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  1. ICAO: SBRJ NAME: SANTOS-DUMONT TYPE: Payware FS: FSX, FS9, (P3D) DESIGNER: TropicalSim Link: AES 2.36
  2. airac1312 LPMA

    yes the circling vor dme ryw05, circling vor dme rwy23, circling ndb rwy05 and rwy23
  3. airac1312 LPMA

    yes, there is two approaches prior to the visuals one is a vor app. and the other is a ndb app.
  4. airac1312 LPMA

    with the last airac installed all the approaches in LPMA have been disapear, how can i solve this or at least how to put the previous airac in my planes. thank you. Carlos.
  5. where?? in my route export there is no majestic option
  6. LGIR

    Ooooops........... tnx so much Emil. Carlos.
  7. LGIR

    hello just purchased LGIR but AES not recognice it. I have version 2.24. no problem insatalling PAFA this product was released after AES 2.24 same that LGIR. any help would be appreciated. tnx.
  8. AES 2.23a released AES this month that sounds very good
  9. ICAO: MMUN NAME: Cancun INTL. 2012 TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: Aviation Multimedia Studios LINK:
  10. SVMI Caracas

  11. SVMI Caracas

    it could be, i suposse that this issue needs some coreection from oliver, isnĀ“t it?
  12. SVMI Caracas

    hello oliver, after installing AES 2.22 when i try to add an airport not recognice Caracas SVMI, the rest of airport seems to be ok, for example KDCA, VTSP, and so on... What could be the problem. Thank tou. Carlos.
  13. leib problem

    hello gents. i have an issue at leib, starting at the airport at any gate after 15 or 20 seconds my fps. comes down from 30 to 5, with any aircraft (NGX, carenado and so on). this situation not occurs at other airports like Corfu and similar. how can i solve this?. thank you in advance. Carlos.
  14. ICAO: MUHA NAME: Havana FS: FS9/FSX TYPE: Payware DESIGNER: Taxi2Gate Link: AES 2.33
  15. the new BorisForero-Quito 2012 http://secure.simmar...(es_6139).phtml at the moment only fs9 has been released but a FSX version is under development. Regards. Correct Format please: ICAO: SEQU NAME: Quito 2012 FS: FS9 (FSX later) TYPE: Payware DESIGNER: Boris Forero LINK: Simmarket AES 2.22