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  1. Q: What does a First Officer and Jesus have in common? A: Both are god's right hand.
  2. False, the RAT is located unter the right wing in one of the flap track fairings.
  3. I think his work speaks for itself.
  4. I'd say airline, since the guys in Spain still seem to be fying it with similar or even higher OAT's...though they might be shifting schedules to morning hours. The maximum temperature for takeoff is ISA +35°C as per my reference source. Which equals to 50°C at sea level. Most regionals seem to have that limit as standard. I guess there may be exceptions in some cases when it's needed.
  5. The -200 as well. EMB's with a similar CF34 variant don't seem to have a problem though.
  6. Yeah, RJ's are turds we already know that...
  7. Maybe on Mercury where one day equals 58 Earth days Which would equal 522 days or 1.4 years in total. Anyway, back to topic.
  8. True. But the last time he said that the project got delayed for another two years. Let's not jinx it again.
  9. I don't trust cats.
  10. I have to agree. I like to keep my P3D stuff on my SSD and documents, pictures and other various files on a much bigger HDD. Don't know how it might affect the sim performance having addons on a HDD and the sim itself run from a SSD.
  11. Awesome news! Can't wait for the updated A319 One question still: Will the 2017 edition of the A320 series have two seperate MCDU's as is the case in the A330 or will you still use the right one exclusively for conn. flightdeck, checklists and loading?
  12. Not if you go the commercial route like Majestic Software did with the Q400. Many airlines are looking into desktop assisted training resources during initial TR these days.
  13. If only those numbers represented sales figures.
  14. Well, a good headset and a good soundcard work quite well in that regard. Let alone a subwoofer...
  15. Hah, cheers guys!