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  1. Agreed, Dave... To be honest, I've never seen the light, when it comes to integrated EFB into the VC. Captain Sim has already tried it, and it was less than useful. Primary for the reasons you describe.
  2. Farming Simulator 17 Add-on Straw Harvest

    Really? Interesting... Haven't really dived into it, I must confess. I guess my 2 year old daughter is keeping me to busy...
  3. Farming Simulator 17 Add-on Straw Harvest

    Are we talking a lost career, perhaps?
  4. I would think, it has something to do with the fact, that this is a €50 airplane - and not a €100-€150 one.
  5. +1 Dave One can always expect a polite and courteous answer from you. Appreciate that. Thanks.
  6. Ah, thanks for the information, Mathijs. It was my impression, that you failed to reach an agreement with TFDi, regarding licensing their technology? Has this changed?
  7. As far as I know, there's no change regarding dimmable lights. The reason has nothing to do with 64-bits and DL, but mainly due to the fact, that it's rarely used by pilots. Usually they turn it to one setting and leave it there. You can find answers here from Mathijs and here from Tom. Also one here from Frank (from the old topic). Anyway, that was the explanations given. Personally I think it's justified. Also given the price-range of the product.
  8. I'm curious - genuinely curious - as to what specifically about the FSLabs (which I assume you're talking about?) you find 'ugly'?! Personally I find it an amazing model and simulation. I'm will not go into a comparison between Aerosoft and FSLabs. There's been enough of that, and we'll never find a consensus. Nevertheless, I can understand if one prefers one simulation/addon over the other - after all, they're two different things, in my opinion - the only thing they have in common, is that they both simulate an A320. But to directly claim, that one finds it ugly is a bit puzzling, in my opinion...
  9. Brussels International preview

    Oh don't go there, Mathijs
  10. Preview - EDDF Frankfurt Airport (XPlane)

    Truly looks amazing! Really excited to see more X-Plane sceneries developing.
  11. +1. Have to agree with that conclusion. They're two different products, which cater two different customer groups.
  12. Brussels International preview

    Murphy's Law, comes to mind... Thanks for the update, Mathijs
  13. It's a personal preference. Honestly I think both products, offer good value for their respective pricing. It all depends on what you want out of your simulation.
  14. Mega Airport Singapore X preview

    Indeed... looking forward to this one
  15. As far as I can see, it's the A318 he's flying...