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  1. ckreiner

    Majestic Dash, P3D V4.x

    you're missing the actual Nav Data ( You can't install from local here, you really need to do an Airac update from the Aerosoft server. Then and only then the new file will exist. I have a "four times license" (I'm fine with updating every three months) and had to burn one of my updates for this purpose
  2. ckreiner

    Majestic Dash, P3D V4.x

    Indeed! Many thanks!
  3. ckreiner

    Majestic Dash, P3D V4.x

    does not compute, Sir. I used the path as above and obviously NDP knows how to handle that. Otherwise there would be no explanation why the files are in the Majestic folder on my PC.
  4. ckreiner

    Majestic Dash, P3D V4.x

    Wot? Since when? I use the same path (im my case c:\FSIM\Prepar3D v4) and the nd.db3 is found in C:\FSIM\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\mjc8q400\nav as well as C:\FSIM\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\mjc8q400\nav\NDP_Majestic_back. Timestamp is Jan 7th which fits Airac 1801. So far so good, I just wonder why NDP says "not found" for both current and archived Airac.
  5. ckreiner

    Majestic Dash, P3D V4.x

    well.......DOES it work now? For me it does look like it, but I'm unsure: Installing seems to be fine in the first place ("green" state) but it was like that before. After closing the update pop-up it returns to the yellow q-mark, installed not found and backup not found. Also like it was before. However, the file cycle_info.txt in the nav folder of the Dash-8 says Airac 1801 and that also is reported in the FMS when running P3D. So now what? Do I have the 1801 or not? Confusing.....
  6. ckreiner

    Majestic Dash, P3D V4.x

    Well, there already was a thread (which was closed as "answered") but IMO it's not. Is there any way to update the Dash 8 to a current Airac? That's the reason why I've bought NavDataPro and it's still useless for my purpose.