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  1. Such a terrific model and repaint! Are those shots from FSX?
  2. Those reflective and bumpmapped window textures look pretty neat as well!
  3. Looking great as always!
  4. I wonder why this mystery airliner is still a mystery airliner, since Aerosoft's policy is pretty open in this regard.
  5. It's quite possible that you were above the glideslope. Always capture the glideslope from below and never chase it or dive for it. You should also manage your speed and energy correctly, if you want to capture the slope with 200kts+ then iit's probably not going to work in larger aircraft. PMDG's aircraft are weird anyways when it comes to vertical modes...
  6. 30 Sekunden, dann auf Fuel OFF. Bei feather werden die props senkrecht in den Wind gestellt. Gleiches geschieht auch automatisch, sollte beim Start ein Triebwerk ausfallen bzw. für 3 Sekunden unter 25% Torque fallen. Dient einfach der Minimierung des dadurch entstehenden Luftwiderstandes. Man kann den Prop natürlich auch manuell mit den Condition Levers in der Luft feathern oder das alternate feather system benutzen. Die Propeller in der Dash und generell in Turboprops werden durch ein Ölpumpensytem in der Reduction Gearbox in ihrem Winkel vertellt um verschiedene Drehzahlren bzw. Torques zu generieren. Aus diesem Grund haben Turboprops nochmal zwei Hebel mehr als Jets. Natürlich gibt es auch da Ausnahmen wie bei der Socata TBM, wo alles über einen Hebel via FADEC geschieht.
  7. Just like with any other airplane really, IRS's aligned, hydraulics and fuel pumps shut down, electrical power drawn from either a GPU or the APU. Stuff like anti skid and N/W steering may be off too.
  8. Nice! Will there be some special bumb and specular maps applied to the cabin windows to make them look a bit more realistic, since we don't have a 3D cabin and windows in this model? And of course happy easter hollidays to you as well!
  9. Well, according to polls Clinton should have been president.
  10. It has been stated several times that an A340 ain't heppenin' due to the fact that this species is pretty much dying out in the real world, hence the rather low popularity and demand by customers. It may be a great aircraft but it's not very economic and wide-spread in this day and age. I think the next logical step is to go for the A320neo series, since the code and system base is already there. An A350 still has quite a lot of system differences compared to the older busses and would require a cursor interface for the displays. An andvantage of the latter is the fact that it only comes with one engine variant. Visual model differences are a minor hurdle. But as of now, the A330 isn't even in beta so let's all just focus on this one first and not start another debate on what anyone would like to see and why.
  11. I also like the idea of having cross-platform addons. Of course there will be slightly different and additional features across all platforms but the base is the same. PMDG's DC-6 is a great example. I know I might get heat for this but would it theoretically be possible to convert the current and upcoming Airbus series into X-Plane 11?
  12. I'd assume it'll be one cross-platform product, as is the case with AS's pricing policy. Same files, same price. Unless there are some significan code changes and additional features that come with a 64bit sim.