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  1. I can certainly understand your consideration, regarding any future 32-bit version of the Airbus' should be developed. Remember, that porting backwards from Prepar3D V4 isn't something which is done in 5 seconds (contrary to what some I believe). As Prepar3D V4 distances itself further and further from the legacy platforms, if becomes an increasing time-comsuming job of porting addons - not to mention the task of providing support for them... If the number of customers, who are using 32-bit platforms, are dwindling that fast, it very quickly becomes a question of whether or nor is feasible viable to reserve the time for.
  2. I have a feeling, that people who 'misunderstood' the original post, wanted to misunderstand it... To be honest, I still don't see the problem with Mathijs' original post?!
  3. Uhm... just to clarify... Bootcamp on a Macbook, doesn't run 'on top of another OS'! It's simply a way of setting up Dual-Boot with OSX. When booting Windows, OSX isn't running in the background. Sorry for off-topic!
  4. That still doesn't change the fact, that there isn't any bug, issue or any other thing which needs to 'get sorted', which was my original question. Even if Lockheed-Martin has changed the minimum requirements (which they haven't), there still wouldn't be anything which needs to be sorted or worked on... The fact, that you or other (potential customers) can't or won't purchase the necessary hardware isn't really something which constitutes a bug which needs to be resolved.
  5. I'm sorry, but what exactly do you hope to get sorted?! Lockheed-Martin has upped (or changed) the way GPU and GPU memory gets utilized in Prepar3D V4.2... There's not any issue or bug present, as far as I can tell here...
  6. Everyday, brings us one step closer to the release of the Airbuses...
  7. Okay... So whether the A330 will be compatible with FSX/FSX:SE, is still being decided?
  8. Indeed... That would be a good solution - if we want to wait a couple of months for that. Remember, that the EFB isn't being worked on currently. And yes, After a break from the forums, I'm back - for now... We'll see how it goes...
  9. Again - that's your personal opinion. Please, please state your expressions as such. Just because you as an individual think that, doesn't mean that the rest of the world share your sentiment. Since you're obviously incapable of conceiving, that other people doesn't share you view and agree with you, this discussion is going nowhere.
  10. I respectfully disagree. I find an EFB integrated into the VC of little to no use. It's hard to see and read (unless you zoom in quite a lot). With the relatively clumsy controls you have in FSX/P3D with regards to panning and zooming, it's really hard to use it effectively, IMO. Captain Sim did it once in their rendition of their 777, and personally I found it impossible to draw benefit from that feature. If it could be made as a popup panel or something along those lines, I guess it could be useful, but then I would rather use an external application like AivlaSoft EFB or a tablet on the side. To be honest, it's a feature which are best left out of the VC as it utilizes unnecessary performance and RAM. Of course - this is just my opinion.
  11. Thanks, Mathijs. Appreciated.
  12. Thanks for the reply, Mathijs. What will be Prepar3D V4-exclusive features? Besides RealLight and TrueGlass.
  13. Did you tweak the lighting in your sim?

    @GSalden Wow! That looks excellent. Gotta try that one. Thanks for sharing.