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  1. Hello i have many problem with fuel capacity and weight. every time i have an error. 

    1. albipizzi


      error type? do you have any screen?


  2. marc320

    Flight Plan Template Guide 2.0

    Hello Guys Is it possible to do an addition or subtraction to get a delta? Regards! Marc Ex: LDW - Structural LDW = i want to know TOW - Structural TOW = I want to know
  3. marc320

    Unable to install NDP

    thanks Dave but all my disks has been formatted. Marc
  4. marc320

    Unable to install NDP

    Hello, After a full install of my OS (W7 x64) I'm trying to install this software. I have an active on year data activation code. I have a message " the version is not mixable with my windows OS. Contact aerosoft admin. thks Marc
  5. marc320

    NDP Update error

    Hello Guys, I tried to update my NavDataPro software but i have this error. see picture. soft started on admin mode. thanks Marc
  6. marc320

    NDB Paris airport missing PFPX

    On PARIS airports :/
  7. marc320

    NDB Paris airport missing PFPX

    Hello, On PFPX software on PRIS airport LFP* the transtion procedure between IAF to FAF are missing. ex: on TINIL7E IAF is OKIPA Lido charts 6-30 i see now ILS 08R 7-40 we have a transition OKIPA3E or 3N aren't in PFPX data. Could you add it? Data available on LIDO charts 7-10 / 7-20. Thanks Marc
  8. marc320

    PFPX hotfix 1.27.3

    Ok nice working fine. Thanks Marc
  9. marc320

    PFPX hotfix 1.27.3

    This .exe replace the existing pfpx.exe? marc
  10. marc320

    PFPX hotfix 1.27.3

    Hello, Can't install Msg "Cannot find zlib1.dll. please reinstall this app". Same after reinstall PFPX Marc
  11. marc320

    Airbus X Extended _ Liveries

    Hello Guys F-GTAE A321-211 selcal EKBM Air france skyteam livery as not be repainted. any chance to have it?,F-GTAE-Air-France.php fot pictures. Thanks to you Marc
  12. marc320

    Airbus X Extended _ Liveries

    Hello Air France A321-211 F-GTAE selcal EKBM Skyteam livery will be appreciated. regards. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL DELETED. SUCH POSTS, IF REPEATED, WILL LEAD TO A BAN FROM THE FORUM.
  13. marc320

    The Aerosoft A330X Paint Wishlist

    Don't forget Air France