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  1. Kai-Uwe

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    What a progress in flightsim! I remember EDDK in GAP 2 for FSX very well! mfg Kai
  2. Jo, wird gemacht. mfg Kai
  3. Kai-Uwe

    Polish Airports Vol. 3 - Upgradeservice?

    Yes, thank you, Matthijs. Kai
  4. Danke Fabian; schön, dass du es so schnell angestossen hast mfg Kai Und schon ist es online, superschnell!
  5. Danke Fabian; schön, dass du es so schnell angestossen hast mfg Kai
  6. Guten Morgen, ich habe die Frage bereits im englischen Supportforum gestellt, aber jetzt denke ich, das sie vielleicht eher hier reingehört: für die Polish Airports Vol. 3 gibt es jetzt auch V4, die letzte Aktualisierung in der Reihe und bei Aerosoft kann man sie auch kaufen. Für Vol. 1 + 2 gibt es Upgradeangebote. Wird es die für Vol. 3 auch geben? Noch fehlt der Reiter Upgradeservice. Ich hoffe sehr, dass es auch hier das Angebot geben wird (so wie im Simmarket z.B.). mfg Kai
  7. Good morning, Polish Airports Vol. 3 are available now - very good. My question is if an upgradeservice will be available like it is for Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (because I bought the older version via Aerosoft-store)? mfg Kai
  8. Kai-Uwe

    SP1 at Simmarket

    Thank you.
  9. hello, is it possible to send the update to Simmarket or to info them for customers which bought their CRJ there? Thanks Kai
  10. Kai-Uwe

    external power truck

    I'll look into next time. mfg Kai
  11. hello, is it possible to get the external powertruck disappearing after switching off the xternal power (after APU is running)? mfg Kai
  12. Kai-Uwe

    Voice Sets

    thank you Frank. I'll be waiting for the new ones. mfg Kai
  13. Kai-Uwe

    Voice Sets

    Is it possible to use the older additional sets I used for the P3Dv3-version? I liked the german set especially. Would be very nice if this would work. mfg Kai
  14. Hi Jo, ah, I remember now; I've had a similar problem with ENVA, some weeks ago, do you remember? The solution was that there were some SODE-entries written in c:\programdata\12bpilot... I don't know why they are there, maybe I copied them some times ago to that destination because SODE-entries are residing there usually. Exception: the sceneries from Jo Erlend! I'm sure after removing them evrything will be okay, like it was in ENVA too! mfg Kai
  15. Just took off from ENGM 1.13 and I saw that the jetways are black skeletons only. Can somebody confirm this or has my installation failed perhaps? mfg Kai