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  1. Jeff W

    DC-6 Ferry Flight – Leg 3 CYMD-CYFB ARRIVED IQALUIT CYFB –(STOP)- STRONG HEADWINDS ENROUTE -(STOP)- EXCELLENT FACILITIES –(STOP)- GANDER NEXT –(STOP)- Iqaluit is the capital of the Canadian territory of Nunavut; its largest community, and its only city. It was known as Frobisher Bay until 1987, after the large bay on the coast of which the city is situated. In 1999, Iqaluit became the capital of Nunavut after the division of the Northwest Territories into two separate territories. Before this event, Iqaluit was a small city and not well-known outside the Canadian Arctic or Canada, with population and economic growth highly limited. This is due to the city's isolation and heavy dependence on expensively imported supplies as the city, like the rest of Nunavut, has no road, rail, or even ship connections for part of the year to the rest of Canada. The city also has a polar climate, influenced by the cold deep waters of the Labrador Current just off Baffin Island; this makes the city of Iqaluit cold, even though the city is well south of the Arctic Circle. Ready for Takeoff Thirty Inches Please. Another Approach in the Darkness - 46knt headwind Taxing In, Rain and Darkness.
  2. DaveLTB

    Oops! Sorry about the borked link. Hopefully this one will work: ROUGH SEA TAKE-OFF BY SEAPLANE
  3. DaveLTB

    Very audacious undertaking, crossing the Pacific in an amphibian. Tip of my Cap to you. Looks like you’ve been fortunate to encounter light or moderate sea states so far. ROUGH SEA TAKE-OFF BY SEAPLANE Good Luck on your remaining legs into San Francisco. The bar is open Jeff
  4. I think you should conduct quality control inspections of all of Scotland's Distilleries before you resume your journey to London Jeff
  5. Jeff W

    DC-6 Ferry Flight – Leg 2 UHMA-CYMD Second status telegram from the Ferry Flight: ARRIVED MOULD BAY CYMD –(STOP)- MODEST HEADWINDS ENROUTE -(STOP)- VERY COLD –(STOP)- DARK TOO –(STOP)- Lat. 76°14' N –(STOP)- Prince Patrick Island is the westernmost of the Queen Elizabeth Islands in the Northwest Territories of Canada. It has historically been icebound all year, making it one of the least accessible parts of Canada. Located at the entrance of the M'Clure Strait, Prince Patrick Island is uninhabited. A High Arctic Weather Station ("HAWS") and associated airstrip called Mould Bay were opened in 1948 as part of a joint Canada-US military effort to support a weather station network. During the period of US National Weather Service participation, the site was known as a Joint Arctic Weather Station ("JAWS"). The station was closed in 1997, owing to budget cuts. The buildings still stand, but as of 2007, most have deteriorated to an unrepairable state. The station represented the only known long-term human settlement of the Island. Anadyer in the Morning Before Takeoff Checks Complete Heading Out Clouds over the Chukchi Sea Pushing into the Darkness over the Beaufort Sea Whew!!! Land sited after 5 hours over the Arctic Seas Very welcome runway lights in a very lonely place Mould Bay - CYMD 76 Degrees 14 Minutes North, It's all downhill to Gander.
  6. Jeff W

    DC-6 Ferry Flight – Leg 1 RJTT-UHMA Just received first status telegram from the Ferry Flight ARRIVED ANADYER -(STOP)- 100KNT TAILWINDS ENROUTE -(STOP)- DEPART MOULD BAY CYMD SOON -(STOP)- Ferry Flight Departing Haneda Heading North Kamchatka Losing the daylight Approaching Anadyer in the dark night of far eastern Siberia Night landing in 41knt crosswind, What could go wrong? 75knt tailwind average improves the average speed quite a bit and made pretty short work of that 2214nm.
  7. SFO Bar????, an airport bar is no place for a sailor. Tie up at the Embarcadero, Take the cable car up to Mason and Powell and meet me in the Tonga Room
  8. Hmmm! Very nice great circle you have there It is likely I passed directly over you on my flight on Friday night. You may have missed me, I was at 30,000 feet. I shall keep and eye out for you steaming in below the Golden Gate Bridge. Jeff
  9. quaxpilot

