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  1. "Fake" TCAS rel/abs selection?

    I venture to say it depends on what you are used to. I have been flying ABS for 17 years and feel very comfortable with it.
  2. Ground Air on the Wrong Side

    Real CRJ pilots can only report, they cannot correct something.
  3. How do you cause a TCAS test to fail?

    There are complete ECAM abnormal procedures in the code but they are not implemented/visible. The same goes for TCAS, it will never fail the test. It is just not an active feature.
  4. The final word on maximum wx radar tilt?

    Hans is doing some WXR finetuning. Let's see if this also gets the attention it deserves.
  5. The final word on maximum wx radar tilt?

    +/- 15 is sort of the same as 13. Or 17. Nobody flies with more than 6 IRL btw. And do not forget that this is an Hans edition WXR.
  6. FMS Perf Init

    Hi, thanks for reporting. This is already one of the known things on Hans's todo list. Happy landings!
  7. Definitely and guess. Do they not exclude each other? But yes, Hans will implement it in time.
  8. Further systems refinement? (Frank, do NOT read this ;-) )

    Oliver, I am with you all the way.

    I think it was more the way you said it.
  10. unable to do V1cut

    Do not do V1 cut offs. It should work then.
  11. CTD mega topic

    I never had any CTD with the RC's. We had some CTD problems half an year ago but those got fixed by Hans.
  12. Dave's Tab- TO V speeds for flaps 20.

    Hans just finished implementing this feature. It will be included in the next update.
  13. Just an idea

    You already have that function as text on the PFD via an option in Dave.
  14. There will be a seperare A320 preview thread soon. You are correct that it is all a bit confusing now. Mathijs wrote a few days ago that the A330 is in "mid alpha" state at the moment. Most of the systems and new FMGC features are done. Same goes for the modeling. But it is not yet in beta.
  15. Rudder Authority Issue

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  16. Definitely trolling I would say.
  17. Jetbridge connects in wrong spot

    They do. In Europe not so much but in the states it is more common. Dave has an option to lower the railing so the jetty can dock on.
  18. A320 Updates

    No, this map function will not be simulated.
  19. Moderators in this forum can see who voted what and where. I am one of them. All the downvotes you got today were from forum members. You reap what you sow. You got the most downvotes for your posts here in the preview btw, not in the CRJ forums. Now back to what Tom said.
  20. First you are downvoting me and now you say I am a bad tester. Not bad. Ever thought of the idea that I am not the only one testing and that almost all 'mistakes' were known to the team?
  21. Yes Deal. (Also meaning yes )
  22. I thought you loved the A340 like your uncle. Maybe change your forum name?
  23. 2061, it replaced the CRJ now that that one is released.