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  1. Rajah

    EDDS Stuttgart V2.0

    Txs! Good advise. Frans
  2. Rajah

    EDDS Stuttgart V2.0

    Thanks! Can I uninstall the Launcher? There is a warning that I will lose everything that is connected. Frans
  3. Rajah

    EDDS Stuttgart V2.0

    Hello! With The Aerosoft Lancher I cannot update German Airports 1 Stuttgart Version 1.02 to Current version 2.0 I get the message: "Article number is empty" Please, some help. Frans
  4. Rajah

    Underlying afcad

    I'll have a try. Thanks Juergen! Frans
  5. Rajah

    Underlying afcad

    Thanks Juergen! Shame on ME! Ok for the layout and A15. Only the intersection L5 and L1 and L2 are indicated. If I want to complete that, I have to do that with Airport Design Editor 1.70? Frans
  6. Rajah

    Underlying afcad

    Hi Oliver, That was the case and delted one. However that does not solve the problem. See attached image. E.g. Gate A15 missing and intersections S and R are now P2 and P3. Btw How can I turn off the static planes? Frans
  7. Rajah

    Underlying afcad

    Hi, I have Megaport Duesseldorf installed (as an example). Nice with new taxiways and numbering / lettering etc. However' the 'underlying' afcad in FSX is still the old one. So when I open the Aivlasoft EFB the layout does not correspond to the scenery. Is it possible to change that myself and if yes with what software? Frans
  8. Hi! With Mega Airport Schiphol and connected to IVAO, I only see the callsign labels and not the plane itself. If I switch off the scenery in the Scenery Library they are visible again. What to do? TIA Frans
  9. I know now it's a matter of R*T*F*M In the manual: Sea traffic in FSX There is a lot of water covering the area around the airport. To avoid seeing boats popping up in unwanted areas it is recommended to set the density of leisure boats to 0%. We also recommend to set the density of other boat traffic to around 6%. Problem (of the boats) solved!
  10. Hi! I think it is a bug. Brandnew installation with only Schiphol and Faro from Aerosoft. Taxiing on the C taxiway it is like there was a tsunami!