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  1. Maybe it is maybe it isn't but the video is pretty much done
  2. Did they whisper it into your ear because during your speech no one asked anything about the CRJ
  3. Uhm ... you'll start to strike?
  4. Still looks ready to me
  5. Vee1, it's a joke between TheDude and I.
  6. Looks great
  7. that 3rd shot looks amazing! looks like PTA but I might be wrong
  8. you know what it was, you've got screenshots of everyone's signature so just look at that to answer your own question
  9. On my system it runs smooth when not trying to max out all sliders in P3D. To be completely honest. This is Jo's best scenery so far and the looks are just stellar
  10. Where else?
  11. so my conclusion is that I had very little sleep during the weekend ... and I'll now start compensating by taking a
  12. People in Paderborn are crazy. They scream and shout all night long till around 5 or 6 in the morning, then it becomes quit
  13. that chicken was really good and I was on table 7
  14. In this case the right seater helped out, that's his job though when sitting on the right
  15. There will be a impression of the day soon, I recorded some footage And it seems someone changed my computer specs