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  1. FLAP and Bleed work with System OFF

    Just to add something with the APU, it starts as soon as you press the start button, even if the apu flap isn't open
  2. ADIRS in ATT

    Roger, need to teach the co-pilot that his function is only to compliment my landings
  3. ADIRS in ATT

    Hello, I was flying multicrew with a friend in the A320 and he switched off the ADIRS (God damnt it!), in the hope of bringing back at least attitude, I switched all the ADIRS to ATT but nothing happened... Is it possible to simulate de ATT mode? I know this is out of normal procedures but still..
  4. GND CTL

    Hello, I knew this procedure since release of the Aerosoft's Airbus but since it is now ont he flows for the multi-pilot environment, I am guessing this should have been corrected. As you know, it does not switches to AUTO. I know this has no implication and might be very low priority but I also think that should be a simple fix (Tell me if I can do i by myself) and it bothers me to look to the overhead and see a switch that should be black, blue. Black cockpit things...
  5. Anyone with Air New Zealand?
  6. Send your request by email please.
  7. Are you sure they include it with the SIGMET? I know they do it with SigWX, not a SIGMET.
  8. Didnt knew about Austrian. Airlines like Emirates, EVA Air, Ethiad, Asiana, Ethiopian, etc. dont have them plotted to the pilots.
  9. I dont know if this is available to dispatchers but the OFP output comes without the SIGMET plotted on the charts. The SIGMET comes as it is, by text.
  10. Lisbon V2 stadium

    The stadiums are important references for VFR flying within Lisboa CTR
  11. Lisbon Expo site gone

    It also happened to me
  12. Lisbon v2 ground issue

    The multi purpose ramp and Apron 70 is being displayed like dirt also
  13. If you could supply me with OFPs I can try them!
  14. Anyone has new requests for OFP templates?
  15. VC shadows

    Hello Nikola! The VC shadows were great in P3D! As for VC shadows in FSX... Well, I think most of users don't have them enabled because they are not that accurate and consume a lot of performance. Let's wait to see wha Dave (wingman5) has to say about this. Bernardo