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  1. German management speak would call it “fair” instead of “reasonable” Tom.
  2. As already stated Mathijs will publish the pricing policy later on. I expect the updater itself to function with any licensed product of the bus. As for the IVAO weather; our acars can retrieve current actual RW weather and ingame offline (default) weather.
  3. I sense many more of these questions. For the time please wait for the details. Thanks
  4. Drag and fuel flow will be influenced by the sharklets for this project in the same way as some other A320 product will.
  5. Maybe the music is there to mask the unfinished sounds. Some of the pics Mathijs posted are not the result of the actual speed you have 150 nm away from the field. The FPLN was closed and everything was calculated as it should be. My airline participated in beta trails of Thales software and we saw a lot of that. Their latest software shows almost no line drawing errors anymore, instead it has some vertical profile problems now.
  6. Our model has a cabin ready memo message so no need for different company SOP‘s.
  7. Frank Docter

    Discussion on Real World A320 Operations

    Bill, could you move this line of conversation towards the Radio Chatter Room or the Real Aviation section of the forum? I think a lot of people are interested in these facts (without having to search pprune) but it is just more clutter in our Airbus preview forum. Thanks.
  8. Only FWD is implemented. Mech and AFT are almost never used IRL.
  9. It all depends on your sliders. That is the nice thing about P3D, it is scalable.
  10. And with this the quasi philosophical discussions are over. People are getting misinterpreted here and before it get's out of hand I would like to stop it. Thank you all for contributing. Some good remarks were made. Now back to the preview topic.
  11. Ofcourse, why would you think otherwise? We also model the whole gear, not just one tire and bogie
  12. We have ECAM actions for PACK(s) OFF and BRAKES HOT, there even is some FUEL PUMP stuff now. Diversions are done via the MCDU and that part also works as it is more or less normal SOP. There will be no system relevant reasons to divert though.
  13. No hint. I am not in the loop about what will happen after the A333. But as the A333 has the same airframe as the A343 and the A343 has the „same“ CFM engines as the A320FAM I see an A343 more logical than an A332. But like I said, that is just me.
  14. Ever thought about which aircraft has the exact same dimensions as the A333?
  15. You may very well be able to glide it and land, PS4 style. But we do not simulate everything that happens after the engines are off. No ECAM procedures, Hydraulics may or may not work, electrical systems may or may not work. We have no gravity gear extention etc.
  16. The engines will spool down and from that point onwards we do not simulate/guarantee anything anymore and in the end you will crash (land).
  17. Emi tolde me a, hard to believe, story that some of the students where he does his 737 TR called the 738 an NGX. It seems we have an whole new breed of pilots that think that the 737 NG series is actually an NGX. PMDG must be proud. Now we just need the branding of ‚professional’ to stick for the A320
  18. Let’s put this A330 stuff to rest. At this time AS is developing a pax version A330-300 with RR engines. Period. Nothing more and nothing less. There are no signals, hidden messages or anything else. Thanks
  19. Correct, only the A330-300 with RR engines as pax version is developed right now.
  20. In that case; the bus will not have a cabin or seperate sounds for it.
  21. You need atleast 18 FPS for the FBW to work correctly. The one we modeled does not have this and frankly I do not miss it IRL. For the A346 it is almost a must. Wingflex it will have. I do not hear any noise from the cabin IRL. Not going to happen.
  22. Unfortunately at the moment they are still synched. Mathijs stated that with SP1 they will be independent of each other.
  23. I prefer professional 4 engines 4 long haul ATPL pilot but busdriver will do.