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  1. i didnt even know that this is a thing since i prefer sitting in my cockpit whilst landing haha
  2. More advanced than i had thought : D Good to see that modern software development practices are used within Aerosoft. Continue the good work
  3. nice Good to see that progress continues!
  4. classic case of RTFM Been like that since the very first version of AXE
  5. Good (late) morning, Are there any chances for an update with animated jetways (be it sode or default) for the Mega Airport Frankfurt? Still not sure if i should buy it as long as it doesnt have jetways as it takes away a big factor of immersion when they are static.. Would be cool if you could upgrade one of europe´s largest airports with moving jetways. Kind regards, Alexander
  6. It is a hint for a secret wingflex update of course on a more serious note, is it related to the NEO Engine options?
  7. How far did the progress go systemwise? I guess you were able to reuse some of the old stuff that you coded for the A32X series? I cant wait to see first screenshots of this aircraft in action. A330 always was one of my favourite aircraft.
  8. nice screenshots. One of the birds i am really interested in this year, although i do not like it in real life
  9. jetblue and delta leaving JFK for MCO
  10. koblenz to dusseldorf
  11. departing Munich for Skiathos