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  1. No, the CRJ does not have an autobrake system. Only antiskid.
  2. What is the time limit for the stickshaker? That was a favourite question when I flew her.
  3. Although we appreciate the enthusiasm you have for the A330 it would be better not to make statements like this if you are not in the "know". Somebody else will read that remark and assume that it will be out within days or max a few weeks. This is not the case. Next we will have posts with people complaining that the A330 is delayed again etc. The project is progressing nicely but we are still not in a full blown beta. Not all the pieces are in place yet but we are steadily getting there. Expect more screenshots and videos when the P3D v4 dust settles a bit. Thanks
  4. Yeah, we mods can see who he is and he does that a lot. It will get him vote ban soon if he continues this behaviour.
  5. Maybe Tom Hanks is available. He also breaks all aircraft he is on.
  6. And that concludes the DL and FPS talk here. I think all has been said for now. Let's hope DL will be less taxing with future v4 builds. Thanks ps, now where is that internal lights video again?
  7. touché
  8. See, I can even break it while being on holiday. I also claim the missing strobe light reflection that you see once in an while as a bug found by me.
  9. When? I have been following this thread for 9 minutes and did not see anything yet.
  10. WPFKATD is currently on holiday so Hans can finally finish the CRJ without fear of WPFKATD breaking it. Ofcourse next week all bets are off again and WPFKATD will most certainly break some VNAV stuff that was in yesterdays new beta.
  11. They aren't. The -100 yes but the 700-900 not. This is just a simple certification limitation.
  12. Well, that is the whole point of the pedal disconnect button. You disconnect the rudder from the nose wheel steering. So you can move the rudder without the nosewheel moving also. I am guessing that you also fly the FSL bus. They are using a flawed logic that has nothing to do with the RW Airbus. They make you push the "disc button" so you can control the tiller with the rudder when you have no seperate tiller axis programmed. Strange....
  13. What do you mean with nothing happens? Doesn't the rudder move on the F/CTL page?
  14. People, talk about other add ons is off limits here in the CRJ preview. It is the AS CRJ preview after all. Thanks
  15. Like ATC says in Italy: "modified base leg", "amendment to my previous" and "what wind do you need". Somehow they all fit for the CRJ.
  16. Don't bother and rather enjoy your holiday.
  17. No, the groundspeed is so slow that it takes ages to land.
  18. Excellent post but two remarks. The pitch call out is an option and not every aircraft has it, especially the older ones don't have this. Second, the AoA is a bit lower with an F3 approach. You mean the pitch angle is higher.
  19. Which addon has that at the moment?
  20. Where is this scenery located in the shop. I can not find it.
  21. Einfach lesen was PMDG dazu sagt: AEROSOFT-CD/DVD & DOWNLOAD CUSTOMERS We completed this update on Saturday morning, 10JUN17. It will take a few days for us to get all of the necessary pieces to Aerosfot so that they may update their own DVD and Download customers. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this update is simply too comprehensive to be bundled into a micro-update for instant installation. We anticipate having all of the pieces to Aerosoft for their distribution on 15JUN17.
  22. Too early to tell. Probably not.
  23. I have nothing against realistic sounds. They should be in the product to begin with. I was merely saying that when I am walking the flightline or flying on a cockpit jump in the A333 with Trents I do not find the real sounds impressive. I do not even notice that there is anything special about them. Perhaps when you sit in front of the wing in the cabin it has a nice sound. Or maybe my ears are just f@cked up after 20 years of flying. And I was talking the 773 here. 744's do not have GE90's. Try to go to the airfield and hear one of these babies start an engine.