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  1. Keep in mind the A330 was originally supposed to come out in 2016. And as I always say, instead of demanding a release date go fly and learn something else. It'll be out when it's done and the devs better take their time to make sure it's stable and has no major bugs.
  2. Teen spirit? Are you serious? The band was called Nirvana.
  3. Shaping up really nicely! Especially the raindrops. Now the wipers actually have a purpose.
  4. Simply delete the flightplan on the FPL page by typing "99" and then ENTER on the first waypoint (usually your origin airport, then carry on typing in the new route in the following order: ORIGIN - SID - ROUTE - STAR - DESTINATION. The NAV page only shows you the current active waypoint and the next 3 in sequence, plus tons of navigational and flight perf. data. Hope that helps.
  5. Maybe. But you can always fly something else until the busses are out.
  6. I have to say guys, these new busses are shaping up really nicely!
  7. Exactly. It's something that sets xplane apart from fsx/p3d. Approaching perfectly flat runways is so unrealistic. Especially EDDF's RWY 25R/07L has a very varying hight profile and slope. So does taxiway papa leading to the bridges.
  8. Will it have sloped runways?
  9. Yes, it's indeed unflyable using autoflight. Guess we have to wait for SP1.
  10. S4 or S7/S8 software is what he means, I think?
  11. Well, the Majestic Q400 TRAINING edition will have just that. Even the PRO is pretty close already.
  12. No. Only like 1% (or less) of all A320 operators have a HUD. Not worth developing one.
  13. GTX 1050Ti, i7-7700HQ with 2,8 Ghz. - I can run P3D v4.1 like butter with all scenery sliders maxed and 8x SSAA, except when I turn on dynmic lighting or shadows, then they go down to like 5 FPS... That's on a full HD laptop - 4k screen is not an option.
  14. It's not the actual model but the dynamic lighting itself that eats up a lot of FPS. This is part of the reason I don't fly the CRJ or any PMDG aircraft at night anymore. It really boggles my mind how one can remove the old lighting system (that is already present in FSX/v3 and should work in v4) and force people to use dynamic lighting, which at the present stage is really broken in v4. For many people this is the #1 fps killer in v4 at the moment and not everyone has a 4k monitor so reverting to the less demanding MSAA isn't an option if you want sharp displays or the sim to look halfway decent. I think there should be an option to switch between both systems.