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  1. No Internet connect

    Thank you. Happy landings.
  2. No Internet connect

    Are you using a proxy? Please send me this file C:\Aerosoft\SIMstarter NG\log\SIMstarter NG.log
  3. TextInfo Manager ohne Funktion P3dv4

    Ich schau mir das an und melde mich.
  4. Absolutely new and naive

    Hi, first of all thank your for purchasing SIMstarter NG. Thats for sure a very powerful tool with a lot of possibilities - but after using it some days you will love it. For me it's very hard to tell you how to manage your profiles, because this depends on your hardware, addon's e.g. Let me tell you one of the use cases that a lot of virtual pilots are using with SIMstarter NG - using different profiles for Night and Day (because of Antialiasing performance drop in P3Dv4) Go to Simulator Configuration Manager and use the "(MASTER)" ConfigSet for the low and stable night settings, so you may reduce your AA Factor to MSAA. Create a new ConfigSet and call it "Daylight". This ConfigSet can contain SSAA=8 for more eye candy. Go to Scenery Configuration Manager to create different Scenery Sets. You can disable Scenery titles that you don't need for night flying. Last but not least create a second profile call it "Day light" and assign the ConfigSets that you've created before There are a lot more features and functions out there but as you said you're "new" lets not open to many possibilites. I use different Scenery Config Sets to disable regions I don't need for this flight. Let's say ORBX UK, Norway, e.g. is not needed while I am flying from Munich to Hamburg. This saves a lot of loading time. BUT: SORRY TO SAY, I can't support configuration questions at all. I am loving to answer your software related questions but "what's the best setting for my rig" needs to be answered by the community or by your self. I am working on a video tutorial hope to release during x-mas time. Have you seen this nice FROOGLE intoduction video?
  5. :O) How long are you using SIMstarter NG? Because a lot of "Default exclusions" have been added. Maybe try to "Reset" the GE Export Settings by using the Button on lower left corner of "GE Settings". But if it's fixed - I am fine!
  6. Sounds reasonable.
  7. Hi Gregg, thats a good point. The add-on.xml logic means in detail that more then scenery could be defined in that file. At the moment the P3Dv4 SDK just allows to disable the whole add-on.xml file not just parts of it. Meaning by clicking the scenery in SceneryManager this would cause disabling the whole add-on.xml file with all items. At the beginning I thought it could be confusing for the users therefor it disabled this cause. But I think on it. Your're right - this kind of group logic was very useful.
  8. Critical Error:Scheme File Progam Settings Corrupt.

    Installer ist updated now. It's 1.6.4 rev. 12.
  9. ADD-on Managaer

    Please post a DebugPack. It's not a SIMstarter NG related problem but lets get some details.
  10. Critical Error:Scheme File Progam Settings Corrupt.

    WOW! Great feedback! Thank you so much. Yes, there are a lot of options and features and it's still under further development. Topic will be closed now.
  11. ADD-on Managaer

    Please post a debug pack. Maybe not all of your add-on.xml files are "checked in" at the add-ons.cfg files.
  12. Ref. Critical Error