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  1. Hi,

    I have installed my registered version of Simstarter NG and despite there is a \ in the reg it does not show the platform choice at startup first time. Using Win10 64bit and path is: D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\


    Please advice!


    Kind regards,


  2. Please install version 1.4 from the shop. After starting SIMstarter NG it ask you to perform an Automatic Update to version 1.4.7
  3. Version 1.5 ist gerade im finalen BETA Test. Hoffe, dass wir in ca. einer Woche releasen können. Bis dahin kannst Du gerne folgende .REG Datei einspielen und hinterher den Key wieder löschen. Dann glaubt er, dass GoogleEarth installiert wäre. GoogleEarthPro.reg Danke für die Geduld.
  4. No that is not implemented yet. At the moment the functionality is based on most of the old features because the handling of the add-on.xml files would cause a complete recoding of the existing Managers (Scenery, XML, SimObjects, Livery, e.g. Manager). This would bring the release date far away. Version 1.5 will be compatible with P3Dv4 and handling the add-on.xml is under investigation - how to implement the best. These files are giving a lot of Opportunites, let's see how SIMstarter NG will deal with them. :O) See planned features for v1.5
  5. If the rebuild will be triggered by the timestamp auf the aircraft.cfg file.
  6. Fine.
  7. Okay - I was wondering because SIMstarter NG is not released for P3Dv4 at the moment. Please raise your question at the "Aircraft" Forum:
  8. Danke Tom.
  9. Ich würde den Post dann schließen.
  10. Leider nicht. Wettereinstellungen habe ich derzeit nicht integriert, da ich selbst mit Active Sky 2016 Wetter fliege. Sorry.
  11. Yes, NG will be compatible to v4. At the moment in BETA tests. There are a lot of chances and in addition my free time is not that much. But release in june will be possible. :O)
  12. Hi Stuart, the current logic is based on the alphabetic read in of the aircraft.cfg files. For each aircraft.cfg file he is looking for [FLTSIM.0-xx]. If I would sort the list, we would mix aircraft liveries of different aircrafts. Please try using the Liverymanager and move your aircraft livery into the right order that suites you. Okay?
  13. No. The migration from SIMstarter (Freeware) and SIMstarter NG made a big difference because SIMstarter NG can handle different files with different file codec. This has been covered (the freeware won't definitiv not run P3Dv4). I am waiting for P3Dv4 becomes public because the maturity of my BETA team has no access to the P3Dv4 beta. Therefore I need to wait with SIMstarter NG update release until the BETA team has double checked the software. Current limitations of P3Dv4 platform in SIMstarter NG: By switching PREPAR3D to 64-bit, FSUIPC4 (and the FSUIPC Client DLL) is no longer compatible. This means that the following functions are not available for the PREPAR3D v4 platform in SIMstarter NG: Start Manager Wait until Sim „ready“ Profile Loading Flightplan FSUIPC Settings We hope that FSUIPC and the FSUIPC Client DLL will soon be 64 bit compatible and will then check how and whether SIMstarter NG can recover these functions.
  14. You are welcome.