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  1. Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    Swap777, Jon published one a while ago i do not know if still available on his page but it was great. Phil
  2. Tail wind higher than total wind

    thank you. will look into and come back to you. Phil
  3. Tail wind higher than total wind

    there is a problem for sure even for the tail wind on other lines. could you post the complete flight plan and where did you get the weather forecast? Phil
  4. PFPX fule calculation

    back to the OP, Cristoffer you should try to select a different rule for the fuel policy compute then back to the one you want to use originally and everything should be good. Phil
  5. Michael, we had a different issues with the queen you needed at the time of FOC adding +4 to 10% to get pmdg 747 having the flightplanning fuel right ... and at the time i have lovely discussions with Rudy .... i can find you some real flightplanning charts we were using to have a follow up on a cruise. it will give you some ideas between calculation, "real" fuel burn and actual one when landing. during your long cruise checks you should follow on your printed plan what you met for each point and what the expectation for fuel. and again the problem is not coming from profiles ... all the best. Phil
  6. Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    there is one here: scroll down up to the last airbus.
  7. Wilco Falcon 7x

    Loic, they never gave the data nor did a profile. i did from scratch with the help of Marc i created them. they provided some manuals. i contacted sales and marketing depts. that doesnt mean you will get it the first time. keep it up and never give up ... did you try Wilco or did something come with the plane as perf manual?
  8. Citation 550 profile

    do you have the perf charts with the plane?
  9. Wilco Falcon 7x

    Loic, you may try to contact Dassault. i did in the past two profiles: the 2000 and 900 for fsbuild with the data provided by Dassault HQ in St cloud 92 France. sorry cant help im no more in France ...
  10. Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    i have somewhere perf sheets of reims aviation 406 ... if any interest.
  11. QW 787 Performance PFPX

    that is even better ... any chance you will release new version of the 747 classic perf? thanks a lot. Phil
  12. Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    b787 someone may works soon on it. for the profile of the airbus the team that released the aircraft did one. you should contact them, Phil
  13. QW 787 Performance PFPX

    if someone is willing to do it i may have somewhere some datas in txt for real b787 that can be used for the purpose of pfpx ...
  14. DC-10 template

    do not know for CLS but bw901 did a perf file for the dc10-30. you should contact him. Phil
  15. RCF Planning

    page 84 and 85 there is explanation of your request that should have been included at first. in communication you need to have your message clear to be understandable otherwise it is lost ... we cannot guess on what you want. to sum up what i found was that from your link : ...''... The re-dispatch flight profile is very similar to RCF with some differences in terminology ...''...