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  1. Well, technically it does help since your eyes adjust to bright lights or displays in the VC or even the lights in your room. Since P3D is pitch black at night it can be hard to see stuff sometimes.
  2. What a difference high-res textures can make! Great work, Stefan.
  3. Fair point But hey, you live and you learn. Always requires one guy who knows his stuff to brief the others - works most of the time. Doesn't help either when everyone is used to different SOP's...glorious flightsim world.
  4. Hopefully! Shared Cockpit should be a standard feature in airliners these days. Imagine flying a 747 with 4 "crew" members and actually switching up every couple hours.
  5. This looks very promising! Nothing worse than synchronization issues due to packet loss or what not in current peer to peer systems. Will this technology also be implemented into the CRJ at some point? This would up the value of that addon big time.
  6. LOL, that made me grin! RMI's are also dependant on the operator, EZY and the GWI 319's with IAE's have them but most new deliveries don't anymore (correct me if I'm wrong).
  7. Airbus A319 Eurowings D-AGWI

    Would be nice if you included some pictures so people can see the quality and the actual reapaint.
  8. This surely looks and sounds great. A couple questions still: Are the new systems already implemented (seen in the screenshot)? And regarding modelling-based performance - is it even a considerable option to just remove the standby RMI (ADF) gauge, as most operators don't have them in their busses these days? Not a request of any kind, just an idea to save some polys. Also reagarding the external lighting - will the new 64bit busses only have dynamic lighting as an option or will we be able to opt for the old system (which looked pretty decent in my opinion) for the sake of performance and higher AA settings? Again, not criticism of any sort, just some food for though. Keep up the tremendous work, guys!
  9. In terms of the cockpit and systems involved there is very little visual difference (at least at the level of the AS busses). Sounds and an external model can be done quite easily (even though the exact dimensions/measurements of the engines are rather hard to get. It all comes down to engine performance and fuel burn after all - contacting the engine manufacturers for a deal might be an option there.) But even if all this is not possible in the near future, what's the likelyhood of just a visual model with sounds? I think that'd satisfly 95% of all customers. The A319neo could be even left out of the package, since it barely has any significant orders as of right now.
  10. I agree. And yes, not all are charging extra but you still need to redownload all the stuff again and set it up - something people with little free time for the sim are rather reluctant to do. I also takes quite a while until most developers catch up to a new platform (or version) and make their products compatible. As of right now there are only very few decent aircraft for v4 out there and not that much fully compatible and native scenery (numbers are slowly increasing of course). I really hope there's a nice pool of sceneries ready once the busses are out. And to be fair, I only fly short to very short haul (30min - 1h flights) with the Q400 and pretty much all sliders maxed out in v3 - never had a single OOM. Even though some sceneries broungt tme close to the limit (thanks Flytampa). The AS CRJ seems to be quite nice in that regard as well, but the default flight model has kept it dusting up in the hangar for me since release...
  11. Fair enough. I think it's the move in the right direction as it holds so much more potential and is not as limited as a 32bit platform. Re-downloading, re-installing and sometimes re-buying all addons (for pretty much the same visual picture) kind of sucks though.
  12. Looking very sharp! And do I undertand correctly that the 64bit version of the busses will come out first, with the 32bit version coming only much later? Would be an incentive to finally make the jump to v4 once the busses are nearing release.
  13. Looks pretty spot on! Has work on the A32x overhead already been started? Can't wait to see the new implemented systems.
  14. Brussels International preview

    Agreed. Major european airports should be the priority for the devs and publishers.
  15. Preview Bergamo LIME

    Tailstrike designs...what a name. Great preview though!