    Great screenshots of Do and Tokyo. I hope you have a very good set of ear plugs. The Do228 is one noisy bugger. I do not envy anyone travelling for several hours exposed to that racket unprotected.
  10. Well Done Mike! Appreciate the loan of the Fleetwing. Tip of the Cap to Pan Am and Boeing for getting us safely across the Pacific.
  11. Jeff W

    RTW 80 – Fun at the Fairmont and Tonga Room – Revising the Plan Having safely arrived in San Francisco we must find a place to stay until our planned departure for New York on Dec 5. Our first thought was the Mark Hopkins with it’s incomparable view over the city from the Top of the Mark, however we opted to stay at the Fairmont Hotel as we have been advised that one Anthony Dominick Benedetto will be performing at the Venetian Room. For those looking for a somewhat different class of entertainment, you may want to try the Tonga Room Among the Fairmont hotel's attractions is the Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar, a historic tiki bar, which opened in 1945 and was remodeled in 1952, and 1967. Elements of the bar were also "updated" in 2009. It features a bandstand on a barge that floats in a former swimming pool, a dining area built from parts of an old sailing ship, and artificial thunderstorms. It seems only right that we should complete the RTW80 event in the aircraft we departed in. To achieve this goal will require that we re-position our BOAC DC-6A (G-OAMP) to Gander Newfoundland CYQX. Before departing Tokyo we enlisted a small crew to ferry the aircraft across the far north of Russia and Canada so it will be ready when we reach that point of our journey. We will post Ferry Flight Progress reports as they are received.
  12. Breitling 2

    Another great set of screenshots. Fire spitting 3350's on takeoff, approach shot view between the engine nacelles. Unique point of view, nice work Jeff
  13. Heinz Flichtbeil

    I am enjoying the very nice screenshots of your journey. Quite a feat, taking a small GA aircraft on so many long over water legs. I also like the country visited flags applied to the bezel of the G1000. Nice touch, that. Jeff W
  14. Jeff W

    RTW80 Diary Entry 15 - Yokohama to San Francisco Decision Day. Do I proceed as planned north up to Kamchatka, across the Aleutians to Alaska, and then down the west coast of Canada and the US to San Francisco, or choose option B, a risky, very long, night flight - one leg directly across the Pacific to San Francisco. I check the winds at FL300 to determine if the leg is feasible. The Skyvector map shows very strong easterly tailwind leaving Japan, changing to northerly, then weakening in the middle of the route. Strong southerly winds coming down from the Alaska Peninsula then diminishing easterly tailwinds approaching the west coast of the US. I would have preferred steady tailwinds most of the way across the route but it does not look like I will face headwinds. If I have to, I can bail out and reach Dutch Harbor, I will make that decision once at cruise altitude if the fuel situation looks like it will be critical. Option B is a GO! Sadly, this means that we will have to leave (temporarily) our very reliable BOAC DC-6A behind in Haneda and transfer our Round the World flag to a different aircraft and airline. We will fly the mighty Boeing 377 Stratocruiser on this leg. Powered by four 3,500 horsepower Pratt & Whitney R4360, the world’s most powerful piston aircraft engine ever produced, we will climb to 30,000 feet for this Pacific crossing. On November 29, 1945 Pan American World Airways (Pan Am) became the launch customer with the largest commercial aircraft order in history, a $24,500,000 order for 20 Stratocruisers. We will be flying on Clipper Fleetwing (N1037V) on tonights leg. Pan Am Boeing 377 Stratocruiser Promo Film - 1950 Screenshots from the flight: Tokyo Tower, Pan American 37V, Ready for Takeoff Gear up and flaps coming up Leaving Haneda Sayonara, Hope to be back again. Next morning, "Stratocruising" high above the Pacific at FL300. Past the International Date Line and fuel looks good. Landfall at Point Reyes (PYE) San Francisco and the Golden Gate Very short final, SFO Just seconds from touchdown. Great flight. I reduced power settings to improve fuel consumption which resulted in slower speeds than prior crossings but I had an hour of reserve fuel when I arrived.
  15. DaveLTB

    Great photos of Tokyo and surrounding. Really like the Mt Fuji over Yokohama.