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  1. ENG Stop doesn't work P3D4.2

    To be honest, no other customer encounters such an issue it seems. Could you make a video please and show us the video of the issue? We really need to see what you see to be able to give you some feedback on this.
  2. Terrain radar

    The CRJ does not have terrain radar since the Active Sky Radar that is used by the CRJ does not feature terrain reflections. It is however equipped with EGPWS.
  3. In real life yes, to make life easier our Airbusses always incorporated this automatic performance calculation feature however. Many simmers do not know how to calculate them themselves, thus the rest of the fields will be filled automatically as soon as you enter the flaps.
  4. NavDataPro charts only with Navigraph Airac

    Hi Tom, could you clarify what exactly you mean with the first question? You can not install both packages at the same time in any addon, other than our Airbus series. Our Airbus is presently the only addon I am aware of which can read two AIRACs at the same time and which you can switch inflight. For all other addons you'd have to change the installed database between NDP and Navigraph by closing the simulator, installing the respective database and then starting a new flight. Using NavDataPro Charts togeather with a Navigraph AIRAC, but be aware there might be some differences in the names of some waypoints between the charts and the installed navigation data since we use LIDO as dataprovider and Navigraph uses Jeppesen. Should not be anything major though, just some naming conventions. Where LIDO tends to give waypoints logical names like DUS02 for a waypoint which is 2DME from DUS VOR, Jeppesen gives these waypoints "random" names like D297A.
  5. I just checked my enroute Charts (LIDO) and they also know UG851G. I just tried a validation of your route where I manually added the G behind UG851 in the validation dialogue your error no longer shows, but another one for a different part of the route will show. This confirms that the airway should be called UG851G and the Navigraph data seems to be wrong for this airway. PFPX's map is fully based on the AIRAC. If the Navigraph AIRAC installs a wrong name for the airway then PFPX will show is wrong, too. Skyvector and LIDO are right here, the airway is called UG851G and therefore the message you get from the CFMU is correct, CABOJ is not on airway UG851 (because CABOJ is on airway UG851G instead).
  6. It would still remain a crime to install malware on your system regardless of where the criminal is in the world. The moment he installs a malware and reads out data from your computer it is a crime commited in your place of residence. You can sue him in your homecounrty for it. What happens after the lawsuit is a different thing. Somebody sitting in the Sahara, Russia or in China will surely not have many difficoulties getting away with it since the local police will hardly try to enforce the penality from the foreign country... If this guy ever travels to your homecountry he'll be in trouble though. Since the whole EU effectively acts as one country thanks to the Schengen agreement this means if somebody from China would enter any of the european states he would likely be arrested the moment he tries to enter that country.
  7. I recall I did this somewhere in the forums some years ago already... the file should still be there if you search for it.
  8. If they are finished a significant time earlier than the Airbus we will most certainly consider it, yes. We have a history of doing so in the past and don't intend to brake with it in the future.
  9. Please read up a little bit. The CFD of the new Airbusses will not be compatible with the CFD of the old Airbusses. However, if the decision is made to release the new busses for 32bit, we do not expect problems between the 32/64bit versionen of the new Airbusses.
  10. Error using Szenerie Configurator BER

