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  1. Correct, the file name is not changed.
  2. Cabin Wing Views

    Chaseplane any better?
  3. custom wpt ctd

    But a CTD is so harsh, Can't you make something that checks the input against the database before it decides to crash?
  4. We could, but on the other hand, I can also explain it again in a bit more detail
  5. We are still aiming at the 10.000 posts mark.
  6. I think you should wait with judging a product until you tried the (unreleased) product.
  7. Now that's a very good idea!
  8. And we are not even at 10.000 messages in this thread. What a pity...
  9. Have I ever advised a sim platform? Well now I am...

    For me this is the single best iteration of FS yet. And mind you, I started with FS1 and used all versions to FSX, and then P3Dv1 trough v3. On my machine (i7-7700k, GTX1070) it is super smooth and looks astonishing. And very important, no funny tweaks or setup is necessary, you can set everything with the sliders. Bottomline: best FlightSim ever.
  10. Prepar3D V4 and Aerosoft

    Pete is on vacation. He might look at it when he is back
  11. Dear Tapatalk Users

    Going ballistic, Matt? [emoji1]
  12. How do you like the new forum?

    I like modern and simple/minimalistic, but I do not like wasting a lot of valuable screen estate, meaning big screens but little info and a lot of scrolling. I hope you can tune it a bit. (you asked my opinion, now you got it ) Oh, by the way, please do not permit giant bannered signatures, it will spoil the new look
  13. How do you like the new forum?

    Due to the big ID/Avatar box on the left, short messages take a lot of white space vertically. On my big 27 inch screen the forum will display only three(!) forum messages at a time. Can you improve this? Also, for some reason my messages have double line height between the paragraphs. Can I change this somewhere?
  14. Beaver Extended

    Or a man can turn to the Many-Faced God.