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  1. Hi, dimming the cabinlights is not part of the pilots job. That's either done automatically or controlled by a panel next to the 1L door by the flight attendants.
  2. You get exactly what you bought. A perfectly working and fully supported A320 simulator for those flight simulators that are listed in the system requirements. That's what you bought and that's what you got. I can not find any hint on the productpage that may suggest otherwise.
  3. Well, but it is not us who gave these names to your flight sim. Lockheed named their Prepar3D products this way. We can only list our addons comaptible to those simulators named by Lockheed. If they call it Prepar3Dv3, then we need to tell our product is compatible to Prepar3Dv3. That does not mean it will be compatible to a future simulator, whatever the name of that sim may be.
  4. Gerne, ich hoffe Du findest, was Du suchst.
  5. Hallo Michael, hier zu fragen ist kein Problem, aber wenn in Deutsch, dann bitte auch im deutschen Unterforum und nicht im Englischen Ich verschiebe den Thread einmal für dich.
  6. This is a false expectation, the sole and simple reason for the beta taking so long is because there is just one developer working on it. Other teams mostly have 3 or 4 developers working in parallel which simply leads to a quicker release. But this is not the case here since only Hans is left of Digital Aviation. I expect the CRJ not to be different from other products on release, surely it will have bugs, every software has them. The trick is to make sure the bugs that remain in the product during release are no show stoppers. That's what beta testing is all about. You will simply never be able to find and fix ALL bugs. In fact there is simply no software in the world without bugs.
  7. We would know of a thousand things which would add sooo much to the immersionlevel, but always keep in mind you want to keep the product at an affordable price. At a 100+€ product I am fully with you that this kind of things are almost a requirement, but that's not the market we aim for.
  8. So eine richtige Lieblingsroute hab ich garnicht, solang Start und Zielflughafen gut gemachte Addons sind, flieg ich eigentlich alles sehr gerne
  9. Making some screens flicker and some fan sounds start and stop is not hard to model, it's more the question if it's worth the additional time and resources to model. We could either spend those resources there, creating a bit more realism for about 0.01% of a long haul flight, or we could implement something you'll see more often, like a moving sunshield, some newspapers spread around the flightdeck, etc. Since crews recieve their aircraft already powered up 99.9% of the time we feel the resources are better spend in stuff you really see every day.
  10. Moin, such einmal hier im Forum, es gab dazu im Englischen Bereich irgendwo einen Thread, in dem dieses Problem gelöst wurde.
  11. Hi Alti, in einigen Ländern gelten andere Halbkriesflugregeln, als im Rest der Welt. Italien, Frankreich, Spanien, Portugal, etc. haben z.B. Nord/Süd Regeln und nicht Ost/West Regeln.
  12. I fully agree with Tim.S, being able to integrate the Flight1 GPS'ses into the VC would be the most important feature I'd like to see in a new Twin Otter update. That includes all 4, the GTN750, 650, GNS530 and 430, the small ones maybe even as double integration, aka 2 GTN650 or 2 GNS430, as seen on lots of real airplanes using these, like these >> Twin Otter << , >> Twin Otter << A more advanced Autopilot would also be a great relieve for those longer flights to remote areas. Then maybe some maintenance stuff or real time passenger loading, etc. like A2A did in the Connie. I love that and really miss it in the DC-6 already
  13. Dear Branech, we are sorry you dislike some parts of the Twin Otter. Please check the manual and you may find something you like We use the standart FS engine for the lighting. Unfortunately this bug is in the standart FS engine and thus nothing we can change. Maybe Lockheed will update it with a future P3Dv4 version. YouTube, as always, is not a very good source to compare something. We got our values from real Twin Otter pilots and PT6A simulators and they pretty much match what our sources told us. You are right on this one, unfortunately no update is planned here. What would be realistic for you? I guess you may have some experience slipping gliders or smaller aircraft. I was surprised myself when I first slipped a Cessna how bad it was compared to the ASK21 I flew previously before getting my PPL. It is a totally different feel and I fully agree to you that if you only know smaller planes the slipping behaviour of big planes will feel totally different, even a bit unbelievable. That's at least my impression from changing from gliders to powered aircraft in real life. Slipping bigger aircraft is not recommended at all due to the enormous shearloads it can cause on the tailplane. Here again our real life Twin Otter pilots felt quite comfortable with our sounds. In real life you wear headsets which change the whole sounds compeltly, compared to what a cheap 20$ iPhone mic will make out of a real plane. Again though, please tell us WHAT you dislike exactly.
  14. I think he rather sees it as some sort of "in-service training".
  15. I think you misunderstood something.... or you live in 2062 and have a time machine?!
  16. Dear Luis, there must have been some sort of misunderstanding between you and your pilot friend. We had this discussion going on a few times already in our forums since what you reported is one of the biggest misunderstandings on how Airbusses would behave. If you search the forums you will find these discussions and really pretty much all arguments have been discussed already. No, something this "basic" can not be a company option. The basic flight controls behave the same on all Airbus aircraft.
  17. Basically exactly that. It will try to reach the desired altitude as fast as possible. It is, very basically said, a mode where the Airbus trades speed for altitude by itself, without pilot input, which can lead it pretty close to the designed flight envelope.
  18. No since this button is disabled on most (real) A320 aircraft.
  19. I am sorry, but I have to disagree. You bought Credits for AES for FSX and FS2004. You used these credits to activate airports in these simulators. And that's perfectly fine. What you did not buy is any kind of AES for P3D. You bought AES Credits for FSX and FS2004, that's what is written on the productpages and what you agreed too with the contract. Of course we see the interest in AES, all arguments have already been given in the past and you can find all explanations with a forumsearch. At this moment I do not believe there are still new arguments to be added to this discussion.
  20. If we'd take the time to discuss rule violation with each and every guy doing one as we did with you in the past, we could employ several new staff right away. You will not recieve a PM when we delete a post. Sure you are, but our forums are part of our marketing and we do not tolerate comments like " I will not buy any Aerosoft airport [...]" or false statements like "[...] and Aerosoft are the only sellers of AES". You can buy it for example at >>Simmarket<<. And this closes this offtopic discussion, we will not discuss why post xyz has been deleted any further.
  21. Using the GPS for airspeed means that you will basically get a groundspeed indicator however. I see problems with that if you have strong headwinds, or even tailwinds, on arrival. Would be interesting to know how Airbus solved these issues since without airspeed indication you are unable to determine wind data and thus can not (easily) correct for such issues.
  22. God, good thing we got that cockpit door where it should be!
  23. The moment the A330 is released and the new A320 Family is actively being worked on (not talking about the update to the old A320s for P3D here!) such a thread will be opened.
  24. I really hope that you are never going to turn off the fuel pump switches in the normal operations we model, except for the shutdown procedure.
  25. Yes. Apart from the engine driven fuel pumps (which the pilot has no control over), gravity still feeds the engines. That's one of the reasons why they are mounted below the wings and not above them.