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  1. Flying with reverser? Easy!

    Any timeframe on release of the next update Mathijs? Thanks! v/r ROMAN78
  2. Thank you TomA320 for you swift response. Have a great day!! V/R ROMAN78
  3. Hello, Any news on when Mega Airport London Heathrow professional will be available at Simmarket? Thanks and have a great day!! V/R ROMAN78
  4. I noticed the same thing on a test flight this morning. Happened right after gear up. v/r ROMAN78
  5. Any news on when the hotfix will be released? Really miss flying the CRJ. Thanks!! V/R ROMAN78
  6. Good Morning, I completely agree with everyone. Something is wrong with LNAV tracking. I was wondering if the team could look into the LNAV issue pleasw. unless its been looked at already. Thanks for all your help. v/r ROMAN78
  7. I'm using P3DV4 and I'm certain I was in FMS1 with NAV selected. It happened after I flew the FOOOT3 RNAV dep out of KDEN-CYVR. I started making left turn then after I selected "DCT TO" It made a left turn at leat 50 degrees of course before It tried to correct. I selected Heading to correct then direct again but It did the same thing. Quick update----- I'm flying Direct METOW on the GRIZZ5 arrival into CYVR . Just tried Direct to and I didn't experience a deviation. The winds at FL360 are 305/39 with my heading at 299 degrees. Previously I had crosswinds when I tried to go Direct then I had the deviation. Not sure if those conditions cause that issue. I keep you informed. v/r ROMAN78
  8. I can confirm LNAV issues with version 1.01. It wouldn't follow the flightpath even after multiple Direct to requests. Not sure why but after selecting " Direct after putting it on an intercept heading, it turns left in the opposite direction and never corrects. Can anyone else conform this as well? v/r ROMAN78
  9. new build

    Hello all, Just wondering how the new build testing is coming along. Really looking forward to all the improvements. Thanks for all the great work. Looking forward to flying some CRJ9 flights into EDDF Professional. Thanks again!! V/R ROMAN78
  10. I hope no one feels like your're complaining as well. I've been watching my Justplanes Air Canada CRJ-705 segment and it shoss exactly what you're talking about in detail. I believe they use the Collins FMS-4200... please correct me if I'm wrong. I even programmed my FMS based on how they did and I was able to see a variation of what your'e talking about. Not sure the detail in the Aerosoft CRJ, but like you, I hope we can get a true complete simulation as its RW counterpart. I maybe missing something in setting it up and I hope Hans and the team can help getting a better understanding of it. Very Respectfully, ROMAN78
  11. Completely agree with you RECONB4. VNAV advisory is real glitchy and doesn't display the VNAV descent profile advisory you mentioned. I saw it once but its was calculated against a random waypoint but ignored the ones that had crossing restrictions. I've been using the puuple banana to manage descents but It would be nice to have that work. I'm still thankful for Hans for all his hardwork in delivering use the CRJ. It will get there Thanks!! v/r ROMAN78
  12. I agree... aircraft flies about 5nm left of the planned flight route. Even after selecting DIR INTC it turns left then tries to re -intercept but doesn't. Definitely a problem now. Thanks!! v/r ROMAN78
  13. I think I figured it out... kind of glitchy but I see it. Thanks!!
  14. I definitely believe you . I thought the same thing ... probably didn't configure VNAV correctly. I've selected advisory VNAV and VNAV in the on the MFD menu on the FMS. I completely configured VNAV and PERF init. I hope Hans or one of the team members can walk me thru it. Thanks!! v/r ROMAN78
  15. Good evening, I was just wondering if the snowflake indicator on descent in FMS1 was modeled in the CRJ. I see the TOD marker and I've been using the purple banana to manage my descent. Just wondering of I'm missing something to enable it. Looking forward to the feedback. Thanks everyone. v/r ROMAN78