For FS you almost never any additional software and in our experience they cause often problems. From crashes in the sim to low FPS.
  4. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  5. The moment these products get overhauled we'll consider it. I do not expect that to be soon though, sorry.
  6. If there is news you will find it here.
  7. It is not a market we'll spend a lot of time on. Sorry. Keep in mind this is not a $110 product.
  8. yes, the same. were not happy with that title.
  9. You mean SODE, Mike?
  10. We are happy to announce the release of Pisa X for FSX:SP2, FSX;STEAM and P3D V3. Features: Pisa International Airport incl. military section The city of Pisa Leaning Tower, Cathedral, Stadium & more. 30cm/pixel photoreal ground imagery 2K textures / 1K optional Baked ambient occlusion Internally modeled terminal and tower Static GA- and military aircraft
  11. Released:
  12. Gents, please.... we never seen this as part of an ATC transmission, but as a games title indicating that it will allow kids to fly. We know it is 'departure' but believe me the vast majority of the intended audience would not know what that means and they all know the term 'take-off'.
  13. I dare to say the one in our Airbus is the best. It works with ANY weather add-on (or even without one), has accurate ground clutter (you can navigate with it!) it hides front behind each other etc. This will not be included in the first release of the CRJ because it is a very very complex bit of code.
  14. That's marketing for you, lol. I do know it is used in real world btw, because I used it myself. When I still used to fly (ages ago) we would warm up engines near the runway and would tell the controller when we were ready. We did so with 'Ready for take-off''.