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  1. How dare you talk about the competition that way Emi. Especially now that they are suffering. AS has no respect for other dev‘s whatsoever.
  2. No, you did not get this right. Try to read and understand the statements. Not having made a decision is not the same as cancelled. Remarks like yours are not really helping here. #fakenews
  3. You actually are. Keyboard entries are possible with the released (old) versions and ofcourse will be with the new versions.
  4. In general it refers to all Airbus products. Yes, the A330 was once developed on 32bit sims but not anymore. First release will be P3D v4.2 only. And like Mathijs said; anything else is not yet decided. What was said 10 days ago is now „old/invalid“ news with the new preview thread. Atleast with regard to sim platforms. The rest still holds true.
  5. They worked with V3. But that is ofcourse no guarantee for the future.
  6. We are aiming for a solid 7FPS if you have the latest hardware and put all the sliders full left.
  7. Thoughts on Lufthansa's new livery?

    The metallic logo on the tail is actually „bright white“ according to the PR leaflets. I can live with the livery as long as the crew ident card remains yellow. This is the one thing that is different than the other group airlines and represents the emotional connection to DLH for the people working there. As DLH does not wash their airframes regularly I am wondering what that new white belly will look like after a few months.
  8. Too bad AS has no LH connections, they missed to implement the most important part of the new livery.
  9. A New Lufthansa Just Appeared...out of nowhere

    Those in the know knew.
  10. I do not know what interpretation you have about a “14 day bracket” but the A318/319 is not near release. If you refer to the 14 days that are listed between the A318/319 and A320/321 it is just that. 14 days between the release of those two, not 14 days till the A318/319. There is no release date or timeframe published for the A318/319!
  11. I download the whole package as I do not believe in client only. There are updates in the other files as well. Also for troubleshooting and testing it is better to have a common baseline. I know there are a million and one different opinions on this but let’s leave it at that please. This being the bus preview forum and all.
  12. The AS Bus does need P3D v4.2 to work as intended but the release, of the Airbus, is in no way imminent. There is still some work to be done before it is complete.
  13. Yep, those are already implemented.
  14. This solution is not possible according to the devs. It is ofcourse the preferred solution.
  15. I have seen almost no YT video of another plane that is in beta and shows the usual bugs beta software has. Only very late betas. And we are not there yet. We have a twitch streamer, Dave, that regularly flies the beta. Maybe you should check out his channel if you want to get a taste. If the beta is more “presentable” I will probably do some flights on YT if I find the time. Showing you a beta where 65% is faulty will not do anything to promote the product imo.