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  1. I have brake problems in some areas of airports in Balearic Islands Professional where it is impossible to brake. The following test can be done: - Go to LEIB gate 15. Engine running and park brake set. - Apply throttle. The aircraft starts to move and can not be stopped. On taxiways and runway the brakes work normally The same happens, for example, at LEMH on the entrance to runway 1. Does anyone else have this problem or is it my system? Juan
  2. tested and solved!. Thank you. Juan
  3. OK thank you. I will buy the upgrades separately.
  4. I currently have Mallorca X Evolution, Menorca X Evolution and Ibiza X Evolution purchased separately from the Aerosoft store and I am interested in upgrading to the Professional version of these products. The total upgrade price for these three products separately is €25.64 (9.84+7.90+7.90). On the other hand, the upgrade of Balearic Islands Evolution, which is a bundle of the other three, to its professional version is only 18.65€. Is there any possibility to upgrade all three products at the Balearic Islands Evolution price? Thank you