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  1. Farlis

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Photoscenery coverage of the place I grew up? I'm sold.
  2. For real? That sucks. I live in an area were night flights are a thing. And if the planes are all vectored instead of using approaches designed for noise abatement, this will get messy.
  3. I recommend DeepL for translations. It is much, much, much more advanced than Google Translate. I recently tried it with a 3000 words post in german and there were only two phrases I had to correct. And if you try it on news articles of languages you don't understand and read the german translation they are near flawless.
  4. Bessere Werbung kann man sich kaum wünschen.
  5. Considering that Sascha worked on both, I see this as a given.
  6. Farlis

    Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Rapefields in August/September? ORBX needs to adjust their summer landclass.
  7. The fourth quarter starts at October 1st.
  8. Farlis

    Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Wait a minute... she is pregant. How did that happen while we were away? Uh... oh....
  9. Farlis

    Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Hello fellow world-touring simmers. I hope the shared online experience for this last leg was fun for those who participated. Not having a microphone I opted to fly this one solo. It was fun, challenging at times and there were some interesting virtual sites we visited. Imagine how this would be being retired and having money on the side and actually doing this tour for real. Even as a passenger it would be quite an experience. But I probably would have taken the train home from Innsbruck being so close to home and having to wait for so long to do that last leg and then gone back for the last leg. The final flight: After spending the summer in the austrian alps (both virtual and in the real world) my trusty 737-600 which has served me well on this trip through the years and through all the sims ( I started with FSX and then migrated with her to P3Dv3 and then v4) is being boarded for the last trip. Ready for a 26 departure, ATC gave me special persmission to fly the westerly RNP departure. Something I have never done before when virtually flying out of Innsbruck over the years. Leaving the way I came in. Overflying Stuttgart Airport(courtesy of Aerosoft) The last final approach phase is about to begin. Paderborn in it's GEN ORBX rendition. The home stretch. Coming in. And here we are. (Too bad that Aerosoft's Paderborn scenery is not yet P3Dv4 ready.) Thanks also to Mathijs for initiating this idea (and also for the present; now I have to carefully consider my pick) and Toby for keeping us organized and on track. As a final greeting here is a bonus shot of me from my real alpine holiday standing on a mountain summit. See you all around, virtually. Take care.
  10. Ambitious, flying a 747 into Thessaloniki.
  11. Farlis

    FSDG Seychelles P3D v4

    Otto, FSDG misunderstood the add-on.xml approach. Their installer is hardcoded to install their V4 Sceneries into /My Documents/ Prepare 3D v4 Add-ons/. Not just the xml file but the entire scenery. And one can't change that within the installer.
  12. Farlis

    FSDG Holiday Airports 2

    Yup. But there is one quirk. The directory into which the scenery is installed can't be changed. Like some others FSDG falsely assumes that using the add-on.xml method the actual files need to reside in the Document folders. Which is untrue. Only the xml needs to be there. The files can be wherever the user chooses. But their installer doesn't give you the option to choose. Aggravating...
  13. Farlis

    Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Final leg complete. Now that's a good place to spend 6 weeks until the voyage back to Paderborn. I took the direct flight from Zurich. Didn't want to switch to a smaller airframe on the very short hop to Friedrichshafen. Had my hands full during the westerly LOC approach with controling the descent, so no time to look around and take pictures until I had completed the teardrop turn back to final.
  14. Farlis

    PMDG 777-200LRF

    Das aktuelle Update (mit den neuen Installern) gibt es erst seit 4 Tagen, dass kann gar nicht seit einem Monat im Kundenkonto liegen.
  15. Since when? I don't see either from the pilot's seat.