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  1. The cleaning personnel have been slacking...
  2. If yu have potato settings and default scenery that is...?
  3. Just call it George...
  4. They have, but they are A330 "no engine option" right now, since Rolls Royce are taking too long with the Trent 7000. But now back to topic.
  5. Did Frank also break the forum now?
  6. Wait...this isn't my quote
  7. Lufthansa's is only 20€ + worth it on 1,5+ hour trips.
  8. That's why you should always book the emergency exit seats on those, Mathijs.
  9. Yeah, standard ISA will do. But the real question is - what temperature will the coffee have (since it is included)?
  10. Why not use the WX radar technology from the Airbus? That on's the ebst so far.
  11. Looks awesome! Will there be any videos of the presentations?
  12. And a cat drives the artificial horizon, since its legs are always pointed towards the ground. (who needs a gyro if you have a cat)
  13. Would this technically be FLEX reverse?
  14. Uhm, that's a lot I guess release is around the corner now. I know, I know, better not jinx it.