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  1. Please follow up in this topic:
  2. So do what I suggested.
  3. Agree with Otto here but I will forward it to the webdevs,
  4. Fernbus Simulator Add-On - Neoplan Skyliner released! The journey continues: the first add-on for the popular Fernbus Coach Simulator features the Neoplan Skyliner! This “King of the Road” is a special luxury coach in the real world and of course in this simulation. The double-decker bus in this DLC comes with the original FlixBus painting and other designs. The virtual driver operates from an interactive cockpit modelled in high detail, featuring various camera perspectives. This is the place where all features of the bus can be controlled – including large dashboard displays, a driver monitor with navigation and rear view camera, controllable air conditioning and extensive controls of the harmonic interior and exterior lighting concept. Additionally, the Neoplan Skyliner is fitted with a lifting system as well as interactive doors and luggage compartments which can be opened and closed individually. An original Skyliner was available for sound recordings leaving this virtual model with nothing to be desired for when compared to its real-world counterpart. And of course, this luxurious double-decker can be repainted by you via the Steam Workshop. The Fernbus Coach Simulator Add-on Neoplan Skyliner sets new standards – making it the absolute highlight of every Coach fleet!
  5. Check the Madeira mesh topic, most is explained there.
  6. Sure you are on the latest version?
  7. These days we tend to do less statics because they are annoying for people who have their own AI traffic setup.
  8. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  9. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  10. Switching to a new shop system (linked to our warehouse system) was a massive task but as you will have seen it does all seem to work pretty well by now. We love the new open layout and the fact all the limitations we had to deal with are now solved. Today we added a Version tab to the product pages we think will make life a lot easier for customers. It's not available on all products but it gives a good idea on how we believe a shop in 2017 should work.
  11. Who wants a CRJ home cockpit? Even pilots who love it agree it is a horribly laid out and cramped workplace.
  12. No idea yet.
  13. yeah we would love a project based on that...
  14. As FS does not have TAP as an airline that must have been statics (so not traffic) or inserted by a traffic add-on.
  15. Have you tried putting the scenery in another location of the scenery cfg? And making sure that UTX and FTX do not mess with the terrain on that airport?