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  1. Douglas DC-8 preview

    What a great old video. Love it
  2. Douglas DC-8 preview

    Looks good, but looks way too clean. I hope the cockpits get scuffed up in the final texture work. This aircraft should be noisy,dirty and rattle.
  3. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Those lights look so amazing, I'll just want to taxi around the airport all night.
  4. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Aerosoft are definitely producing/publishing the best P3dv4 specific airports so far - especially in relation to lighting. The detail here is really amazing and will set the bar higher again.
  5. Mega Airport Singapore X preview

    When designers sign Aerosoft up to be their publisher, or even for internal projects, do they not have predetermined deadlines by which they have to deliver the project? Some of these scenery projects float around for years.
  6. Douglas DC-8 preview

    Yeah, I honestly don't understand all the failure hoopla and what sense of achievement is actually gained.
  7. Douglas DC-8 preview

    There are not many current operators of the DC-8 In the spirit of 'as real as it get's', there is limited option to fly real operated flights. Might have to modify reality and take one of these smokers into EHAM on VATSIM
  8. Douglas DC-8 preview

    Looks amazing. There is one aspect about this aircraft which absolutely must be modeled well and that is the sound. I hope the team have access to good sound source files.
  9. Heathrow for P3D V4

    Great news.
  10. There is a high probability that at least those who bought Kilimanjaro, would also buy Johannesburg. Given that Johannesburg would also be sold in the Mega airport price range - it can't be a bad punt. But whatever the situation, I hope this sees completion in the not too distant future.
  11. Understood. Did Kilimanjaro meet expectations re sales? I couldn't imagine that it would sell more units than a Johannesburg would.
  12. Of course it must be. He has the whole SA flightsim market - and anyone else willing to buy his scenery because he's the only one making them. Therefore, no incentive to improve anything. Whichever way you slice the cake, the NMG sceneries, which were once great, are now significantly sub-par.
  13. NMG scenery was great for FS9 and FSX, but has now become one of the most cartoony (and expensive) looking pieces of payware available for P3D - period. It lags miles behind the best available products. NMG have simply not done any more to enhance the scenery since FS9 other than create installers for every new simulator version. Although with no competition, I can understand why - still disappointing.
  14. So how's this development patient doing? Still in ICU on a ventilator?