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  1. As stated it will be ported over to the 32bit aircraft after the A330 yes. It is not yet decided which of the immersion features will make it into these versions due to VAS and sim engine constaints. System functionality like AP/FBW, MCDU and AOC pages will all be fully ported over in the new versions.
  2. Your aircraft is not overweight?
  3. Is there an ICE msg nevertheless? Also check tip number 1 here:
  4. Anyway to silence the GPWS?

    No, there is not. Hans did however found a bug with mode2A and already fixed it for the next update. Annoying EGPWS callouts that should not be will not be anymore.
  5. The only possible situation where this can happen is when you aircraft has too much drag from icing. Check if you have an ICE msg when this happens. And of yes, make sure to switch on the wing and cowl anti ice.
  6. Which provider? NavDataPro or Navigraph? Thanks
  7. Hey Oliver. If the person has the same thing as you then yes. But from his description I am not so sure. I never saw your situation on one of my flights.
  8. Could you show us an jpg of your PFD when it does this? Thanks
  9. Could you elaborate a bit please?
  10. Question

    I already overstepped my bounds here. Let‘s wait what tomorrow brings ok?
  11. Question

    Downvoting can be abusive behaviour imo when the downvoter is downvoting just to „play/troll“ the system. I am not familiar with your case but it is known that one mod warns people for downvoting him on principle.
  12. Question

    As you said you sorted it out with the only mod doing this I sort of guess you know the answer.
  13. Question

    Please write one instead of a the next time. We do not want people here to get the idea we all do that. Thanks
  14. You do know that it is the A318 beta? Not the A340. But really people. Just sent Mathijs an email and refrain from cluttering up this preview thread. Maybe by doing so you are disqualifying yourself for a position. Who wants a beta tester that cannot even sent an email with relevant data.
  15. Do not forget that this position of the flashlight is company dependent, I haven‘t seen an airline in Europe that has it there yet. I hope it will be an option because for me it is unrealistic.