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  1. Thanks Robert. I'm already familiar with their products and made some of their video's. I was wondering how he got the effects in fs9
  2. Thanks. Thought you indeed did some editing there to get the immersion package working in fs9
  3. I got this back from Hans:
  4. don't worry, release is scheduled for 2062
  5. Would you, if you don't mind, share the following things. How did you get the wing condensation and the engine spray? Was that FSX or FS9? Looked really nice
  6. What project, you 'working' on a plane, again?
  7. I never said flightsimming was cheap
  8. You can run flightsim on a laptop these days. Just buy the right one and be ready to throw a lot of money out of your wallet and also be sure to go to the gym a lot because they are really heavy these days
  9. Well, they will have to update to make it V4 compatible so maybe they will then also include the needed fixes.
  10. Hi Scott, you pretty much answered your own question It always takes a while before it's available and it all comes down to how fast PMDG provides the updates to resellers.
  11. that taxi light can light up the whole state of new york. I see a delay coming
  12. Could you please not post bmp pictures but just upload jpg, thanks! Also, the picture is extremely dark and this is impossible to guess
  13. Well ... 2061 is all I can say
  14. Another solid reason to buy an dedicated SSD for P3D