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  1. TNCB Bonaire

    I was wondering is TNCB Bonaire being considered for P3Dv4. I do realize there are many sceneries, I was wondering if it was being considered.
  2. The mention of a new sound pack keeps me wondering is it going to be like the last one with the sounds that are not actually heard in the cockpit still going to be there? And if so, can the sounds be removed easily, Such as the PTU sound?
  3. P3Dv4

    Having a DUH moment. Disregard I was opening the wrong version, Forgot I still had the Twin otter X in my saved Aerosoft downloads folder.
  4. P3Dv4

    I just (as in a few mins ago) downloaded the latest Twin otter version from your site. V1.21. Trying to install into P3Dv4 and I get an error. "couldn't find Microsoft flight simulator". I tried pointing the installer to my P3Dv4 folder, but it refuses to install. No FSX installed but I still have P3Dv3.4. There is no option to choose simulators. What can I be missing?
  5. I do not subscribe to the hype about the other (Non Airbus) A320. I, like you (J VAN E) have all the options I need and I am not willing to pay a significantly more amount of money for things that I will not use. I do not think either plane competes against each other as they represent two different markets. I am anxiously waiting for the A318/19 as It's my go to plane. I have not even bothered to install my P3Dv4 yet as I cannot bring myself to give up the the A319. The one thing that cements my strong belief in the Aerosoft Airbus is that all the platforms (Except X Plane) are covered for the same price and that Aerosoft only charges for upgraded files. Anyway, back to waiting. I know it will be worth it.
  6. Well, not sure which airline tells the passengers "the seatbelt sign is off, you can take off your seatbelt". Shouldn't they say "The seatbelt sign is off, you may move about the cabin, for your safety, in case of any inflight turbulence, please keep your seatbelt on while you are seated".
  7. "If you invest $300.000 in getting the normal stuff done correct, you triple that to simulate a single source failure (we are up to close to a million now). Are you up for the extra cost of a failure? I would hazard to guess that not many who purchase the Airbus Suite from Aerosoft are able.
  8. Please help us out....

    Done, and glad to help.
  9. Well, I for one would be happy with the sounds that belong in the cockpit, not what I hear sitting in the cabin. I see why Aerosoft uses sound sets with "feel good" sounds and do not expect two sound sets. It would be nice if the sound folder could be edited so we can take out sounds that do not belong there. As I do not fly jets in real life, maybe the DUDE can shed some light on what really should only be there. Just a thought.
  10. 41000ft

    "39,100–41,000 ft (11,900–12,500 m)" taken from the link below.
  11. 41000ft

    Hello fellow airbus pilots. I was reading that the A319 and A321 have a service ceiling of fl410. Is that attainable in the airbus suite? I get an "out of range" error if i try and use it in the A319.
  12. A320 Going ballistic!

    Sounds like the same Issue I had and it was EZDok V2. if I switched views, no matter where I was, the plane shot off on it's own. Sadly, no more EZDok, Glad to have Track IR.
  13. You know that there is a place to request stuff without taking things off topic. Good luck with your quest.
  14. Hello, the same month it's completed !! Other than that, read below. P.S. The search function at the top of the page works really well. Previews of Unreleased Products Follow See what Aerosoft is working on right now! Please do not ask for release dates because if we can say we would have posted it here and if we do not know we can't say. Any dates that are given should be seen as indications and not promises.
  15. Page one, first post has your answer.