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  1. I was too quick. My apologies, Tom.
  2. Agreed. Although the MCDU would also be nice to have as a popup, IMO.
  3. As far as I know, there's nothing nothing missing in the Aerosoft Airbuses, which prevents you from doing a realistic startup and shutdown.
  4. I'm fairly certain, that Aerosoft has access to a real-life airplane, they're workign on duplicating. If the model airframe has Wi-Fi antennas, it will be modelled in the sim-model. The same goes for hatches, door configuration, antenna layout and all the other features which will be present. Both internal and external, so to speak...
  5. Gran Canaria preview

  6. How do you know, that it isn't a feature which can be incorporated into other addons/airframes?! Maybe TFDi would license the technology. Kinda like Hifi Simulations does with their weather radar plugin for ActiveSky... P.s - to the mods - sorry for getting off-topic!
  7. Having read your post 3 times now, I'm still not sure of what you're asking or what your point is?!
  8. The Professional version only supporting Prepar3D V4 is ONLY regarding sceneries! Please have a look at this post from Mathijs.
  9. You're not the only one.
  10. Is this button, used to expedite descent somehow or only used in emergencies? (Like cabin depressurization?)
  11. Preview Bergamo LIME

    Pretty amazing, considering that you (the developer) has nothing to do with the 'old' scenery. Hats off!
  12. Or simulate a virtual Jump Seat driver Quite interesting and a great idea!
  13. @Trevor11350 I'm a little bewildered as to why you bring that up, given the statement in the original post?!
  14. Unless you're really really good at it!