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  1. No sorry, we still do not believe wing views should not be a part of the product we should work seriously on. We focus on the two seats in front, not the cheap seats behind that.
  2. Aerofly FS 2 VR Hands Have Arrived!

    Please note that images stored at are blocked for many users as this server has been used for malware many times. Why not attach then to the post?
  3. Mmmmm, if the scenery where you are on has problems with ground layering it could trigger this landing sound.
  4. EE Lightning Mk. F53 preview

    I feel really sorry it takes a while. I'm running from project to project and just need to find a day to complete this.
  5. I assume so, but I also use the Rift for an hour without problems.
  6. Changelog city scenery 1.10: -corrected water mask for “Phoenixsee“ -corrected settlement to the east of the airport -corrected double petrol station to the south west of the airport -removed autogen trees to the south west of the airport -corrected AFCAD coordinates for the Helipad at the hospital -corrected autogen vegetation -the snow covered months (HardWinter) of the aerial images of Dortmund and Hengsen-Opherdicke have been switched to January and February Changes to the airport scenery in 1.10: -Corrected AFCAD with new DME for ILS RWY 24 -corrected name for “Approach” to “Langen Radar” in the AFCAD -corrected the passenger tunnels to avoid fragmentation -completely overhauled config tool
  7. Well all we can say is that a large part of the games industry does not feel the same way. We do not see a lot right now but behind the scene they are all pumping out huge amounts of money in VR. Have you tried some of the newer models (perhaps at shows?) that are wayyyyyyy better then what is now on sale? I found them amazing. High resolution, wide view angles, superb tracking.
  8. Unable to start APU

    A solution for this will be implemented soon.
  9. Daniel's TwOtter paintshop - Rebooted

    That's a bit low on information don't you think? If you want this to be done at least you can do the research and provide the painter with images that show all you believe should be included. With this single image no repainter will even consider doing it.
  10. EGLL Texture why

    Your post seems to suggest it worked before, so looking back on what changed might lead you to what is causing the conflict.
  11. At this moment I have no new information but will try to get some.
  12. In our last market research (part of that is done on these forums) it was clear that 65% of potential customers of these kinds of products are on P3D at this moment and that 15% of those on FSX were considering to move to P3D. That data from 4 months ago and it is clear that P3D has not lost market share. That said, we have honestly not made a decision and we will not make one in the next months. We have released products for FS2004 knowing we would make a loss on them because we felt we could not abandon our customers. Now I suggest we drop this line of discussion. When the time comes to decide we'll revive it. No comment made will change the fact it is not a decision we make at this moment.
  13. It is really all in what I wrote. Can I kindly ask everybody to simply read before commenting? I made it as easy as possible to find. It's the first post in the topic, on every follow up page there is a reference to it in the first post of the page. What more can we do to make sure people read? Please do not take offense, but it seems so utterly counterproductive to have to reply like this. You clearly want to know about this. So why not take 2 minutes to read before asking what has been replied to? It forces us to answer like this and we really do not like to do so. Please read the first post, then ask away!
  14. I believe you have missed that no decision has been made. Why don't you wait with complaining until that decision has been made? It seems unfair to be angry about something that has not happened yet. For sure the 32 bit version will be done after the 64 bit versions so the decision is some way away at this moment.
  15. As explained, P3d V4 and 4.1 contained an error that made it impossible to extend the VC to the level of detail we desire. It you decide not to update it means you will not be able to use this add-on.