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  1. And are you sure the scenery settings are high enough?
  2. Load editor

    I'll discuss that.
  3. great work an-2 and getting better

    Well for sure some An-2 have a GPS but by no means it is standard equipment! Search the forum for an unofficial mod for the rudder.
  4. I'm tired of fighting your product!

    Well Tyazhkiy, first of all it is surprising you never found any problems with PMDG and FSL products because we all know and accept they also have 'issue'. It's excellent that you know all about how stable a windows installation is and all about Visual C++. To be honest I have never met anybody who fully understood how this all links together (I could certainly use somebody like you in support!) but when we advise people to re-install windows to solve an issue with the CRJ we only do so as a last resort. After trying all we can think off. And when we do we got a 7 out of 7 result. Everybody who we advised to do it and who took our advice had their issue solved. It is hard to argue with these hard results, is it not? Of course we focus on the 64 bit platform because that is where the most of our customers are, but we sell the product as 32 bit compatible. But most certainly not 'at your own risk; I dare you to find any statement like that. We fully support the product on all platforms. If you have problems, post about them so we can look at them and solve them. if you do not post about them you are not giving us an option to solve the issues. If you look at VATSIM and IVAO you see that every day hundreds of our CRJ's are used online. Clearly by people who have better experiences then you have. Why don't you tell us about your issue, perhaps they are easily solved. But please, do NOT refer to the customers who we supported and who in the vast majority had their issues solved as teenmagers and grandmothers. I am totally willing to accept you are far more knowledgeable then they are, but please stay polite. I will close this line of postings as it does not contain any question we can answer to and because I find it mildly insulting. We are more them willing to respond to any question you have. Do post the details about your missing waypoints (what nav database, what was the flightplan etc etc), in the correct forum. To be honest, we have limited patience with customers who complain but do not ask for assistance, certainly if they claim to be superior to other users. Ps would you please use compressed images?
  5. Sound of the AN-2

    We still need to decide if we do a soundset as heard with the headset on or without. The first would be realistic but many people will point to videos saying it sounds totally different.
  6. Comms failure

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  7. GPS

    I don't think we ever had the default GPS as gauge, but if you want it I think we could add it. Will check it tomorrow.
  8. Congrats and Wishes

    Thanks for the kind words and the suggestions.
  9. Special request for Devs: CHT and CARB needle values

    Does this help? The CHT of 9th cylinder (right needle) is modelled over the sim variable "RECIP ENG CYLINDER HEAD TEMPERATURE:1". The CHT of 1st cylinder is mapped directly to "RECIP ENG CYLINDER HEAD TEMPERATURE:1". The sim variable is not affected by an2 logic due to control collision. So displayed CHT value differs from the sim one only for the 9th cylinder. All what I can do is to provide our calculated CHT value as L variable if he would read it somehow The carburetor temperature is mapped directly to "RECIP CARBURETOR TEMPERATURE:1", but the animation isn't done linearly.
  10. Comms failure

    Does not explain what you saw before but indeed it gives a lot more information. I think we can force the avionics switch on, as not a lot of people use an aircraft like that as default it simply never occurred with anybody else. However, as this is a known issue for other aircraft I always have a key command assigned to the avionics switch. A bit easier then having to load an aircraft.
  11. Antarctica X Config Tool

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  12. Dave door & passenger problems

    As soon as we find out what causes it, of course. This was already promised.
  13. MIght not be impossible but customers with two audio channels are very rare so It has very low priority.
  14. I'll investigate but in my own recordings that we made of startups there were two in rainy weather, one moderate rain, one serious rain this was not done. Perhaps a company specific thing. We seen a lot of that. The overhead thing you mention is abnormal procedure and thus not simulated by us. It is just not something that pilots do to perform a flight. Keep in mind that we draw a rather rigorous line in the sand about that. We simulate the job of the pilot, not the training of the pilot. Update on the pb thing, quick feedback from two bus pilots was clear, this might be practise in some countries under extreme conditions and both knew of the process, but is is most certainly not standard procedure, neither of the two had ever done it. That means we will not support it.
  15. Car traffic simulator?

    Yes that idea has been going round the office a few times.