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  1. Why does the A320/21 not say V1?

    Simple. The A320 is not an A380. Only the A380 and the A350 had this auto V1 call out sofar. Same deal was with brake to vacate option. New A320’s can be ordered with these options but the AS Airbus does not have them while the are at an „2014“ standard
  2. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Under that panel is the paper printer for acars messages etc. By pushing the button the printer will ”print out“ blank paper for as long as you keep the button pushed. This is used when inserting a new roll of paper or when you need a piece of paper to write the ATIS on for example. This function is not modeled in the sim.
  3. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    I will not list them here as they are very much a work in progress at the moment and an incomplete list at that. As soon as AS feels the time is right they will publish them somewhere in one post. If you really want to get an idea you just have to read the last three months worth of posts unfortunately.
  4. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    AS is aware but there is reasoning behind keeping the thread like this. Disclaimer; I do not know the reason for it.
  5. Auto-pilot disconnects on ILS...

    Do not get us wrong but this part of the forum is support only. We have AS people that check these forums everyday to answer support questions. If we first have to read through x postings that have nothing to do with support it binds up our limited time and subsequently we do not have the time to give the full support we want. We encourage people to ask questions and to be part of the community. We are only asking to differentiate between AS product support and other questions and post them in the subsequent forums. Good to hear that the problem is solved and have fun flying the AS Airbus!
  6. Auto-pilot disconnects on ILS...

    Why? I gave you the answer. The AP will disconnect if it is 50 feet below the minimum you inputted when in NAV mode. What you are asking now goes beyond the scope of your problem. Please fly the tutorial flight. It explaines the minima inputting and how to do it. Like I said the whole theory behind which minimum goes with which approach is beyond the scope of the support forums. We have the general forums for that. People are willing to help you there without tying up support personal from AS. This may sound a bit harsh but everything regarding minima and the use of charts can be found on the internet by investing some time yourself. It will even give you a better learning experience than just asking. So to get back to your problem, do you still experience it when entering a minimum of 396 BARO when flying the ILS26L in Gatwick?
  7. Auto-pilot disconnects on ILS...

    And you got the answer/solution to your problem from me. Or are you still experiencing that problem?
  8. About Airbus 2018

    I am only in a semi official capacity here but I can shed some light on your question. The new A320 will be mainly the same on all platforms. Meaning it will have new VC textures, new FMGC features and a new hassle free CFD that works without extra software. There is more btw. The P3D v4 version will have dynamic lights as a exclusive feature. That is about the only difference. The AS Airbus A320 is not yet in beta so do not expect a release soon.
  9. Auto-pilot disconnects on ILS...

    I would suggest that you move these procedural questions to the general section. We even encourage you to do so because many people could benefit from all the information. This being the support section for problems with the Airbus makes it not the ideal place to do some IFR rules schooling. Happy landings!
  10. Auto-pilot disconnects on ILS...

    The problem you are having is that you entered an incorrect mininum and because you are still in NAV mode the aircraft „thinks“ that you are flying a non precision approach. Due to the AP logic it will disconnect when you are 50 feet below that minimum. Try to enter the correct minimum of 396 feet for an ILS cat1 approach to RWY26L in EGKK and see how it goes.
  11. RNAV Approaches

    The CRJ's we model are around 10 years old, an 2017 sales brochure is just that and do not forget the area I boxed in red. We all agree that CRJ's can nowadays be ordered with all these features installed. According to the AOM (company dependant) of the MSNs we model they are not certified to fly RNAV LNAV/VNAV minimums. Ofcourse you can certify the AS CRJ yourself to fly these approaches to a lower minimum. And as you are alone in the VC anyway there is no FO stopping you from doing that.
  12. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Don't hold your breath I would say.
  13. RNAV Approaches

    Vertical guidance is not the same as VNAV. The AS CRJ's have vertical guidance modeled. I flew many of my 5000 RW CRJ hours in one of the MSN's modeled so from the horse's mouth, it had/has no VNAV capability like offered as an option on FMS4200 equiped aircraft.
  14. RNAV Approaches

    You'd be surprised about what I have heard and read. The bottomline here is that the AS CR7/9 is modeled after two RW MSN's. Both are still flying RW ops everyday as a regional jet. Regardless of the options available we included the features that their RW counterparts have.
  15. RNAV Approaches

    Well, the CR7/9 is a regional airliner not an executive jet. I doubt that the US regionals all have the VNAV option. And as long as you have an GPS you can fly RNAV approaches with an LNAV minimum. The CRJ we model is certified for CAT3A btw.