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  1. Wait, is this some customer option? Because as far as I know the real CRJ9 doesnt do that. There's a reason for the nav source selector, let alone the common TR with the CRJ2.
  2. CRJ900

    CRJ 700/900X Update Progress

    Could you maybe publish the changelog alredy?
  3. CRJ900

    CRJ 700/900X Update Progress

    On a sidenote - when can we expect the Connected Flightdeck to be implemented into the CRJ? Would certaily make the bird a LOT more fun to fly.
  4. CRJ900

    CRJ 700/900X Update Progress

    The funny thing is I don't even have any axis asigned via FSUIPC as I use the free version. All axis were asigned via P3Dv4 - including the steering axis for the tiller. And it also wasn't icing since the EICAS would warn one about that, should any probe-heaters fail etc. I've read the CRJ manuals (real ones) and I do have a good undertstanding what the airplene is capable of and how it should perform within the normal envelope.
  5. CRJ900

    CRJ 700/900X Update Progress

    Looking forward to the changelog. Is the excessive drag bug fixed in SP1 that happened for various unknown reasons before?
  6. Why is the V/DEV still magenta? It should be green.
  7. CRJ900

    N1 going down when advancing thrust

    I have the same issue. When you advance power (and my joystick/htrottle has 0 spikes as all other aircraft work fine) the N1 first drops then rises.
  8. CRJ900

    So how good a pilot are you?

    That is actually the MAJOR effect (downside) of sharklets. The reduced induced grad and thus reduced descent rate while maintaining or reducing the speed. Ask any Airbus pilot who has flown the sharklets. That's aerodynamics 101.
  9. CRJ900

    So how good a pilot are you?

    Unable, because sharklets reduce the induced drag and thus make the descent capabilities a lot worse than on non-sharklet busses. Ask for an extended downwind. Unless you want to drop the anchor (gear), go full spoiler + AP off (stuka mode) and try your luck of course... just like the russians do it.
  10. CRJ900

    AUTO Trim at lift off [v1.0.6, P3D v4.2]

    Can confirm this very behaviour on my end as well. The logic needs to be fixed. Shouldn't be too hard.
  11. CRJ900


    Having exactly the same thing since release. Both in v3 and v4.2
  12. Will there be an option to swtich between the left and right seat? (basically switching between the animated sidestick). Would really add to the immersion during shared-cockpit ops.
  13. It's not like they are ditching FSX and FSX:SE soon. The new Airbus series (A320 fam and A330) will all be available for FSX and P3D. FSX will only come with less features, most of which is just visual stuff like dynamic lights, rain, more animations etc. Look at the CRJ, that one is for pretty much all ESP-based sims.
  14. Well I have to agree. I've seen and used many FNPT's with horrible flight models that only cover basic stuff (and don't even allow things like sideslips or spins, heck even stalls just drop the nose like a brick wthout any buffet). But they are just that, FNPT's = procedure trainers. Same with Level-D's but those are generally much better in pretty much every aspect. What I am trying to say, even with all those "small" and in depth things there are still fundamentals like energy conservation and management, which most addons in FS simply don't do properly. You can't tell me you can fly a 400+ tonne 747 at like 20° alpha, full toga and get a 2000f/pm climb an NOT stall - we've all seen that video where a 747 stalls and goes out with a bang... Some deveopers who have an external flight model do this very well on the other hand. Stuff like energy conservation, sliding and slipping forces, torque effects, lift changes based on IAS etc. are wery well modelled and let's say, pretty authentic. Some developrs just get it, do it right and do it with passion. Others will simply never get it.