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  1. Stefan bradtke

    First Feedback

    I have made several Flights with the new Shared Cockpit Function. Here is some feedback: 1. The Nav/Logo light Switch is switching to On and Off Position Automaticly all the time on both Users. Also the outside view shows that the Logo Light and both Nav Lights are going On and Off 2. When the Pilot open the left side Window he cant close the window. He can only close than the right side Window. The Pilot Nonflying can only close the left side Window. 3. At the beginning of the Session, the Clock is On and counting. Furthermore the Clock is "flickering" while connected at the beginning. 4. The Connection of the PM has connection Lags. While we are taxing or flying always the PM has massive stutters. 5. Both PF and PM has to close the Doos ? When only the PM close the Doors, for the PF the Doors are still open. 6. Weights: Is it still that both have to fill in the Weights seperat ? When the PM put in the Weights and Fuel, is not in the MCDU of the PM Thats it so far! Cheers Stefan
  2. Stefan bradtke

    Palma de Mallorca Evolution Trees

    Thx i just upgraded to the Proffesional Version!
  3. Stefan bradtke

    Palma de Mallorca Evolution Trees

    I Have P3D V4.2 on Windows 10 64bit FTX Global FTX Open LC Europe ENVTEX ENVSHADE this strange textures are only on Dawn /Night
  4. Hello, ha anybody an idea ahow fo fix the problem with the Trees @LEPA Thx Stefan
  5. Stefan bradtke

    A321LR fuel capacity tweak

    Hello, is there any chance to tweak/upgrade the fuel capacity of the Airbus X? Some real Airplanes for example WOW Air TF-JOY is equipped with extra fuel tanks for greater operating range. King regards Stefan
  6. Stefan bradtke

    Performance drop w/1.0.1

    Same to mee, FPS/Performance is not the same as before. What i can say, is not better...
  7. Qick question, is there something wrong with the D-ACNN Paint? Its one of the default paints. My Thumbnail shows me that this should be the Eurowings operated by Germanwings Repaint. But it isnt. It it the Lufthansa Regional Livery King regards Stefan
  8. Okay thanks! i will Check that out. I think you can close this topic! regards Stefan
  9. Good evening and a heartfelt thanks for the great plane! In flight while the autopilot is active, the pedals and the control horn shaking a little bit in the VC. With other planes I can not observe this with active autopilot. Someone an idea what you could do there? greeting Stefan
  10. Stefan bradtke

    WOW air Repaints A320/321

    Hey, i know about them. The Colour is not that good. But that is maybe my only opinion. Thank you anyway! King regards Stefan
  11. Stefan bradtke

    WOW air Repaints A320/321

    Hello, does anybody know, if there is a fleet Pack or more than just one A321 Paint of WOW air for the Airbus X ? Cheers Stefan
  12. Stefan bradtke

    Madeira X Evolution - Crash detection

    And would you tell how?
  13. Stefan bradtke

    Madeira X Evolution (FSX) - Runway lights issues

    My Lights looks also not normal!? And the position of the lights looks not correct... And my plane/trike is also a little bit under the Runway at the end ow RWY 23 (turn around area) at the end of the Runway. Than i saw a strange Texture near A06
  14. Stefan bradtke

    LPPS Evolution- strange Elivation

    Okay restart of the SIM fix that!
  15. Stefan bradtke

    LPPS Evolution- strange Elivation

    Bun know i saw this @ LPMA: