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  1. Correct, the file name is not changed.
  2. Cabin Wing Views

    Chaseplane any better?
  3. custom wpt ctd

    But a CTD is so harsh, Can't you make something that checks the input against the database before it decides to crash?
  4. Have I ever advised a sim platform? Well now I am...

    For me this is the single best iteration of FS yet. And mind you, I started with FS1 and used all versions to FSX, and then P3Dv1 trough v3. On my machine (i7-7700k, GTX1070) it is super smooth and looks astonishing. And very important, no funny tweaks or setup is necessary, you can set everything with the sliders. Bottomline: best FlightSim ever.
  5. Prepar3D V4 and Aerosoft

    Pete is on vacation. He might look at it when he is back
  6. Solved Twin otter extended and F1 GTN

    Well, to be honest, I like the GTN 750 a lot, but for now I manage perfectly with the 2D pop-up of the GTN, it is also easier to read and does not eat frames. If I would have to choose on what to spend the next available resources, I'd say "Beaver Extended"!
  7. PC-6 B2-H4 'Turbo Porter' 4X Preview

    Did you consider testing it in PNG (the Orbx AYPY scenery package). Perfect for the Porter!
  8. Solved Twin otter extended and F1 GTN

    Now THAT would be interesting to have some pdf's of (hint hint)
  9. Oslo Torp and P3d - Terrible Performance

    Thanks, Rob, great find! Does someone know what these gr_lights are?
  10. Daniel's TwOtter paintshop - Rebooted

    I assume that you also tried to vote me up, but failed as well.
  11. Daniel's TwOtter paintshop - Rebooted

    Well, it was worth a try [emoji3]
  12. Daniel's TwOtter paintshop - Rebooted

    Looking forward to that as well. In what area is your scenery?
  13. Daniel's TwOtter paintshop - Rebooted

    Your quality of liveries is one of the highest available, so that cannot be an issue!
  14. Daniel's TwOtter paintshop - Rebooted

    Interesting indeed, thanks. I see you have a 'clean desk policy':) So normally you have two screens on your desk? Are you drawing all textures with that sketchpad? Must be very difficult (I never did anything like this).