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  1. Will check on the lights.
  2. Hi, Crash detection should be turned off in Madeira because of some non visible objects placed in the scenery. This is caused by many workarounds that we had to do to make this scenery work correctly (pillars runway and specific terrain).
  3. Hello, In FSX ground polygons are displayed through SODE, so this is the case. Could you please check point 7? 7) If runway lights are not present/ground polygons missing Please run the scenery, check Madeira at night for the lights, close the sim. Then post as attachment SODE log from: C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\log. In the meantime I recommend checking these directories for files: C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects for MKSTUDIOS_MADEIRA folder C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml for MKSTUDIOS_MADEIRA .xml If present Download last sode 1.4.2 from Run the file and use repair option. At the end Sode Platform manager will run. Unregister and deactivate SODE then Register and activate it again. Finish installation and check the SIM again.
  4. That went quick, I'll release it sometime next week.
  5. Thay are off during day except for rain/low visibility conditions. Glad the scenery works fine for you, most of the issues is caused by another addons mostly.
  6. Are you using FSX or P3D? If you have both plaftorms did you installed Madeira twice?
  7. I'm still looking for solution for this guys. Any changes here would mean that all light system must have been redone. Current light system is based on SODE, that gives us flexibility but it also has some limitations.
  8. I'm also planning to remove animated approach lights and place there animated ball instead, that may simplify the approach for some of us. But seriously, I'm waiting for more photos of what changed. Then we'll include this.
  9. I'm working on 3.2-3.3.5 compatibility. More information will be available next week I guess. If you wish to test it please contact me on private message.
  10. Hello, What is the problem exactly?
  11. Ground polygons are displayed through SODE only in FSX. So this wouldn't be the case here. Do you have the last P3D version 3.4.22?
  12. Anyway that's not a big deal to change this names, I can drop you the file by pm if you want. Just send me the sim version you use.
  13. Hello Luis, Thank's for making note on this. I'll investigate missing objects and see what we can do here. We're collecting some materials for Porto Santo so it'll be done definitely. Since there's really sloped runway there we're investigating possibilities to implement this function. However that'd mean no ai traffic, so we haven't decided yet. Mateusz
  14. Hello Philip, I don't think that coding this approach is possible for AI traffic, I'll take a look on this anyway. The sim engine has a lot of problems with handling the traffic in airports surrounded by mountains or located nearby them. The reason why stands are named as PARKING is that that's the only way to avoid default FSX vehicles appear on the apron. As there's no other option to exclude them I decided to change this. @christian1974 Sure, I keep doing bugs to keep costumers unhappy.