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  1. Frank Docter

    Landing lights delayed for 5-7 seconds

    The landing lights of the Airbus A320FAM are normally retracted when not in use. If you switch them on from this retracted position it will take the 5-7 seconds to deploy as you noticed.
  2. You confuse two different things. The option to see a bearing and distance in the MCDU and the ILS DME distance you can see on the PFD. Only if the ILS also has an DME coupled will you see the distance.
  3. Frank Docter

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    What about those bumper strips that some cars have?
  4. Frank Docter

    climbs like on 3 engines (try for a fix)

    Just as an FYI. Posting of RW Airbus documentation here will result in it getting removed due to copyright issues. Thank you all for the help but we have the charts ourselves. Also “helpfull” graphs that show that the A320 flies in FL410 get removed.
  5. Frank Docter

    10,000 feet seatbelt action

    Before passing 10.000 feet all approach preperations (inputting of MCDU data, Autobrake setting, briefing) should be finished. Therefor the autobrake will be set before passing 10.000. We can ofcourse debate at what altitude this should happen as to not cause overlapping announcments.
  6. Frank Docter

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    You read that the wrong way. As of now 64 vs 32 bit is still not decided. Initial it will be P3D V4 only but I hinted more towards "all steam ahead".
  7. Frank Docter

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    It will only be for P3D V4
  8. Germans eating dinner at lunch is also something I will never get used to as a dutch guy.
  9. I would say all of them as long as the AP is on.
  10. Frank Docter

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    No, you made that up all by yourself. AS does more than just develop an Airbus for the sim market and there is no advanced version.
  11. Frank Docter

    Takeoff flaps?

    Do not forget that the touchdown smoke in FS is no real indication of an hard landing. As far as I know it is not even modeled to be scalable.
  12. Frank Docter

    Advice & advice

    The retard call out is just there to remind you to pull the thrustlevers to idle. You can do this sooner or later. The flare/break/pull up can be done when deemed appropriate. Every landing is different so do not expect to „find“ one way of doing things that will always get you a good landing. The trick is to get more good landings than bad ones.