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  1. Mega Airport Singapore X preview

    Oh my. That looks absolutely incredible. Pls dont take 2 years. We need a good Singapore scenery. Cant wait to get my hands on it. Keep up the great work guys
  2. Mega Airport Prague

    I removed it from the one in the appdata folder, going to have a look at the programdata one now. Cheers mate Yeah nothing there. Really weird. Not in any of the xmls but still loads
  3. Mega Airport Prague

    I totally agree with you on this. SODE is so nice though. Cant really say the same about the airport controller
  4. Mega Airport Prague

    Okay. A reinstall of the scenery seems to have solved some of my issues. I removed the controller from the exe xml instantly. Still loads with P3D though. When I load the scenery I kill that process and then start the controller manually. This makes all the markings etc appear. Then I start GSX. RIP to all the markings again. From here I can repeat the restart of the controller. That makes my scenery work. Bloody annoying but it works
  5. Mega Airport Prague

    Hmm I have that issue as well. I dont even have to touch GSX for my textures to disappear. They arent even there when I just load the scenery. Tried to kill the apcontroller process and restart it, tried removing the controller from the xml nothing. Still no textures. I'm running the latest version of Couatl and GSX in P3D v3.2
  6. Static jetways ast Tegel?

    Well I use P3D so no jetways for me
  7. Static jetways ast Tegel?

    Hi there Aerosoft I was just wondering after getting Tegel X literally 5 minutes after release, why the jetways appear to be static? It would be awesome to have SODE jetways. The SODE jetways works wonderfully in your Rome scenery after the last update.