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  1. General question about sky textures

    Personally I use a mix of all three. Envtex for the skies, REX for clouds, water, etc. and ASCA for the cloud models. If I'd have to pick just one of the three I'd say go for REX. It offers the best balance between everything.
  2. [P3Dv4.1] LEBL Barcelona Pro and Autogen

    Probably related to other (non P3Dv4) addons screwing up the autogen entries? I've seen this on my personal sim with the ORBX autogen a few times when I tried to install non v4 sceneries by pointing their installers to the v4 location.
  3. AS professional airports -- crazy night textures

    Also let us know if you use any shader tweak. Many PTA profiles for example screw up the night lighting totally, like those blue skies you have in your second picture.
  4. Independant of computer terminology, I also flew many hours shared cockpit with our Airbus, the Majestic Dash and others with the default multiplayer and I simply never saw the WXR returns in the same positions, turbulence at the same position and in many cases even the same winds and gusts. We even often shared the screen with Skype to check what the weather on the other computer looked like and it simply looked different. Different cloud positions, often different winds, etc. With both, the Dash and the Airbus.
  5. This might be possible with default weather, but not with the custom weather injected by weather engines like Active Sky. With our WXR we often already see that they do not inject all of their weather into the sim, but apply effects in other ways. I can not imagine that it would be possible to sync all these over the Airbus. Maybe this would be something for the developers of the weather addon. Wouldn't it actually be great if the CBs of all pilots would stand in the same position, even when they do not fly CFD? That would make avoiding weather on VATSIM/IVAO a lot easier, also from the controllers point of view. But again, this would be something for the developers of the weather addons, rather than for a single aircraft.
  6. My feedback on the CRJ

    Some new beta files have just been delivered to the testers some days ago. Certainly not scheduled for an imminent release, but there is work going on.
  7. Except for the "Pilot incapacitation checklist". But that one ends with LAND ASAP.
  8. Traveling in style

    Nice one Bert! Ps.: Is that the GTN750 I see there in your Emb? Would you mind sending me that mod?
  9. Just to outline this here to have it said once and for all: Depends on what you mean with your "reputation". Will it have any impact on the support you get from Aerosoft? Certainly not! All customers are equal and have the same rights for support. Might it have an impact if you apply for betatesting or other tasks where we ask the community for help? Probably. Let me explain why: If you got a downvote for example for asking the same question again that was asked just 3 posts above your post, what shall we think might happen if we add you to the beta? You may not read the instructions there either and keep the developers busy explaining to you again what was explained already? That costs time and money which other customers who buy the product will have to pay. Or may you simply post the same bugreports that were already posted by other testers again and again, thus spamming the systems and making it hard to see what is actually an issue and what is just double, tripple, whatever? Did you maybe get a downvote because you posted offtopic stuff? If you do that as betatester in the betaforums your reports might be missed and it'll be harder to follow up on what is actually discussed in the particular report you posted in. And finally: Asking offtopic questions will also bring you downvotes from the community. Nobody comes to the Airbus preview to read discussions about the voting system. And everyone is free to show this by voting posts up or down. And now back to topic. If you want a follow up on this discussion you are welcome to open a thread in the general forum.
  10. Are OOMs really gone with V4?

    Just adding to Toms answer: A year ago you could get a refund for P3D within 60 days of purchase. I'm not 100% sure if they still offer this option, but I wouldn't know why they should have abandoned it. Perhaps consider checking the P3D website if it still exists and if it does just get P3D, try it and if it doesn't run you can still refund. But as said: I'm not 100% up to date on this option anymore, so they may have abandoned it. Just check Lockheeds website to find out.
  11. Absolutely! In fact all new files are based on those used in the Research Edition.
  12. Hi Luca, yes, there will absolutely be a 32bit A330!
  13. Since most real Airbusses do not have it we won't simulate it either. (Before you start showing pictures now: Indeed the button is still installed in many FCU's, however the function is deactivated.)
  14. Tankstellenpraxis bei Aerosoft?

    Hallo Kai, es ist doch ein Sale auf unserer Hauptseite angekündigt? https://www.aerosoft.com/de/fsxp3d/citytrip-sale/ Dort ist auch Bologna enthalten. Im Voraus werden Sales nie angekündigt, das ist normal und gängige Praxis. Das war wohl leider einfach schlechtes Timing. Edit: Wenn Du auf unsere Hauptseite https://www.aerosoft.com/de/ gehst, erscheint dort direkt der Banner für den Sale.
  15. seeing the speed and attitude when outside view

    Hi Martin, you could use the Shift+Z combination to enable the default FS indication bar (the one where you can also see your framerate). It contains speed and altitude.
  16. It absolutely is! We are not removing any old feature, we are only adding new ones!
  17. Enjoyment or Frustration?

    Hi, regarding your suggestion to start off by disabling many features: Did you try to use our virtual copilot as it is used in the Step by Step guide? He takes away most of your work and really leaves you pretty much with the basics like programming the FMGS and Autopilot (which is explained in detail in the tutorial, just in case you didn't see it yet).
  18. Dear Harvey, we do not plan to include any kind of emergency simulation. Solving your present problem is possible in the current Airbusses however. Since there is no RAT modelled you need another source of hydraulic power. Just turn on the electric hydraulic pump and you'll have controls again. Not 100% as in the real deal, but I believe this is fairly what you were asking for.
  19. Greetings, this is not planned at the moment, sorry. Our reference aircraft did not have one and to be honest we do not really see the need for one. The A330 is not an A320 which you turn around in half an hour which might require brakefans (even then, there are A320s which don't have them!). Even some airlines who do some really quick turnarounds with the A330 (like Lufthansa on their Africa trips) do not have them. If you don't slam into your brakes as if there is no tomorrow you won't really need brake fans. Use your brakes with caution and you won't have many problems. Of course it will! Realistically. Read back some (more) pages and you'll find pictures showing what it'll look like. We don't have a schedule, but I tend to say it's safe to say it won't be 2017. It's also safe to say it has not even been descided yet which expansions might be done in the future, apart from what Mathijs annoucned earlier already.
  20. Assuming that you fly with someone whos joystick sends even some minor spikes (most joysticks do that) this could become really, really annoying. We'd better not implement this in your own interest. That is pretty likely.
  21. I didn't say that. The EFB would be unlikely to be used for these options though. That's why we have the third MCDU. Please don't read anything regarding the EFB from my statements. I am currently simply not informed on its status and if a choice has been made yet.
  22. Actually the best solution (in my eyes) is the one in between: There are tools available which can cut the header and task bar off, so you can run the sim in windowed mode, while it actually fills the whole screen. Google for "Autohotkey FSX fullscreen" and you should find something. I really wouldn't want to live without it anymore. And the best: The autohotkey solution is free of charge!
  23. As far as I am aware the MCDU keyboard interface will remain the same compared to the present A320 series. So no CTRL+Shift+number The present MCDU uses only Ctrl+number for LSK selection.
  24. No, but the A330 got 3 MCDUs, so 2 can be used for, well, "MCDU'ing" while the third will be used for the menus.