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  1. Although I understand that discounts are good for all consumers, I can;t understand why people think there is an entitlement to a discount on a completely different aircraft because they happened to buy another aircraft with the same brand name.
  2. You'll have to convince your significant other it was an efficient use of funds by simming in lycra.
  3. Stuff that. Every man, lady and gender-fluid for themselves on the day.
  4. ErichB

    Mega Airport Singapore X preview

    You've gotta love the scenery development waiting room for new airports.. Each seat has a refresh button and the magazines have all been read 1.6 million times. There are some people in the waiting room who have been here for literally years. They've never gone home. Their refresh buttons no longer work. But they wait. They're good at waiting. Waiting is awesome.
  5. ErichB

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    This looks absolutely superb. This is next level awesome (a word I generally hate)..
  6. Sensible and reasonable analysis.
  7. ErichB

    So how good a pilot are you?

    I would say unable. Not reasonable to commit to something you doubt you will be able to achieve. Interestingly, this happens quite often on VATSIM. Controllers clearing and vectoring straight to the ILS, when the aircraft is too high and too close to make the procedure 'standard'
  8. That's brilliant. It would be another hard to believe story if anyone who has gravitated towards the aviation industry in the last 10 years, did not cut their teeth on PMDG at some point
  9. I've never understood why buying a product covering airports in a region entitles one to a discount on another (completely new) airport just because it's in the same region.
  10. You can never win with the flightsim crowd. I'd hate to be a fligthsim developer.
  11. I'm not an Airbus guy but I'm getting pretty excited about this project. It looks great.
  12. Couldn't agree more. Generally, very underestimated from an immersion point of view and very overlooked from a developers point of view