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  1. PFPX 1.28.9 with TOPCAT

    I did this before. Problem is that you have to insert the ZFW from PFPX yourself. As you see above, the ZFW for that flight was 61263kg, not 41413kg in TopCat. Because that is the DOW (Dry Operation Weight).
  2. NavDataPro with ASP4 (Active Sky for P3Dv4)

    Hello Mathijs, Thank you for your answer. I already contacted HifiSim. I asked them again to get in touch with Aerosoft.
  3. Hello Aerosoft-Team, are there any plans to get an AIRAC for ASP4 via NavDataPro?
  4. Hello FlightSiimSoft-Team, there's yet another error. If I send my data out of PFPX 1.28.8 to TOPCAT all is well, but if I use 1.29.9 with TOPCAT the fields of "passenger load" and "cargo load" are empty with the hint "Zero fuel weight adjusted" and the Dry Operation Weight ist used as Zero Fuel Weight. See screenshots below: PFPX 1.28.8 as example, looks the same in 1.28.9 TOPCAT with PFPX 1.28.8 TOPCAT with PFPX 1.28.9
  5. Joystick disconnects after a few minutes

    I additionally disabled the power settings of all USB-Ports in the Device Manager. So follow all steps of the following link: Hope that it works!
  6. Joystick disconnects after a few minutes

    I had a similiar problem. After a few minutes my USB-ports dis- and reconnected, then my Joystick didn't get input any more. Maybe you can try this: Another hint: Deativate that USB can be set asleep through windows in: Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Power Options. There you see the Power Plans. Click on "Change plan settings", in the next window on "Change advanced power settings" and deactivate in "USB" that it can be set to sleep through windows. These both things helped me. No diconnecting of USB anymore. Greetings, Andreas
  7. German Airports 3 2012 Bremen Prepar3d-Installer

    Wow, that was fast! Thank you very much!
  8. Concerning to this Link I also have the problem that I only see Hamburg and not Bremen. Can you please fix that. Thank you. Greetings, Andreas
  9. Nochmal danke für Deine Mühe. Habe (s. obiger Post) den Fehler bereits selbst gefunden. Die beiden Sceneries waren - warum auch immer - ganz unten angehängt, obwohl oben schon vorhanden. Keine Ahnung, warum. Liebe Grüße!
  10. Here you are! EDIT: Found the error. You don't need to search. ;-) There were two scenery-entries at the very beginning of the scenery.cfg, yet below Default Terrain and Default Scenery. I just deleted them (double entries). Now it works. Thank you for your efforts. Merry Christmas!
  11. I just clicked on "Spacer hinzufügen" / Add Spacer and got the error message immediately.
  12. Hello Capt. PERO, since I updated to v1.4.1 it is no longer possible to create a spacer in the Scenery-Configuration-Manager. I get the error "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application ... Value cannot be null. Parameter name: item." The error-text below I have added as txt-file. If I click "Cancel" SimStarter exits/crashes complete. This just happens in the P3D-Part, the FSX one works fine. But it is possible to add and change scenery-entries. Can you provide help? Greetings, Andreas Error-Message.txt
  13. PFPX hotfix 1.28.4

    Hello Diego, I have the same problem and no solution yet.
  14. Update for Polish Airports 1 2017 P3D

    I am very irritated, too. Maybe the problem is the shop-software. For discounts on updated products Aerosoft needs the serial of the earlier version inserted while in the buying process. The products of DD don't require a serial, so the only possibility would be buying the new version for the full price and get the refund via email-correspondence. There should be a solution!
  15. Malaga X and SODE problems

    I can't use AES because I am on P3D v3.3.5. Actually I like SODE more than CTRL-J. ;-)