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  1. Round the world: The legs

    I think you posted this in the wrong forum you have to go to the clubs tab and send this message over there. This round the world is finished so I think your message will not be received over here. Cheers, Ruud
  2. Also, present on nov 4th at EHLE.
  3. Keep on going Neal, just a few flights and you have reached our final destination Paderborn good luck. Cheers, Ruud
  4. Hi guys, Sadly this is the final leg of this great Aerosoft Round the World Tour, I loved every minute of it and enjoyed very much but as always, all good things come to an end. I switch my plane back to the one I started this tour with the EmbrearPhenom 100, a small very nice jet. First I wish to say a very big thank you to Aerosoft for making this RTW tour possible, also to the ones that contribute to the routes chosen and every body else here on this forum for their screenshots and stories I sure gone a miss it. I wish everybody here a good health and life maybe we can do this again another time. Cheers, Ruud
  5. Twin Otter Extended Extended?

    Fully agree with Emanuel integration of the GTNs would be great and the upgrade fee no problem. Cheers, Ruud
  6. Hi guys, Last flight from this batch done LSZR Althenrein to EAFS Andras Field very clouded conditions with sometimes some rain. On finals Unloading at Andras Field Cheers, Ruud
  7. Hi guys, Another flight from this batch done LSZH Zurich to LSZR Althenrein very nice weather and a beautiful area to fly in and over. Cheers, Ruud
  8. Please help us out....

    Done and send. Cheers, Ruud
  9. Hi guys, Nice to Zurich flight done for today, early morning departure with nice weather. Cheers, Ruud
  10. Valencia to Nice another nice flight done. Leaving Valencia Final approach to LFMN Taxiing to the gate Cheers, Ruud
  11. Faro to Valencia is also finished a nice flight again. Leaving Faro Nice copilot on this flight Coming close to our destination airport LEVC Final approach Cheers, Ruud
  12. Hi guys, After switching from P3Dv3.4 to P3Dv4 I am not able to fly the Carenado Embrear Phenom anymore because they aren't ready for P3Dv4 at this moment, so hat to switch to another airplane, I choose for something bigger this time the IRIS Spartan Battlefield lifter C27 This plane works in P3Dv4 with the restriction that it won't catch the glideslope anymore so I have to fly every approach manually but that's no problem. The leg I did fly today was from LXGB to LPFR (Faro) a bit hazy at Gibraltar but the weather was good al the way down to Faro. Cheers, Ruud
  13. Lepa (Palma the Mallorca) to LXGB (Gibraltar) finished. Cheers, Ruud
  14. Hi guys, Another leg finished Monastir (DTMB) to Mallorca (LEPA) Cheers, Ruud
  15. Hi guys, Three legs finished today, LSZA to LFKC, LFKC to LIEO and the last one LIEO to DTMB (Monastir). Cheers, Ruud