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  1. Welcome to the forums. Please have a look at the first post in this thread (if I'm not mistaken, this post is even shown to you, when replying or posting in here...)
  2. Not to be the annoying person, but to be honest, your question is still best answered at the FS2Crew forum. The FS2Crew integration, depends on an SDK (which I assume Aerosoft will provide, when they release the product - perhaps some developers get it ahead of time), but since an SDK was released with the current Airbus, I don't see why that should change...
  3. Uhm - just a couple of things: First of all, what other posts at Avsim?! Has the user asked there also, which I have answered? (Is my memory really in such a decay, already?! ) Secondly, I don't see how better direct him to an answer, than to direct him to the very first post in this thread! Reading through it, he would very quickly find an answer: From the (very) first post: I'm sorry but I don't get what was wrong with my initial response...
  4. It still sounds like it isn't necessary the flight-model but more external influence - and (again, I'm sorry to keep suggesting it) flight planning omissions. It could easily be weather, which isn't factored in, since it's more predominant on longer flights. Also, you do realize, that even in the real-world, I imagine that fuel calculations sometimes doesn't match exactly the flight-planning? In extreme cases very much so... I remember a couple of years back, quite a lot of planes, simply had to divert half-way between the east- and west coast, simply because of they ran out of fuel, because of strong headwind. I know - it's extreme... but it does happen... and since you're saying, that it's more noticeable on longer flights, I lean towards the dozens factors which needs to be taken in, when planning such a flight - and of course the unknown factors like weather changes. If you want to know, please try the following: Conduct several flights in clear weather (NO weather what so ever) and NO other influential factors. Same weight - preferably empty (NO cargo and NO passengers) and same plane/engine type. Try over different distances and see if you can come up with some kind of factor for any deficiencies in fuel calculations. I don't know SimBrief's profile of the Aerosoft Airbus - but you could also try with PFPX and see if there's a difference... Also - if SimBrief uses a different weather source than your sim. There could be a different between some 'live weather source' like NOAA or (or whatever SimBrief is setup to utilize?) and the external weather application the sim uses. Also the weather engine interprets this weather data into simulated weather within the sim - which (most likely) isn't 100% like the real conditions... The above, was just a few suggestions... Sorry for being to stubborn, but I get rigid when someone just begins accusing, that an addon is faulty - without any proof and without presenting data from necessary tests (and a LOT of tests is necessary, when an addon is as complex as the Aerosoft Airbus) One should always do a throughout troubleshooting, when stating such claims.
  5. Sorry for saying so, but are you sure, that that's an issue with the plane? Sounds more like a problem with the flight-plan and/or poor flight-planning...
  6. Read the first post in this thread, my friend. Welcome to the forums, by the way.
  7. LOL! Maybe worth a try... Does he take beans or rocks as payment?
  8. I can't see a difference. If there is, I need to get my eyes checked...
  9. Please just hold off. I'm not sure I get where you're going with this?! No one's have to 'justify' anything! It's each own personal choice, of which addon one buy. There no justification needed for purchasing the FSLabs Airbus - just as there's no justification needed for purchasing the Aerosoft Airbus. The individual developers sets their own prices. Also - while your post seems objective post at first, it's filled with subjective thoughts, personal feelings and assumptious premonitions. In my opinion, you're just 'adding fuel to the fire'... I don't really know what you want to achieve with that post?!
  10. I'm not sure, that I'll agree that there's a 'divide in our community'. Both the Aerosoft and the FSLabs Airbus, has their strengths and weaknesses. They focus on entirely different approaches and because of this, there's no rivalry between them. They each have their merits and they both have their place and cater to different people.
  11. Anders Bermann

    Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

    I completely agree, Dave. (Sorry I've been absent - but I'm busy with work etc... - and, well... having a 3-year old, takes up some time and energy as well) The AivlaSoft is an incredible app. Wouldn't fly without it. But an integrated EFB with charts is difficult to use efficiently, in my opinion. Especially since the view controls is quite restricted in P3D, which is why I said that I personally found it as more of a gimmick than actually useful... In the video, I can see, that PMDG has made it available as a pop-up window, which greatly increases it's usefulness... But then it clutters up the view.... The Airport Overlay on the Navigation Display, has nothing to do with Navigraph or subscriptions. The EFB/Airplane, just reads the installed airports inside your sim. Just like AivlaSoft does, when updating the airport database.
  12. This has been discussed in here a gazillion times. All the pro and con arguments have been laid out. Search and thee shall find. My own personal opinion is that it's more of a gimmick than actually useful, given the limited view controls which are available in P3D.
  13. Sean Connery would be fun choice... He's really one of my (if not my one) favorite actor.