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  1. We have not yet decided. It's a lot of work to scale down the project with less graphics, all converted back to 32 bit etc. Keep in mind this is one of the very few aircraft that were designed for 64 bits and not converted 32 bits aircraft like virtually all others.
  2. On release we'll list ALL the known issues (and update it with what is found after release) so people can decide to step in whenever they want.
  3. Hell no.... I got enough on my plate. A318/A319 Profesional, CRJ SP1, An-2 major update (very cool), World of Aircraft, two professional projects and I still am also the idiot who runs the support department (also 5 people).
  4. Mathijs Kok

    Iceland & Keflavik compatibility

    No idea on future plans, and we'll not support installing it in another sim, sorry. Might work, might not.
  5. Sounds are an issue I got to focus on this weekend.
  6. Yes, SAP really changes your company but these days there are few other options. So far the transition has been relatively smooth.
  7. I just had a talk with Winfried (who says hi to all people he met in Vegas!) and he told me we need to delay the bus with two weeks. The reason has nothing to do with the product but with the fact we are changing our back office system (SAP) and one of the last steps of that is to include our outdated warehouse system into the new system. Now please keep in mind that Aerosoft is a pretty sizable company these days and flight sim add-ons are just part of what we do and while this is a very important release for us, we can't reschedule these important internal changes around it. Obviously as Project Manager, I am not happy about this, but Winfried is not only a good friend he is also my CEO. Of course some people will believe this is a ploy because we are not ready but there is not a lot we can do about that. July 12th is now our goal.
  8. Mathijs Kok

    Milviz 737-200 download older version

    The new version shoudld be online in a few hours.
  9. Mathijs, how do I send you a private message?




  10. Tjee, we are really only focussed on the A318/.A319 at this moment and hardly think about the A330 at this moment. Sorry.
  11. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  12. Mathijs Kok

    P3Dv4 Dynamic Lighting problem with Sceney

    I would for starters delete the shaders folder so you are looking at the simulator as Lockheed and we intended it to be looked at. If you still have the issue after that you know at least it is not because of tweak.
  13. Mathijs Kok

    The manuals

    Thanks, will be corrected.
  14. Mathijs Kok

    The manuals

    I would like that, but not spending time on that right now.