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  1. With all due respect but you will have no time for beta testing at the moment. I am myself in an TR now so I know what I am talking about If you want to prepare yourself for the A321 I would advise you to buy the product that may or may not have malware supplied with it. It is perfectly suited for RW TR orientation.
  2. The brother of a friend from a guy I know at work, who is dating my sister, said it was 92,86% yesterday.
  3. CRJ 700/900

    Which version of v4 do you use? Only v4.2 is supported.
  4. CAT II Approach?

    How did you come to this conclusion?
  5. Stall on GA

    Please report back if it ever happens again so we can try to troubleshoot the possible problem. Thanks ps, I could tell you stories about what should not happen with the RW Airbus but does anyway. But I will leave that for some flightsim convention.
  6. Stall on GA

    Do you have this problem all the time or are we talking about an one time event where you do not remember everything anymore? As much as we would like to chit chat we can only give support for recurring problems. If it happened only once there are to many variables to come to any conclusion and it would be theoretically only.
  7. Just to clarify: the test.exe malware is the only thing FSL admitted to. I am not saying there is more but I can also not say that was all. Trust is gone with them.
  8. I think we should be happy to see the wingtip from the VC at all. There is no real noticeable difference between the wingtip view on ground vs inflight IRL.
  9. For me there were many (20+) issues. Noting I did not test these last four weeks. But the issues range from important to nice to have. An example of a minor issue is that when you try to open the sliding windows inflight you hear part of the opening sound. This is easily fixed. A more important issue is for example that the RMCDU also displays the SEC FPLN when I am building an SEC FPLN in the LMCDU. (Apart from that the MCDU‘s work independent now) All in all the product is shaping up rather nicely but some rough corners still need to be polished.
  10. No, that is beyond the scope of the product (for now).
  11. Some shot of my latest testflight from EDDM to LSZH:
  12. In an aircraft without autothrust it can be difficult to maintain a cruise airspeed while watching YT videos. It could very well be that the speed dropped to an too low value during your YT breaks and as a result you got the high AoA etc. Reasons for the speed drop can be internal and external. My advise would be to fly an ATHR aircraft when watching YT or check on your aircraft more frequently. If it happens again when not doing other duties please report again. Thanks
  13. All we can tell you right now is in the sticky post from Mathijs above. It wont be for free....
  14. It is an NEO. Maybe in the far future but at the moment it is not planned.
  15. LNAV Still dead

    Could you be so kind as to supply us with a bit more information. The routing you took for example would be interesting to us for troubleshooting. Also screenshots of the MFD MAP and the PFD. You would be amazed how many people fly in „green“ needles and wonder why NAV does not work. (Not saying that is the case here). Looking at the waypoints in your last screenshot makes me wonder about the ATS routing. Like I said, provide us with some more info so we can help you with the problems you experience. Thanks
  16. I think that is the root of the problem here. This thread is not meant for „making conversation“. It is meant for us to give preview information concerning the AS Airbusses and for the members to ask questions about it. I think I understand your sense of „humor“ but it really does not add any value here. You act, to me, like you are the smartest kid in class and make up „difficult/provoking“ questions for the headteacher to show the other kids how smart you think you are. Please stop that and ask straight genuine questions of you have them. Thanks
  17. New Paint CRJ

    Nice shots! You are the first I see that writes CityLine correctly.
  18. 1.0.5 Door issues in FSX

    In what sim did you install the CRJ?
  19. Because it is work in progress.
  20. Sorry but we can not help you with this. The product is in beta and we are doing everything to optimize the code. In the end it all depends on where you set your sliders and what kind of AA you use. I would also like to ask all to stop the hardware discussion for now. I think we already said everything that can be said and we are now just repeating. Thanks
  21. CRJ Update 1.0.5 incoming

    Version 1.0.4 had some malware in it and after that other company had some bad press about it we thought it wiser not the release it.
  22. Do not expect too much change IRL though. Ofcourse AS will adjust the supplied DLH livery to any kind of blue that some marketing firm dreams up.
  23. Recommendations

    And I will give you the instruction to get typerated. I think the Ryanair going rate for an TR is €41.000 at the moment. I will undercut them with a cool €1.000.
  24. Recommendations

    As Aerosoft is a real company IRL I guess we are at 100% here.