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  1. Well, I completed a flight yesterday in P3D4.1 and it flew nicely. I had a whopping 105kt crosswind/ moderate turbulence on a flight to Salt Lake City and it flew nicely. The approach on the GS was a bit to the left of center but the weather conditions weren't ideal. This by far us the best build I've used. I'll keep testing on future flights and report back. Hans I your hard work an effort is appreciated. Thanks Respectfully ROMAN78
  2. Update pending

    I believe my question was answered after reading thru the changelog Mathijs. Looking forward to trying it out. Thanks again for the update. Respectfully, ROMAN78
  3. Update pending

    Were they any improvements made to ToD calculations when route changes are made for example Altitude constraints in flightplan etc. Thanks ROMAN78
  4. Next Update Release?

    So true... still looking forward to the update. Thanks again!!
  5. Next Update Release?

    So maybe a release today? Thanks and have a great day!! Respectfully, ROMAN78
  6. Has any improvements/ tweaks been made to the FBW logic in regards to autoland when used in CATIIIB conditions. Landing is a bit stiff. I remembered the A318 beta was real smooth. Just wondering. Thanks for all your help and congrats on the development of the Airbus series. Respectfully, ROMAN78
  7. Thanks looking forward to it. Can't believe I miss the AS Airbus series as much as I do now. It feels like an eternity but awaiting release.
  8. Any chance of us seeing some external shots with dynamic lighting if possible? Thanks V/r ROMAN78
  9. I'm really looking forward to this release in P3dv4. I've flown another Airbus simulation and it gives me the worst frames out of all my add-ons. I'm really interested in seeing how it will work in a 64bit environment. If it as fluid as the CRJ, it will be extremely welcomed. Thanks ROMAN78
  10. The AS specific Fs2crew feature was always a great feature that I appreciated in the immersion. Some way disagree and may choose to do it themselves but it makes it feel more fluid. Some may feel it made things more elementary but most airliners are flown that way...hence fs2crew being available for other add-ons. Systems simulation is very important but so is operational simulation. Plus Aerosoft has gone to lengths to make it more fluid in regards to the simulation which is also as is "as real as it gets". Thanks ROMAN78
  11. One more question...will the liveries already released be compatible upon release? v/r ROMAN78
  12. I'm also an FSL Airbus owner. It's is unique in its own way. However, I'm still looking forward to the AS package for a variety of reasons. One main factor is FPS/ fluidity. If found that even with all the features, I've enjoyed the overall flight in the AS version way more. That's with owning every other highquality/immersive product on the I understand "studysims" like some say. As a P3DV4 user, I've noticed some product developers do a great job in taking the simmers wants into consideration while others don't. I really believe that the Aerosoft staff has/will gives us a product that is accurate, immersive while taken into consideration some limits that may be nice but not vital but for true immersion. At the end of the day we all want a product that gives us real and accurate feel. I've never been disappointed in Aerosoft and I don't think we will be when this product is released. Respectfully, ROMAN78
  13. Will the Airbus series feature the type of steering technology like the CRJ or would we have to interface with FSUIPC (for keyboard steering like previous versions? Thanks V/r ROMAN78
  14. Flying with reverser? Easy!

    Any timeframe on release of the next update Mathijs? Thanks! v/r ROMAN78