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  1. Amazing video! Nice touch, with the EasyJet taking off.
  2. Well... developers has to live and pay bills. It's not like they ported the new version from the FSX version! Sooo, there's nothing unfair about it.
  3. Personally I'm waiting for the A330...
  4. Welcome to the forums. The short answer: I don't think, that they have removed features from the new Airbus (only added some...) Please correct me, if I'm wrong.
  5. LOL! All true! Personally I don't mind delays - as long as there's a feel, that the project is alive. P.S - Wow! 1.000 rep
  6. Actually yes, I think it is! The size and complexity of this project makes it highly unpredictable. That Aerosoft is even giving a timeframe (roughly) is quite open minded and forthcoming. Please don't forget, that software development is a highly fluent process, where multiple parties have to cooperate and time their work. Of course, the project manager oversees and coordinates everything, and makes the necessary adjustments with regards to the time-line. In my view, Mathijs has done a heck-of-a-job here! Personally I don't understand, why you would think, that it wasn't a reasonable timeframe?! Also, consider, that the project has undergone some changes as to what should be developed and updated - from an P3Dv4 update for the existing busses - to an entirely new product! Besides, Aerosoft has (as one of the few - if not only one) made quite a job of making sure everyone is well informed of the process, development updates, of what's included and any logic in the decisions, behind changes in the process and product. Please don't underestimate the size of the project and workload involved.
  7. Wow! That was a complete 'Yoda-sentence' (No offense...)
  8. I'm looking forward to see and test the busses. Impressive feat, Aerosoft! And quite admirable project management, to meet the 'deadline' so close as you have.
  9. Anders Bermann

    Brussels International preview

    Both Prague and Dublin exists for Prepar3D! Aerosoft have developed both of them. Although, not for Prepar3D v4...
  10. Sooo... I'm not allowed to wish you fair well, and good luck?! Wow! I'm speechless...
  11. Fair enough. That's always within your choice and privilege to do that. Good luck, sir.
  12. Anders Bermann

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    There's a neat little feature in the upper right corner with a magnifying glass. Use it - and use it well... Your question, has already been answered here
  13. @Thirdeye Maybe you should lay off for the time being... What exactly do you hope to accomplish, with this line of questioning?!
  14. Flexing of the wing is per definition, bending of the wing! The OP's asking, if the wings are lifting, bending ergo flexing, when taking off - that is wing-flex!
  15. Sorry, but isn't that wing-flex?!