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  1. Michel Montreuil

    Hawaiian Airlines A321 P3DV4

    This is an actual real life aircraft, and a great paint job indeed!
  2. Since the 1.0.6 hotfix, the L & R REV ARMED lights are staying on even if the Reversers are set to off. Apologies for being a late poster about this issue. Noticed several posts regarding this issue.
  3. Michel Montreuil

    CTD Short Final

    Ok, I will operate a few legs today and try it out. Minidump Level 3?
  4. Michel Montreuil

    CTD Short Final

    Yes, CYWG & CYOW, Simaddons & CYUL is FlyTampa, also have UTX Canada installed. RAAS is active (I have a feeling it's the culprit), not AI just IVAO MTL.
  5. Michel Montreuil

    CTD Short Final

    Hello Aerosoft, I cannot thank you enough for the effort put into this project it's amazing! Anyhow, been trotting around Canada for the last few flights, most recentley this evening, operating CYWG-CYUL in the CRJ9, and on 04/04/2018, operating CYWG-CYOW, in both instances, Prepar3D V4.2 frezzes at around 110ft AGL/RWY32/CYOW and 140ft AGL/RWY06L/CYUL. Untill this point I was running 1.0.5 but will install 1.0.6 see if that makes a difference.
  6. Michel Montreuil

    Download Hotfix 1.05?

    Don't download it yet! it's full of issues!
  7. I did, is there something wrong with it?
  8. I couldn't even get pass entering the flight path into the FMS, any chance I can re download .4? This version is a mess.
  9. Great just downloaded and installed :/
  10. Michel Montreuil

    FMC Keyboard problem

    Read the manual? There's a detailed section on the FMC there.
  11. Michel Montreuil

    Stall/Low speed after takeoff

    Honestly, you should still use the Payload Manager Software, Dave is great but it never gives out all the numbers I need for my purposes, everyone has their own ways though. Glad it works good!
  12. Michel Montreuil

    Stall/Low speed after takeoff

    Sounds like someone forgot to set their trims and Weight & Balance, use the actual software, it shows all your numbers there you can't go wrong.
  13. Michel Montreuil

    CRJ700ER Air Canada Express C-GOJA fictional

    Unfortunately this is the bad model to use for this repaint, a CRJ900 would be more appropriate. This mistake seems to be reoccurring across the community Jazz Aviation Lp, uses CRJ705 (basicly the body of a CRJ900) and they've recently purchased the CRJ900 itself.
  14. Michel Montreuil

    Airbus A321 CFM Air Canada C-GIUF

    Thank you so much!
  15. Michel Montreuil

    Airbus X Extended _ Liveries

    Thank you Holgi! I appreciate the fact that you are doing this for us after the unfortunate way people from this forum tooke it! It sad that on International forums people take things this way. C-GIUF, is actually the one I was going to request myself, first Airbus I ever flew in! Again thank you for your great work....