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  1. Is that the company that fixed all bugs internally but refuse to release an SP after 10 months? Or is that the company that have an almost release ready A319 with zero development updates? Or is that the company that waits on our A330 VC before they start their A330 VC modeling?
  2. Two pics from my latest flight
  3. This is what the system requirements have to say on the AS website: Microsoft Flight Simulator X (with SP1 and SP2 or Acceleration Pack, Gold Edition or Steam Edition) or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (v1, v2 or v3.2) In what way does Aerosoft owe you an P3D V4 version?
  4. I was talking about the first release. I do not contradict Mathijs's quote but that second engine and "atleast 5 models" will take an while imo. And I really do not see any talk about an A332 in Mathijs's post.
  5. Yes, you are. It will be 4 models/variants of an A333 RR.
  6. Some random pics from my last flight:
  7. But knowing AS you could also know that we do not have an T7.
  8. Lol. PMDG used the same trick for their T7 that AS used for the CRJ. Better?
  9. Read that sentence again and you will understand.
  10. There will be no v4 update for the Airbus A320 series. Aerosoft is currently working on an whole new Airbus A320 series that will have a lot of tech that will also be in the A330 product. This new Airbusses will be released in the next few months and customers like you will get a discount when buying the new product. Only this new product will also be compatible with V4. More details about pricing and a feature list will be giving when known.
  11. The fog has been there all the time. My machine just brings it down from CAT3A (allowed for the RW CRJ) to CAT3B NODH. At the moment we are still facing some LNAV issues that pop up when you do a bit of "free playing" with the FMS. Standard DIR INTC and FPLN following work. Throw in non FPLN WP's, strong winds/high GS and STAR changes enroute for example and things need to be finetuned. We are doing a lot of flying to iron out these issues as they do not occur on every flight. For now my fog machine is still running but I hear it stutter once in an while. Maybe it will be u/s soon and the WX will be CAT3A or better again.
  12. Will the FSL bus also "get" this update?
  13. New generation pilots seem to forget what an IRS is and does. The BUSS systems shows a very rough AoA indication instead of a speedscale btw.
  14. Because they are different systems with different sources. And ofcourse because regulations say so.
  15. It is seperate IRL yes, but the accompanying caution is not modeled yet when the QRH is different between Capt and FO. That would be a nice addition for CFD yes.