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  1. Very nice!
  2. It's quite impressive, indeed. Not to deminor or in any other way put down your work, but I just thought that there was a hardware forum on Aerosoft for discussion (and presentation) of - well hardware...
  3. Very impressive, sir! You build these yourself?! Btw - not to be the buzzkill, but isn't this slightly off-topic? But then again, the CRJ forum is used to talk Airbuses and the Airbus forum is currently hosting a CRJ discussion - so why not...?
  4. Shhh! We don't ask questions like that... Uhm, come to think about it... ... why are we discussing the CRJ in the A330 thread?!
  5. Patience, my friends... It's the Jedi way!
  6. My apologies, Mathijs... I should have made it clear, that I was speculating...
  7. Uhm... well... that's uhm... ... one hell-of-a-first-post you got there! I don't even know how to respond... The question regarding FSUIPC, FMS functionality and macros has already been asked and answered. Please try using the search function on the top. X-Plane version?! I fairly certain, that they aren't considering this - at least not in the near future! So far, this project has been underway a long time, and I have a feeling most of the development team (and Mathijs not the least) want this done and out the door... Besides it's quite a task of porting a highly complex aircraft from FSX/P3D to X-Plane. It's just not something you do over the course of a weekend.
  8. LOL! Like a deer in the headlights!
  9. You're absolutely right. I hope that's what Mathijs meant when he wrote that... The Add-On XML files are located in the Documents folder... but in theory the addons themselves could be anywhere, as far as I can see...
  10. Please see the post from Mathijs. It'll explain everything quite clearly!
  11. Back with a vengeance! Welcome back. Hope you had a nice vacation.
  12. Well, because the question you demanded to be answered, was very clearly expressed by Mathijs in his post...
  13. The release date on the shop is not a date which has anything to do with actual realistic release plans. Please see this post from Tom Actually - a simple search for 'release shop' would have provided the above (among many others) answer.
  14. Hehe I understand that sentiment... In the perfect world, a choice would be offered.