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  1. Gran Canaria preview

    Hello, any update please? thanks
  2. hi aerosoft team! do you think add the rain on windshield in the future?
  3. update CRJ

    Thanks Tom, no problem
  4. update CRJ

    Hello I want to know when other dealers will receive the current update please? Just bought the plane on simmarket, still 1.0.0 version thanks in advance frederic
  5. Gran Canaria preview

    i d like to see GCFV too
  6. mega airport Orly X

    hello may i ask you if aerosoft plan to redone french airport orly X, because no other developper seem to be interested to make this airport. i am very disapointed with the poor interest for french airports by all developpers... thanks fred
  7. yesterday i tried to plan a route from lfpg to lddu, latest airac and rad restriction, pfpx was totatally unable to create a valid route, so yes most of the times there are some silly routes...!
  8. Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

  9. Cityscapes|Europe|Paris

    whaou it s beautiful, what s that?
  10. CALVI X runway light problem

    Hi all I did a flight between paris and calvi 2 days ago during night. During the before landing sequence i had a visual to the runway, but at 3 or 4 miles of the runway, all the light disapear, that was a very big problem because it wasn t an ils approach. So, what can i do to resolve this issue, i use prepar3D v3, asn, rex direct texture, pro atcX, Vafs and aerosoft Airbus A318 Thanks in advance a
  11. Hi to all Have you resolved this problem because i have it too. Download these files from simmarket Thanks
  12. AES 2.20d: Bugreports post her

    hello, I 've got a problem with pushback at eham, door D54, the truck didn't push the plane enough far, just started turn on the right and stop. Thanks
  13. None the window don't open, autogen is on and t have the problem with only kjfk, for example fsdreamteam zurich is ok