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  1. Why the negative votes, people? He's got a point... these static planes won't win any beauty contests...
  2. Which can contain a lot more comments, due to the larger address-space!
  3. As impressive, as the scenery looks from the images - how on earth can you tell?! (You must indeed possess powers I don't)
  4. Sounds promising...
  5. Forgive me for asking, but ... isn't this already in the current Airbus?
  6. Ah okay. Thanks, Hans for explaining.
  7. +1 And for some kind of extension of features, I suppose? Like SODE for instance?
  8. Indeed! This looks really amazing. Looking forward to see the terminals.
  9. Well I noticed that too... but ... there's no Addon Menu in FSW. Also, you'd notice, that you aren't being asked to install SimConnect when installing FSW and there's no msi files supplied with FSW to install the SimConnect Client... It isn't implemented. I'm not sure what the file is doing there / represents, to be honest... If it isn't supported yet, I don't understand the point of removing it, just to re-introduce it?!
  10. You are right, of course. That WAS harsh - but to be honest my point still stands! I'm just a tiny bit tired of people constantly complaining regarding new developments - let it be sceneries of airplanes... I guess, I just didn't really understand the point of complaining - it won't change anything... Oh, well ...
  11. Another post, I cannot understand. If this is such an irritation and annoyance for you, I'm fairly certain that some friendly mods can hide this thread for you. That way, you won't have to kill the mood for the rest of us (who's really looking for this destination) and you won't have to concentrate about it...
  12. What makes you think it's X-Plane??? I fairly certain that it's FSX, FSX-SE and Prepar3D version.
  13. OMG! That's just amazing! Sorely needed. Thanks for the update, Mathijs
  14. What planes would that be? Complex planes like PMDG or Aerosofts Airbus is not possible for the fact that SimConnect is missing. Also no dll.xml or exe.xml files are present (at this time, anyway).