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  1. I must admit, that I too, am a bit surprised by this move from Aerosoft. But on the other hand, I can certainly understand it. Moving a scenery or aircraft addon from FSX/P3D 32-bit to the new platform in 64-bit, isn't just a flick of a switch! It requires quite a lot of effort. Especially when incorporating all the new features, this platform has to offer.
  2. These kind of threads always makes me chuckle... people blowing things way out of proportion.
  3. Ah, okay. Thanks for the clarification... So in essence: FSX, FSX:SE, Prepar3D V 1-3.X is the same pricing as now, and will be updated accordingly. All new Mega Airport products for Prepar3D V4 will be branded 'Professional'. Mega Airports 'Professional' for Prepar3D V4 will utilize new features and techniques, which is exclusive to Prepar3D V4 (like Dynamic Lighting etc...) and will be prices €6 higher than non-Professional. Non-Professional branded Mega Airports will not be offered for Prepar3D V4. Is the above correctly assumed?
  4. Interesting, Mathijs. Is the professional editions the only one featuring Dynamic Lighting and other Prepar3D V4 exclusive features? (I think you already answered this, but I want to be sure I understood correctly).
  5. Blocks do not come off -

    Quite frankly, I don't understand why it's frowned upon?! In my experience and opinion, one should always assume, that when experiencing an error or unexpected behavior, that oneself / user is doing something wrong, instead of immediately blaming it on the product and/or developers! I see a lot of that in here and other support forums. I'm not saying, that ALL people are behaving this way - but I see it a lot, sadly... Just jumping to conclusions and assuming that the product is faulty, just because they have a bad download or are mis-using the addon and/or their computer. All I asked in my previous, was some common sense and do just some basic troubleshooting, before filing bug reports and/or ranting on about how this should be fixed or how XXX could have been missed. If you ask me, that's a snooty, arrogant and ignorant attitude! And let me just stop at that for a minute, @chillin. When you (and perhaps a few others) are reporting something not working or having problems with an addon, why do you think, that it's a 'snooty' attitude, for a developers/support team, to assume that you have done something wrong, instead of immediately beginning fault finding within their coding??? To be honest, it has nothing to do with 'snooty', rude or offensive behavior towards you or their customers. All that's happening, is asking, if the basic steps has been taken to alleviate the issue. The process of receiving support is a two-way-street! It requires the cooperation of both the developer/supporter AND the customer. To expect a developer to fix problems, without help and cooperation from the customer is just ridiculous, in my opinion! To be honest, in the great book of "A-B-C of fault-finding", you start eliminating causes of an issue, by comparing your problem with existing tickets! Are these issues related or the same? It's always common sense and practice to assume that one-self is doing something wrong, instead of immediately begin complaining and yelling at the developer/re-seller that there's something wrong with the thing you've bought. In other cases, a problem can easily be solved by restarting or re-installing. Computers are highly complex systems and there's a quadrillion combinations or hardware / software / updates etc., to be taken into account. Sometimes these things just get 'jammed up' and restarting or re-installing fixes things. I know, it sounds quite weird, but in many, many cases - it helps. With great power, becomes great responsibility! And you as the user/customer have the power and responsibility to do your end of the homework, before submitting tickets/posts/threads of problems. Just doing a little (I'm not asking for a lot - just the absolute basic) troubleshooting! For instance: Restarting the computer. Re-downloading the addon. Re-installing the addon. Try unplucking all hardware. Undoing any recent changes to the system. Deactivating addons/plugins within the simulator. These are just a few of the top of my head. In all honesty, I think all customers who's experiencing issues should try at least some basic troubleshooting. It's not that hard. Down-vote me all you want! I understand, that this topic is a sensitive thing in here, apparently. But I still think I have a point. Okay, rant off, people.
  6. CRJ 700/900 + GSX

    You didn't say anything about a jetway problem. Only stairs. There could be some mis-allignment or mis-configuration with the door but it could easily as well be a bad GSX config? I didn't know about the GSX config file. I had a look for them at FSDT forums, but came up empty.
  7. CRJ 700/900 + GSX

    It's not really an issue with the CRJ. More an 'issue' or feature missing from GSX... I would recommend, that you make your request at their support forums, at FSDreamteam...
  8. Blocks do not come off -

    I always love reading through these threads... It's nearly always the same, when people encounter something not working as expected, that it must be a bug. Why is there never any indication, that the user himself (or herself) is doing something wrong...? The commonality in these posts are always the introduction, that something's found, which is wrong or doesn't work, and automatically the user assume, that the product is at fault and that the developer must immediately fix this. There's never an introduction like: "Hi all. XXXX isn't working correctly for me. I tried the doing YYYY, and are experiencing something unexpected or the expected response didn't happen. Am I doing something wrong or did I miss something? I tried following the manual/tutorial and/or have tried troubleshooting etc etc...". Now before you all start jumping down on me (don't kill the messenger, btw), I'm not saying, that the product could never be at fault. Sometimes, that is the case... But in my experience, many times it's a local problem at the users computer, which causes unexpected behavior. Please keep in mind, that a general bug in any product, would most likely be something all users would experience. I'm sorry for this post, but I just thought that I would advice, that - at least - some basic troubleshooting would be required when reporting something not working... Think of the poor developers and/or supporters! Happy flying, everyone!
  9. Uhh - I believe you already got your answer...
  10. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Because that's called bigamy!
  11. Where to get

    Yep. And FSLabs... pretty much any complex airliner you need to load - just load the default first to avoid problems.
  12. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Do you honestly expect a serious answer to this question? Nobody really knows. Currently all talks about release of anything is projections and educated guesses. It's futile to continue this line of questioning...
  13. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Apparently not... But I agree with you, that there must be a smarter way. Or at least, hide the date with CSS or something...
  14. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Has actually also been explained numerous times. Here's one example...