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  1. That would be my biggest nightmare. 4 untrained people trying to do CRM.
  2. Are you with TFDi or how did you come to this conclusion?
  3. This is pure speculation on your part, don’t do that. And please do not read anything into this statement.
  4. The RW model has wifi but that does not mean the simulated one will have it.
  5. A very nice and fair comparison between the two. Thank you.
  6. This is how my beta download partly looks like
  7. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  8. Could you please start a new tooic for that? This one is solved and for the benefit of us and customers with the same problem it would be better to have a topic with a more fitting title. Thanks.
  9. I was ofcourse joking in the previous post. At the moment no ice is modeled and I doubt we will see it anytime soon (from the VC). The RW criteria for engine anti ice differ from airline to airline a bit but normally when inflight you switch it on when the TAT is between -40C and +10C and you are in clouds or ‘visible moisture’.
  10. Ofcourse. You can even choose if it is vanilla or chocolate ice. Ps, we use that to decide if we switch on wing anti ice. For the engine anti ice we have other criteria.
  11. The only difference now is that one can not use the 256 pages excuse.
  12. This is not planned for the near future.
  13. Yes, but in the future is the key word here. Not v4.1. Same goes with a three letter Airbus dev. Waiting for v4.1 is not the same as releasing with v4.1 at 10.10.
  14. And rain drops in v4.1 is not confirmed by LM. So no, sofar they are not modeled. But that can change in the future ofcourse.
  15. Can you give us an example of an ILS approach that does not work for you? And maybe also some screenshots in .jpg format that show the PFD before LOC/GS intercept and just after the failed capture event. Thanks
  16. Because of a typo? Really? Just to put it in context. People who beta test a product for months/years or write a manual in another language get a free copy. Spotting a typo in a thread title that changes twice every week is commendable, I will give you that.
  17. Anyway to silence the GPWS?

    You are not missing anything, this is a bug in the current product.
  18. A318 engines air starter ?

    And I bet the price of their product is a bit different. How is their A318 btw?
  19. Skiathos LGSK Prepar 3D ver 4 Crash to Desktop

    Skiathos is not yet compatible with V4. After the V4.1 release there will be a free upgrade.
  20. Definitely the wrong section yes. The Airbus A320 for V4 is scheduled to be released in 2017. But do not expect it soon.
  21. Why does the A320/21 not say V1?

    Simple. The A320 is not an A380. Only the A380 and the A350 had this auto V1 call out sofar. Same deal was with brake to vacate option. New A320’s can be ordered with these options but the AS Airbus does not have them while the are at an „2014“ standard
  22. Under that panel is the paper printer for acars messages etc. By pushing the button the printer will ”print out“ blank paper for as long as you keep the button pushed. This is used when inserting a new roll of paper or when you need a piece of paper to write the ATIS on for example. This function is not modeled in the sim.
  23. I will not list them here as they are very much a work in progress at the moment and an incomplete list at that. As soon as AS feels the time is right they will publish them somewhere in one post. If you really want to get an idea you just have to read the last three months worth of posts unfortunately.