    You can install it, however better don't use the configurator at this time Michael. We're investigating this, and I'm doing my best to get a fix quickly, however since office hours are just about over here in Germany I'm afraid it might take a bit until we can provide a fix. I'm doing my best to reach somebody to get you the correct configurator.
  11. Depends, as Mathijs said we estimate it to take about 4 weeks to complete. If issues pop up that we were not aware of during testing (some always happen, that's entirely normal) we'll check on the resources available. If we have resources available to start on the CFD immediately we'll do so. If we need the resources otherwise we'll use them where they are needed.
  12. Small misunderstanding here - of course I know what Mathijs plans, my post was more directed towards the two guys above me who made it sound like they already heared the sounds. Which they surely didn't since we don't have them implemented in our beta yet.
  13. I would also like to know this since these sounds are not implemented yet...
  14. Nice try The AIRAC that is current at the time of the release will be delivered with the product.
  15. The A330 is based on a modern one, however some of the most recently (meaning in the last 3-4 years) released features like BTV, airport maps on ND, etc. were not in the aircraft we measured, nor they are in any of the aircraft our reference pilots fly and will thus not be included in ours. You can however expect a modern A330 like it is flying with Lufthansa, Virgin, Swiss, etc. This is one of the things which led to a lot of discussion, even in real airlines. Some use this feature, others don't, even if their aircraft has it. The point being is that two airways may intersect more than once. Over Europe this is expecailly a problem. Try flying from northern Europe all the way down to northern Africa like many holiday airlines do and you are more than likely to meet such intersections. To avoid confusion many airlines therefore ask their pilots always to type the airway plus the waypoint and not airways only. However it is possible only to type the airways in our A320. Let me move it towards the top of our developers list and hope Mathijs won't kill me for it
  16. ILS problems

    Could you show screenshots of such a situation happening if you ever see it happen again? It is hard to judge whether it is indeed an issue with the plane, maybe a protection kicking in or something totally different like pilot error.
  17. How realistic is it to hear your own announcement played a minute after you made it?
  18. Our Airbusses had PA's since the first release of the Extended in 2012 so yes, we'll also have them in this version!
  19. The flight models were always different for the different aircraft types and they will also be different in the upcoming Airbus series. Each flight model is unique to its respective version. What many simmers do not understand is that while there is quite a difference between for example a 737-700 and a 737-800, in the Airbus there is no difference in the feeling since the Fly By Wire is designed by Airbus to make them all feel the same. The differences you see are mostly in the numbers, like fuel flow, drag, behaviour during flare (very small difference, hard to notice, but it is there and simulated!).
  20. FMC Update

    You can also upgrade the navdata with our NavDataPro service. I am afraid, just like Navigraph, both offers are paid subscriptions.
  21. Well, you can't really speak of the "heavy PMDGs" here anymore. They were heavy on the CPU in FSX times, not so much anymore in P3D times. By now the limiting value most developers observe has shifted from available CPU power to available VRAM, expecially with P3Dv4.2. PMDG, using custom night lighting systems, does not use a lot of VRAM in my experience and thus are rather light now, at least in terms of VRAM limit for those of you who do not own an 8GB card. We haven't done any specific tests comparing fps with PMDG products, purely based on my simming expeirence and flying the beta I would say they are still similar or ours might even have slightly higher fps, but that is always assuming VRAM limits don't kick in. It might be an option on the real plane, but our reference aircraft (both, for the 320 and for the 330) did not have it, so at this point we do not plan to model it.
  22. The shot was taken after the aircraft came to a stop, before I started to taxi again. In that case the reversers were already closed again. Generally aborted takeoffs are always calculated without the use of reverse thrust (on the actual fly it's still used in most cases of course).
  23. If you can run the latest PMDGs you should be able to run our Airbus.
  24. A small update from what is going on behind the curtain. I often get the question of what is and what is not simulated in our Airbus. The fact we focus on day to day operation seems to distract a lot of you, thinking we would fake all the numbers and not provide any systems simulation. That's simply not true. Mathijs wrote some extensive post about what is going on behind the screens already and with this post I would also like to add a bit of background information. Two weeks ago we introduced the new electric system developed for the A330 into the A318 test aircraft. This was a major step forward in the development as it showed us whether our ideas behind the new systems developed over the past two years work or not. The good news: They work very well within the scope of the possible troubles that were to be expected. The "other" news: There were of course a few issues popping up, however nothing big that could delay the release. One of those "issues" however was that the blue hydraulic system did not work. Often people seem to think we would only animate the lights on the knobs, however let me show you this picture from a rejected takeoff test I did (and ignore myself not being exactly on the centerline ;))
  25. Berlin Brandenburg Professional

    What do you mean? Your last post from Thursday is still visible and afterwards there were no posts deleted or hidden in this thread.