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  1. Farlis

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    I hope it doesn't because Cologne is not part of GEN. It is part of GES.
  2. Farlis


    I was very pleased that the long wait is finally over. I really missed flying the busses in the last years since P3Dv4 was released.
  3. Farlis

    Bundle already??

    Not reading the prodcut page properly is one thing. Complaining about it afterwards is the problem. It's unfairly shifting the blame. Anyway I'm happy you decided to release the bundle at this point. I have the old bundle and had you released as you originally planned I would have had to wait another 2 months until I would have been able to fly what is already released now.
  4. Farlis

    Bundle already??

    Are you sure you want people like these as your customers?
  5. Farlis

    Close Doors

    I have the same problem. Is the proper function conditional on having filled all the weights into the MCDU on the Init Page? Because I forgot to do that.
  6. Farlis

    Not following the route? -> Read this

    Thank you for the reminder. Forgot it as well. That happens when you have not flown an Airbus for a year...
  7. Farlis

    Bundle already??

    Now it remains to be seen how many people miss the fact that the 320 and 321 are not released yet and complain about their current absence in the bundle.
  8. Farlis

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Photoscenery coverage of the place I grew up? I'm sold.
  9. Bessere Werbung kann man sich kaum wünschen.
  10. Considering that Sascha worked on both, I see this as a given.
  11. Farlis

    Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Rapefields in August/September? ORBX needs to adjust their summer landclass.
  12. The fourth quarter starts at October 1st.