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  1. No, the engines can be configured/bought with a different performance just like an 2.0l car engine can have different horse power if you chiptune it for example. The V2500 AS model for the A320 has 27000 pounds of thrust and is the B version. It could be that FSL models a lower thrust rating.
  2. What engine rating does the FSLabs one have?
  3. Uncle bob is already taken.
  4. Welcome Bob! Good to have you onboard.
  5. Sent him a mail if you have steam. What makes you think it would be the only thing that is not modeled? Yes, it is modeled.
  6. Excellent post Propane!
  7. Bumped up to 2060 now.
  8. And with that last post we are full circle again. Any further non A330 preview posts can be made in the chit chat section of the AS forums. Thanks
  9. I would say it runs better than the Airbus at the moment. But pulling down the HGS does have an impact that is noticeable. Then again, the HGS is still very WiP so that may get better in the future.
  10. This is the last time I ask friendly, mind your tone towards other people.
  11. People, the EFB discussion is done already. Let it go.
  12. I would advise you to show a bit more respect towards the people at Aerosoft. Devs, mods, testers, pilots. You are free to criticize the product in a constructive way but I do not like your tone concerning the people behind the project one bit. Third party tools are irrelevant here. If you really want to help, instead of what you are doing now, I suggest the following; - Install the Airbus anew with no edits whatsoever. - Go to simbrief or PFPX and get yourself an OFP for the flight you want to make. - Make sure to load the Airbus up via the RMCDU like it is stated on the OFP. - Fly the flight like it is stated on the OFP, no shortcuts, other SID/STARs, same wx etc. - Make pictures of the ECAM with FF and fuel used and FOB as many as necessary. - Do all of this in kilos. - do this some 10 flights on the same plane with CFM engines. Post your results here. Show us the OFP and the before and after screenshots of the FOB, and Fuel used. And ofcourse the fuelchecks you make on the OFP every 30 minutes. Thank you in advance!
  13. You fully understand the essence of the CRJ.
  14. The first picture is with the railing in the UP (stairs) position and the second picture shows the DOWN (Jetway) position. In the down position you can dock a jetway to the CRJ, this is not usually done but it is possible. The stairs on an 700-900 are a real pain, they are very steep and not very people friendly.