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  1. That was certainly not normal! Most likely it is some wrong setting in Windows or inside the flight simulator somewhere. We'll take a look at that and figure it out.
  2. That should work in the current Airbusses already. Send us a ticket at support@aerosoft.com and we'll sort that out for you.
  3. What exactly do you want to hear on other devices though? The only output that would make sense to me would be to hear the copilot on your headphones in flight. Then again you'll not even wear your headset during most of the flight though. If you fly online you can of course put your pilot client onto the headphones, but that's not done by the aircraft, but has to be done in the pilot client itself, so that's possible already. Why would you want to hear the avionic cooling on the headset? In real life you wear the headset for the exact reason not to hear this kind of stuff. Could you tell us a little bit more about which sounds you would like to hear on which device?
  4. Night Effect Fail on P3D v4.1

    The airport you use that has this issue is FlyTampas Copenhagen, is that right? We don't sell that airport, so we can't help you directly, however as far as I know there are some P3Dv4 compability patches available in the FlyTampa forum. You may have to try these if you haven't done so already. If that doesn't help I recommend posting in the FlyTampa forums, there you should get better help with issues with their products.
  5. PERF page - enter transition altitude for approach

    You're talking about the transition altitude fiel on the approach page, right? This value is a company option. Our reference bus had it set to transition altitude, but we had feedback of other pilots in our beta whose busses were set to TL instead of TA. It depends on the company philosiphy of when the alerter should start blinking. Some companies want it to start blinking only when flying on STD below the transition altitude as that would definitely be wrong. In no case however the Airbus will automatically calculate the TL. It is dependant on much more than just the altimeter setting, it also depends on temprature at altitude, etc. The TL is always calculated by the controller and published in the ATIS (or published as a fixed value on the chart, depending on the country). We will consider changing it to Transition Level for the 2018 series. No final choice made yet on this.
  6. (Majestic Dash 8) strange FMS behaviour on turnaround

    Hi Jan, you're only supposed to enter stuff on the NAV page which is already on the FPLN. Did you do as advised in the MJC manuals and start by entering your flightplan on the FPLN page instead of the NAV page? I did not have any issues with a turnaround doing it the recommended way.
  7. Updates für PMDG B 777 / B 747

    Hallo Peter, in unserer Update database auf support.aerosoft.com findest Du alle Updates.
  8. Berlin Tegel Airport Future

    At this moment it's close to impossible to say what will happen to Tegel. Even if they vote to close it now BER does still not have the capacity needed to handle the amount of passengers expected in the next year. I can hardly imagine they would really close TXL in the closer future, unless they build a new terminal at BER (but heck, they still even haven't finished the original one, let along building and finishing a new one).
  9. Could you expand on what exactly you'd like to see here?
  10. At any time people could recreate the voice files with their own accents and upload the new ones to our downloaddatabase. They're all .wav if I'm not mistaken, so a simple audio editor like Audacity will be able to create your own ones.
  11. In the flight sim community this would likely be the case, but keep in mind we also do professional projects for airlines, flightschools, universities, etc. If there is professional demand for a project we would be silly not to release it for the flight simulation market afterwards, wouldn't we? There are many reasons why a project may make more sense than another one, which may not be obvious at the first look.
  12. Berlin-Tegel Professional performance

    In my experience P3D is rather heavy on performance in large cities. As Tegel is situated directly in the city performance is rather low there anayway, regardless of the addon. If I disable Tegel Professional my performance is rather low there for the start already.
  13. Kein Downloadlink erhalten

    Die meisten OMSI Addons sind Steam Downloads. Hast Du einmal in das PDF hineingeguckt Citomsi? Dort sind die Downloadanweisungen enthalten. Der Steam Code sollte auf deiner Produktseite in deinem Kundenaccount gelistet sein. Anweisungen, wie man ihn nutzt, sind dann im PDF. Um einmal direkt von der Produktseite zu zitieren: Internetverbindung und Benutzerkonto bei Steam erforderlich! Hinweis: Mit dem Kauf dieses Produktes erhalten Sie von uns eine Seriennummer. Das Produkt muss anschließend über Steam heruntergeladen und aktiviert werden. Dafür ist ein Steam-Account sowie eine aktive Internetverbindung erforderlich. Weitere Informationen entnehmen Sie bitte der Installationsanleitung.
  14. Carenado products in Prepar3D v4

    Alright, that does not look right to me on a first glimpse. Please send us a mail to support@aerosoft.com and my colleagues will sort that out for you.
  15. Carenado products in Prepar3D v4

    You can find all serial keys in your downloadshopaccount. Assuming Carenado sent us the new keys (I believe they did for most products by now) you will find the new keys listed in your order information.
  16. Carenado products in Prepar3D v4

    I can not find that information there. The opposite is the case, with most newer Carenado aircraft you simply need to download the latest version and it will include a v4 installer. There are of course some exceptions, but most aircraft are compatible.
  17. The A318 REs new Autopilot will be fully implemented into the new A320 and A330 series.
  18. The Body of the Aircraft is darker than the Nose

    Be sure to include a texture.cfg from the current Airbusses with your paint. If you still included one of the Airbus X Extended you will get the dark fuselage. Copy one from our existing repaints of the Airbus, such as our house livery, as the folder structure had changed compared to the Airbus X Extended.
  19. Template from PDF (flydba)

    Hi Reinhard, using a PDF as template is not possible the way you want it to do. The information about the plan that is provided in your PDF is not a lot, even the whole navlog is missing. It would be hard to recreate the plan with this little information.
  20. In this case I have good news for you: The new soundset of course also includes new startup sounds!
  21. During development a lot of time was spend filming real startups and recreating it as close as possible to what we filmed. At least on the upper ECAM values are pretty close to our videos. On the lower ECAMs ENG page a few parameters needed to be adjusted in order to create realistic indications on the main engine parameters. Other than that our startup is pretty close to what our reference videos show. Now, it's been two years since we created those and I'll review them tomorrow to see if I remembered it correctly (you know there is always a confirmation bias when you're developing something ;)).
  22. Could you elaborate on which parts exactly you feel improvement might be needed? A rapid rise in fuel flow and EGT for example is rather normal when fuel is introduced into the combustion chamber. The overall start time for CFM engines should be approx 30 seconds, depending on the maintenance status of the engine, and for IAE it is about 60 seconds.
  23. chart not up-to-date?

    The date on the chart is the date when the chart was released, respectively when it became effective. This means the date on the chart will indicate when the last amandment to the procedure became effective. If there were no changes to the procedures with the last few AIRACs which required new charts, then this date may very well be in the past, sometimes even a year or two in the past. Nonetheless the chart you got is the one that is currently in use for this airport, so it is current.
  24. In fact they do. All of them include the mainpanel file, on which the registration is located since that is specific to the repaint. If you apply the dark VC option you'll loose the registration of the airplane in the VC. That's a drawback that is unavoidable since FS (all present versions of it) still only supports a "lights on" and "lights off" texture and nothing in between.