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  1. Don't be, there's 297 pages to feed the thought and take away any confusion you might have assuming you didn't do that already
  2. Those wouldn't be there if you would test properly
  3. I think Hans his biggest reward will be release
  4. Hi Stefan, Madeira doesn't have AES lite included.
  5. Here's the video and we all know what that means ...
  6. Next week? Next month maybe even next year but we all know it will not take as long as the CRJ
  7. Video is done and I have to say ... when I started making video's for Aerosoft this scenery was pretty much one of the first I did so it's fun to see this being done again nearly 6 years later ...
  8. Probably a year before it's available in the shop
  9. And now back on topic guys. This is a preview topic, use the correct forum for any support issues.
  10. Mathijs always tells me last
  11. Really?
  12. Hi Eric, I forwarded your topic to the developer.
  13. But wouldn't that leave you with the airport that still doesn't match ftx global?
  14. Here's the official video