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  1. Anyway to silence the GPWS?

  2. Anyway to silence the GPWS?

    The main reason is LOC approaches but do continue this discussion, I like it.
  3. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Now you are really showing off.
  4. Nope, I am talking about the A320. The A320 shares a lot of the code with the A330. Therefore the A330 beta will be fairly short, but at the moment testing wise we are only looking at the A320Fam.
  5. Who says the release is close? As Mathijs stated it will not be released this year. That certainly does not mean it will be released on the 1st of January. I would say we are in early beta at the moment and it won’t be a short beta. Cheers
  6. ---> Black Screen and Side Stick not working <---

    Yes, the AS Airbus is not compatible with v4. So installing an v3 version will never work. A new Airbus is being developed for V4 which will be available next year. Just go over to the Airbus preview forum for more information.
  7. Buy the FSLabs bus and have fun with it if you have the money. I am fairly sure you will also buy the AS bus after release regardless.
  8. That is partly because we have ‘real’ windshields in level D sims and just a projector for the visuals. The newer models I have ‘flown’ had fuzzy, slighty out of focus, visuals when you did not use the wipers though. Maybe an idea next to raindrops for the devs.
  9. The WXR is the same as in the old version. It reads the wx data from the sim, hence you do not need AS16.
  10. HUD Display Outline Depicted in ASCA Clouds

    If we see it during the beta testing of new revs we will investigate further. But up to now it is only you I am afraid.
  11. I think they meant wingflex Mathijs.
  12. Flip Switch Logic

    Duly noted Gerald. We beta testers reported this issue since day one but somehow it was not possible to change. We just accepted it but it is a pain nevertheless. Who knows, maybe it will some day...
  13. Antonov An-2 preview (released)

    Does it have wingflex?
  14. And here a small preview of RealLight in action. Dimmable lights in the AS Airbus, who would have thought that..... PS, WiP here.
  15. Not every company does that IRL. But it is an interesting idea yes.
  16. Back to the Airbus preview as a topic please. I think all has been said about VR in this context. Thanks
  17. As stated it will be ported over to the 32bit aircraft after the A330 yes. It is not yet decided which of the immersion features will make it into these versions due to VAS and sim engine constaints. System functionality like AP/FBW, MCDU and AOC pages will all be fully ported over in the new versions.
  18. Your aircraft is not overweight?
  19. Is there an ICE msg nevertheless? Also check tip number 1 here:
  20. Anyway to silence the GPWS?

    No, there is not. Hans did however found a bug with mode2A and already fixed it for the next update. Annoying EGPWS callouts that should not be will not be anymore.
  21. The only possible situation where this can happen is when you aircraft has too much drag from icing. Check if you have an ICE msg when this happens. And of yes, make sure to switch on the wing and cowl anti ice.
  22. Which provider? NavDataPro or Navigraph? Thanks
  23. Hey Oliver. If the person has the same thing as you then yes. But from his description I am not so sure. I never saw your situation on one of my flights.
  24. Could you show us an jpg of your PFD when it does this? Thanks