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  1. There are two airports that make developers cry. Madeira and Schiphol. Though Gibraltar comes close, lol.
  2. Feel free to call me anything you like! You mean the cursor stays visible in the sim at all times? That's not happening on my system. Are you using FS full screen or windowed? The cursor issue is one that is nasty, it has been like that ever since FS98 and has been bugged LITERALLY every in tests (ahum I did report it every time) but it was never addressed.
  3. No way, sorry.
  4. I am sorry for the problems, we literally pulled people from carnaval events to get this fixed, lol. It's all related to getting a very complex new shop system running (the fact we also have to handle the boxes makes it complex).
  5. How strange... I do see the jetways and the rain effects: Try this: 1) remove the product using the Windows Software control panel (do not manually delete the program files) and manually delete the remaining folders (if any) 2) do a disk check (right click on the drive, select properties, select tools, select check now) 3) reboot your computer 4) log in with administrative rights 5) disable the anti-virus software temporary 6) install the product 7) enable the anti-virus software 8) defragment your disk (NOT if you are using a SSD)
  6. I would for sure try with a standard cfg.
  7. I'll forward this to the developers. But as I have shown a few times, it simply does not use a lot more than the default Frankfurt.
  8. Think that is more a question for Microsoft then for us, but if you google on 1628 scripts you will find a lot of information.
  9. And did you install as Admin?
  10. Just installed a fresh 1 TB Samsung 960 Pro M2 SSD (if you don't know, M2 ssd's are small memory like strips that plug directly in your motherboard, they are potentially many times faster than a normal SSD. As always I try ty do some quick and dirty benchmarking when I install new hardware. In this case the time it takes to start P3D V3 from click to fully loaded aircraft. The machine was rebooted between tests. Samsung MZ-75E500B 500 GB : 17 seconds Samsung 960 PRO 1 TB : 11 seconds Loading of Elite Dangerous from the same disk dropped by 50%. For somebody like me who starts the sim at least 20 times a day that is a fine difference, recommended
  11. Sure... AutoHideMouseCursor. ( Anybody who runs FS should have this auto starting. I got the timer set to 3 seconds.
  12. Can anybody confirm this? On my system it is textured.
  13. That texture is a complete copy of the one on gate 22, so it's not the texture. I'll make a note and inform the developers so it get's fixed if we reopen this project.
  14. That indicates you are running low on VAS most probably, best check that.. I am unable to recreate the effect you see.
  15. We more or less agree, but it is just not ready and a halfway fix won't do anybody any good.