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  1. That is not how it works Layth23. Aerosoft is producing the A330 and Aerosoft as such will decide what sounds in what form will be used. TSS will supply Aerosoft with sounds yes, but Aerosoft has control over that and not TSS. In short, asking us (Aerosoft) here is the correct place.
  2. Aerosoft always has preview topics of products in development. No surprise here but do not expect an A320 2017 preview anytime soon.
  3. Wait for the A320 2017 preview forum to open please. We are only working on the A330 now. Thanks.
  4. I am looking forward to the TCAS and Transponder questions.
  5. No, it will be the thousands of support questions a day after release.
  6. I would love to have a Skelsey Info Corner here in the forums but as he joined another team that is not possible anymore. I value Simon's inputs here very much but do consider that this is an AS support section of the forum and this topic has been effectively hijacked. Please do continue this conversation for the benefit of everybody reading here but do so in the general section of the AS airbus forum. Thanks
  7. Maybe it will be included when AS will redo the A320Fam later this year as a new product. Development for the current product has seized over an year already.
  8. Hey Skelsey, getting bored at the FSL forum?
  9. There is no option to do this with the AS A320. Wind input is not modeled at all for this product.
  10. For me the whole boxed release date is as old as flightsimming itself. How many times did I go to my local computerstore in the early nineties to ask when XY flightsim was in stock. (Pre-internet times) It was always next week or soon. Computer magazines at that time even had a page with expected release dates that were rubbish. I do not like this practice either but is with us since day one and it will be with us as long as there are publishers and resellers. It is just the nature of the beast. I want to note though that nobody who pre-ordered the CRJ boxed edition had to pay for it yet. Also be aware that the boxed edition is always released a few weeks after the download release. I would always opt for the download myself and have the product on my harddrive the minute it is available.
  11. Correct. It has been discussed a few times already here.
  12. It already is with the AS A320 series and will also be part of the AS A330 yes.
  13. Never tried it, I always map the function to my joystick.