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  1. System dependent as always.
  2. Wrong sub forum. Make yourself familiar with the forum structure and maybe you will have more succes.
  3. Both variants are generally known as EIS1(old) and EIS2 (new) birds. And within these variants there are FWC and FMGC differences aswell. AS choose to model an EIS2 variant for the A320Fam and the A330Fam because we have the data for those and the newer variants also have more potential for possible future products like the A320 NEO for example.
  4. "Dead skin" is more catchy
  5. "Dead skin" immersion package concept pictures.
  6. Yes, this will be included.
  7. Yes, LBS and KG will be an option.
  8. Obviously you never flew first class longhaul.
  9. No, these features are not part of the CRJ.
  10. That is nothing, practically a factory new plane I would say.
  11. A sneak peak from a testflight I just made: This is an early build with some pieces not yet in place and more late alpha than early beta. And watch it in 4K please.
  12. Yes, this will be modeled for the A330 and the following A320FAM products. Here are two screenshots of it that are still Work in Progress and not yet fully completed and tested.
  13. True. We will tell the person responsible not to do that again.
  14. Just look up a few posts. You will see three at an instant.