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  1. Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    there is one here: scroll down up to the last airbus.
  2. Wilco Falcon 7x

    Loic, they never gave the data nor did a profile. i did from scratch with the help of Marc i created them. they provided some manuals. i contacted sales and marketing depts. that doesnt mean you will get it the first time. keep it up and never give up ... did you try Wilco or did something come with the plane as perf manual?
  3. Citation 550 profile

    do you have the perf charts with the plane?
  4. Wilco Falcon 7x

    Loic, you may try to contact Dassault. i did in the past two profiles: the 2000 and 900 for fsbuild with the data provided by Dassault HQ in St cloud 92 France. sorry cant help im no more in France ...
  5. Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    i have somewhere perf sheets of reims aviation 406 ... if any interest.
  6. QW 787 Performance PFPX

    that is even better ... any chance you will release new version of the 747 classic perf? thanks a lot. Phil
  7. Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    b787 someone may works soon on it. for the profile of the airbus the team that released the aircraft did one. you should contact them, Phil
  8. QW 787 Performance PFPX

    if someone is willing to do it i may have somewhere some datas in txt for real b787 that can be used for the purpose of pfpx ...
  9. DC-10 template

    do not know for CLS but bw901 did a perf file for the dc10-30. you should contact him. Phil
  10. RCF Planning

    page 84 and 85 there is explanation of your request that should have been included at first. in communication you need to have your message clear to be understandable otherwise it is lost ... we cannot guess on what you want. to sum up what i found was that from your link : ...''... The re-dispatch flight profile is very similar to RCF with some differences in terminology ...''...
  11. RCF Planning

    amit240 you made a post that is not clear ... i never dispatched with FAA or NBAA rules, and you were complaining not getting an answer dumb i can be ... i know what i will do for your next question ... good luck.
  12. RCF Planning

    hello there is two things you can do reduce the fuel: first having an enroute alternate and secondly doing a RIF redispatch in flight. that link for the manual will help you out a lot for what you want to do: starting p74 and p82. as we say in aviation: RTFM ...
  13. JFK holding fuel

    Rudy, here are some numbers ...taken from the old time ... keep in mind that there is the mini reserve will ICOA, FAA or other regulation authorities ... hold is always 30 min for CLX, DLH, BAW, AFR, VIR the hold is called also final reserve and needed to be onboard even at the alternate ... the alternate is where some are cutting ... AFR will have EWR with 14min 772, BAW 25min,744, VIR 28min 343, DLH 742 and 742f 15min, DLH 744 14min CLX altn different kswf 744f 19min. the enroute reserve is the not you do not need but you wish to have just at an extra cushion ... ICAO stated 5% unless you have an enroute altn then it will 3%. do not know for FAA or what are the actual rules but you will seem some interesting things were done ... AFR 22min 772, CLX 744f 28min, baw 744 15min, DLH 742 min 13min cont90 28min cont99 38min, 742f min 13min cont90 16min cont99 24min, dlh 744 20min , VIR 343 15min. in the case of DLH they had 3 options ... min for minimun less than the 15 min so certainly German or European exceptions... cont90 is in 90% of the flights had met that in past. hope that is helping. Phil
  14. JFK holding fuel

    i will check at home what historically was used by some operators. Phil
  15. PFPX fuel planning

    In Canada we have (had) too the shared responsibility. i never released a flight without CF even if for some flights within Caribbean and Mexico we were authorized ...... i know some operators used 3% under JAR but needed a alternate airport within their limits. i know too that BAW and DLH used their own systems for CF but i imagine that the regulator approved it before the go with a trial.