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  1. I hope it's close enough so that we won't be asking 'is there any more news'? in two years time. (Johannesburg) **cough** Having said that, it looks superb.
  2. Well. That sounds to me like it's still a long way off. Thanks for the update though
  3. If you can integrate shared cockpit fuctionality like TFDI have done, then that would be awesome. Using Hamachi and having to disable firewalls to get it to work properly is not ideal at all. I like the initiative and the fact that you seem to be focused on this as a mainstream feature of future airliner products.
  4. I do not view Aerosoft as an unethical company - not buy a long shot. However, when a long standing member of the flightsim community asks for a refund due to obvious quality issues, the last thing I would expect Aerosoft to do is throw legal mumbo jumbo back at the user, basically saying, 'you can't (really) have your money back dummy because you've waived your right to it - when you clicked the buy button'. That is very damaging to your business and does not set a good precedent at all. Any reasonable user would expect the downloaded product to work as expected (like the majority of Aerosoft published products). To expect any user to accept this particular release for the price, is not a (reasonable) expection from a business persective - and nor should it be. Disappointing responses with potentially damaging results. Far less damaging to grab your developer by the scruff and say, 'we're not putting up with this' with an accompanying statement to users with intended actions. All the forums are ablaze with this PR mess. It isn't necessary
  5. I believe I've used the routes previously created by others, and not the beta route generation function. I'll check that this eve. thanks
  6. Okay, I didn't know that. Thanks
  7. Hi all I am keen for opinions and insights about the routing logic used in PFPX. I have recently started to use Simbrief, and it seems to me that Simbrief automatically takes into account real world NOTAMs when deciding on routing. A classic example is when planning from OMDB to EGLL or vise versa. When I use PFPX, very often PFPX will route me straight through Iraq and Syria. As we know, those FIR's are 'no fly zones' for regular commercial traffic. Planning the same flight using Simbrief correctly routes me around those countries - which leads me to believe that the rules/real world restrictions are much more prevalent in the Simbrief logic than PFPX. Any commentaries in relation to this? Thanks erich
  8. Agree. As a medium to long hauler aircraft - I'd consider it an important feature.
  9. Well to be fair, (and through no fault of Aerosoft) this project has gone from 'good progress' to 'probably cancelled', to 'back on track', 'not great news' to 'soon' and now to 'not this year'. It has been through all possible status scenarios imaginable within the space of one year. I guess when anyone now asks for news, the question in reality is 'is the project still on a ventilator in ICU or has it actually died'? The project is an uncannily good metaphor for the state of health of South Africa itself.
  10. I remember that - quite annoying.
  11. Whatever happened to this project?