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  1. I don't mean to sound rude the this new version looks identical to the old version...
  2. For this reason alone, I will not be purchasing this product.
  3. Does anyone know if the brake fan sound will be included this time?
  4. Please please can the brake fan sound be simulated this time?
  5. Hi guys Will the other Airbus Family products be updated at the same time as the release of the A330? Cheers Alan
  6. Alan Partridge


    Thanks for the reply, it is much appreciated. Is there a post on here regarding the Airbus 2017 Family? I can't seem to see one. Cheers Alan
  7. Alan Partridge


    Hi all With Flight Sim Labs releasing their A320-X with much more diversity, I think it's time that Aerosoft make some improvements to their Airbus X series. I've previously reported these bugs to management but they said that they would not be fixing them. Well, I'm asking again! Please find below some of my suggestions for improvement. I've always used the Aerosoft Airbus but if they're not prepared to update it then I'll be switching to FSL. - Unable to see navigation or strobe lights from the wing views - Wing lights are not simulated - Noise for the brake fan is not simulated - Logo light remains on with the panel lighting and does not switch off at all - GPU sinks into the ground - No function for 'idle reverse' - Inability to individually control the separate NDs (both are connected) - Unable to have WXR on as well as TERR (on separate NDs) As you can see, these bugs are not major. I absolutely LOVE the Airbus X and I think that it looks nicer than the FSL but these bugs are quite annoying and slightly unprofessional. I'm not criticising the product at all but I do think that it needs updating. Cheers Alan
  8. Alan Partridge

    A/THR Disconnect with Rapid Climb

    I may have solved the issue. I have a Saitek X55 and it appears that one of the button commands for the "A/THR off" command was the problem. I recalled a similar issue with the PMDG 737 and I had a button command for "strobes off" and this kept happening in the air too so there must be a connection........ will keep you all updated
  9. Hi After performing FLEX takeoffs, I put the throttles back to CLB mode and the aircraft climbs to cruise. After some while, sometimes the A/THR has disconnected and the aircraft is rapidly climbing and nearing overspeed. I'm pretty sure that it only does this after a FLEX takeoff. Tried searching the forum to find answers but can't seem to find anything. Using FSX and Windows 10. Cheers Alan Partridge
  10. Alan Partridge

    Cobalt Air A320 IAE

    Hi, this a/c is now registered as 5B-DCR, plz update?