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  1. Hello, I have been contacted by other members regarding the broken links on the two ETOPS guides in the pinned threads. I am sorry for not answering before as I am in a FS break currently because of work. I am reuploading them in these thread, but the mods can merge them in the original threads too if they want, They are the same as what was in the threads and the Pacific guide which was in another thread, so: Part 1: Is about getting up and running with ETOPS and PFPX Part 2: In the flight deck. Covering Atlantic ETOPS operations and also PMDG 777. Part 3: Covering Pacific ETOPS operations. Happy landings, etopsoca_part2.pdf etopsoca_part1.pdf etopsoca_part3.pdf
  2. belisar

    F-16 Render

    Great model :-) It takes a little time for 3DMax to render that though, not much though. Thanks for sharing the render, it shows more of the quality work and processes behind the scenes.
  3. belisar

    Looks Like Microsofts New Sim Is On The Way

    There is really nothing Aerosoft should worry about. We spend more shopping on Aerosoft products than we do on purchasing the FS platform itself, and there are good reasons for that. There is also a great approach towards the sim community involvement by Aerosoft in terms of discussions about various features. This works better than releasing a teaser trailer for us to see. It also gives us a sense of ownership towards the product that is different from the usual FS purchase. I am not that excited about this upcoming title from MS. I am definitely looking forward to the Aerosoft project though, the whole process looks very promising to me.