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  1. Just google it, there is a lot of info on the web concerning this.
  2. Next time you fly try to set an altitude in the FCU. In your screenshot it is still at 100.
  3. Frank Docter

    Dangerous shaking at high altitude (ailerons and spoilers)

    You will need atleast 18 FPS for the product to function normally. With that I mean actual FPS, not something you set in the menu. Try lowering your settings to achieve this.
  4. And with that I think we have come full circle (again) with regard to the subject “study sim”. Back to the preview... Thanks.
  5. I am trying to tell them that for four years now Polo.
  6. To all: please use the PM system if you want to talk with other people about avsim etc. This is the Airbus preview forum. Thank you
  7. German management speak would call it “fair” instead of “reasonable” Tom.
  8. As already stated Mathijs will publish the pricing policy later on. I expect the updater itself to function with any licensed product of the bus. As for the IVAO weather; our acars can retrieve current actual RW weather and ingame offline (default) weather.
  9. I sense many more of these questions. For the time please wait for the details. Thanks
  10. Drag and fuel flow will be influenced by the sharklets for this project in the same way as some other A320 product will.
  11. Maybe the music is there to mask the unfinished sounds. Some of the pics Mathijs posted are not the result of the actual speed you have 150 nm away from the field. The FPLN was closed and everything was calculated as it should be. My airline participated in beta trails of Thales software and we saw a lot of that. Their latest software shows almost no line drawing errors anymore, instead it has some vertical profile problems now.
  12. Our model has a cabin ready memo message so no need for different company SOP‘s.
  13. Frank Docter

    Discussion on Real World A320 Operations

    Bill, could you move this line of conversation towards the Radio Chatter Room or the Real Aviation section of the forum? I think a lot of people are interested in these facts (without having to search pprune) but it is just more clutter in our Airbus preview forum. Thanks.
  14. Only FWD is implemented. Mech and AFT are almost never used IRL.
  15. It all depends on your sliders. That is the nice thing about P3D, it is scalable.