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  1. Welmux

    US Cities X - Niagara Falls/Buffalo

    Thanks for this scenery, it really looks awsome. I'm definetely going to buy it. Btw, i somehow remember that i would have once given you a suggestion to build a scenery of Niagara Falls... I have now a new little suggestion for the future. This scenery and ManhattanX are real helicopter sceneries because of very detailed scenery and because helicopter sightseeings are done in real life in both locations. It's just really hard to find suitable paints for FSX choppers. It would be a really good addition to this kind of scenery to get a local paintscheme for some chopper to be used in the scenery. I would even pay a couple of euros more to get that paint with the scenery. In this case the paint could be for instance Rainbow Copters and for NY Helicopter Flight Service. Even it would be ok to me if the paints would be for the default FSX Bell 206 instead of Bell 407 (i think there is no Bell 407 for FSX). Regards Ville
  2. Now when Flight1 is finishing their BN Islander, it grows my interest to fly again in nothern Germany. I have already Helgoland X and Island Hopping. But how well does VFR Germany 2 work with them - especially Island Hopping? I remember that at least at the beginning there were some problems. Do newer versions of the sceneries fix those issues, have any patches been released? Welmux
  3. Welmux

    City Bus Simulator 2010 now also in English

    Is there a new more realistic paint for the Nova bus in the english version? Look at the first screenshot: There's a logo of MTA instead of the letter W in front of the bus and also the destination sign is something else than available in the german version. And the number of the bus is also different: 1992. In addition there are screenshots of the bus without the destination sign, which isn't possible in the german version. Welmux
  4. Welmux

    City Bus Simulator

    Two separate products? I thought that the language is the only difference. Is there going to be something in the english version that doesn't exist in the german one or vice versa? Well, this might become a very expensive simulator to me since i also have to consider buying the german version first and then again the english one. I have to say that there was some kind of information problem both in Aerosoft and in TML about the release of this simulator. In the TML forum there was a statement that Aerosoft and TML are working to get the sim published at the end of this week. No one mentioned that it was going to be the german version only. So that you wouldn't get a wrong picture, Aerosoft is in my opinion a very good company which creates great add-ons and simulators. This time there just could have been clear information about the english version of the City Bus Simulator. Welmux
  5. Welmux

    City Bus Simulator

    Weeks to get the english version? Is it possible to buy the german download version and download the english version when it's ready? Yep, i do speak german as well and could use the german version, but hey this is a simulator and the people don't speak german in New York. Welmux
  6. Yep, there's the edge of the two halves - but why can't you build anything? I was once going to build a scenery of that pole station myself, but because of lack of time all i have done is that i tested to place some buildings in the pole area with the object placer tool that comes with the SDK. That was a very simple test, but i was able to put the houses there. My suggestion is that if you can place buildings near the pole (there aren't any buildings IRL on top of the pole itself), put at least the main buildings of the base there. Even if GPS won't work there you could then fly there. This feature could be described in the documentation so that everything doesn't work in the pole, but some buildings have been added there to make the scenery more realistic. Welmux
  7. Ich habe heute von Aerosoft so einen Antwort bekommen: "wir hoffen, den Download bis morgen freischalten zu können, allerdings haben wir erst nach ein Update erhalten, das noch eingebunden werden muß. Daher kann es auch sein, daß die Software erst Anfang der nächsten Woche erhältlich sein wird." Welmux
  8. Ich weiss über die Grippewelle. Günther Zehnel hat in diesem Forum am letzten Donnerstag geantwortet, dass Aerosoft es vielleicht nich schafft in der letzten Woche die Downloadversion fertigzustellen. Er hat auch gesagt dass sie jedenfalls in dieser Woche die Downloadversion fertig haben. Deswegen hab' ich gefragt, was die Situation jezt ist. Welmux PS. Was ist der Problem mit BB Codes hier?
  9. I know, but despite of that i have to ask one question: are you going to include the Amundsen-Scott station which is located on the south pole? Including that station would make it possible to make flights from the McMurdo station to the pole with a special C130 as in the real world... Even if the scenery doesn't contain the Amundsen-Scott station, you can count me as a buyer of this scenery. A brilliant idea to make Antarctis for FsX. Welmux
  10. Hallo, Was ist die Situation jezt? Wann wird die Downloadversion fertig sein? Welmux Edit: Sorry, ich weiss nicht, warum die Quote nicht funktioniert...
  11. Welmux

    Release: Tahiti X

    Looks amaizing! But one question also. Look at the last screen shot on the product page: Is there some scaling problem with those houses? I just mean that the palm trees and the boat look really huge compared to those three-storey houses. Welmux
  12. mukava nähä lisää suomalaisia. Pistin saman jutun Catalina threadiin...

  13. Welmux


    Hi, What actually happened to the old Catalina beta group? I was a member (although i admit not so active all the time) and i haven't seen the goup in the forums for a long time. Was the group re-organized somehow? This isn't anything serious, but i'd just like to know what happened - in my opinion i got no messages about this. Sorry to ask this here, but it wasn't possible to send a private message to Mathijs. Regards Ville
  14. Welmux

    Twin Otter Lock Up

    I have a Geforce 8800 GTX with 768 Mb memory and 4Gb memory in my computer, but i have this same problem. I have tried two times a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla and in both times after 20 minutes or so flying my computer locked up totally. At the first time i even got a blue screen from Vista :shock: but the second time i managed to kill the simulator. Which files should be converted exactly? I can also try to update my graphics card drivers. I admit that i don't have the newest version. Anyhow, thanks for the hints to solve this problem. This plane is great and i'd like to continue flying it. Ville
  15. I agree with Lawman that placing a ship on the Hawaii coast is a good idea. I also suggest to place a coast guard ship somewhere on Florida coast, for instance near Key West. Btw, will it be possible to place these ships using for instance the object placer tool in the FsX mission editor? Welmux