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  1. I don't know if FlightBeam airports are using the v4 compiler yet, better ask this question in their forums. When I tested this with the CRJ on Trondheim v2 which uses the native compiter against another non v4 native airport I saw a difference of 15fps with my GTX980. In particular at Trondheim I got 29fps with my typical setup and lights on while at the non native airport I got 14.
  2. I've heared some may also just ask for a pushback truck!
  3. Some will do this, others that. The only thing we know for sure is that pilots typically don't jump out of their plane because of this Some pilots I talked too would simply even revert to conventional flying and just kill the RNAV thing. I love ATCs faces when you're requesting a (raw data flown) standart NDB/DME approach in a 747.
  4. The final requirements can only be set up shortly before release since everything could still change while new systems are added, but if you are able to run the A320 you will very likely also be able to run the A330.
  5. If you consider going for P3D make sure to get v4 right away. At this point not all addons are compatible yet, but things are getting closer day by day and more addons are released day by day for it. 1) PTA is more about visuals and less about performance. I could at least not see much of a difference in my performance with it. That's with the freeware version, but with the paid one. I haven't gotten (and won't get) the paid version. The different P3Ds aren't just "different versions" as the name may suggest. They are different simulators with differences just like, if not even bigger than, FS2004 and FSX. And just like with FS2004 and FSX not all FS2004 addons are compatible with FSX and the other way round. Only addons with the P3Dv4 tag should be considered compatible to this simulator. 2) As always when asking about tweaks, some people will say this, some people will say that. Personally I didn't need to do any tweaking and I do not know a lot of persons who would actually have gained something from tweaking v4. 3) There is no real golden solution for a v4 computer. Get something decent, but don't spend several thousands of Euros for something that will be outdated in less than a year. 4) PMDG, as well as some other developers, follow a different license -> different product policy. You will not get around rebuying these products if you still want to use them in v4. 5) P3D and FSX run completly independant from one another. In fact I have FSX Acceleration, FSX Steam, P3Dv3 and P3Dv4 installed at the same time on my computer. Of course you want to get some good hard drives to cover all the space that your addons will eat up with 4 sim installations, but modern SSDs aren't that expensive anymore.
  6. Make sure not to flare the Airbus until it touches down like you'd do with a GA aircraft. Airliners are made to be "flown into the ground". Sure, you flare it, but fly it controlled into the gorund and don't flare it until it almost stalls.
  7. Be aware that if they send us the files on the 15th June it could still take a day or two until they are uploaded on our servers since PMDG are not the only company we work with. If the files indeed arrive in our offices on the 15th they should be available by the weekend if nothing is wrong with them.
  8. All projects are done by different developers, so a change in one will not affect the other. Only very few resources are shared between projects, them mainly being the project manager(s), our quality control and of course the people in the background creating the installers, productpages, etc. Development is usually done by a dedicated developer or group of developers. So changes in the Airbus will not affect Johannesburg in any way.
  9. You're welcome Alex, enjoy your flights!
  10. Hi Alex, all sceneries which are officially compatible already come with a Prepar3Dv4 installer. Please redownload them and you'll get the v4 option in the installer. We can not advise to copy v3 files into v4.
  11. Sure! Any new release will be compatible!
  12. At this moment the dynamic lights in P3Dv4 do not support dimming. If this changes with a future upgrade we might consider adding something like this, but not for now as it would mean adding new lights with new effects for each "dimming level".
  13. VC rain would rather be something for Lockheed as a general option for windows rather than something for a specific aircraft developer. They went a great step ahead with the rain and expecially snow effects in v4, who knows what they might do with an update lateron. Should they add such an option in the future we will gladly have a look into it.
  14. So ist es nunmal, wenn man auf neue Simulatoren umsteigt. Wenn man Innovation und Neuigkeiten will, muss man auch akzeptieren, dass Altes eventuell nichtmehr laufen wird. Das ist in der Flugsimulation nicht anders, als im echten Leben auch. Legst Du dir ein Auto der neuesten Generation zu, wird das Radio deines alten Autos mit dem neuen eben auch nicht zwangsweise laufen und Du musst dir ein neues kaufen. Kaufst Du dir das neueste iPhone, werden Apps für das iPhone 4 oder 5 vielleicht auch nichtmehr laufen. Das ist bei Flugsimulatoren nicht anders. Wir verkaufen über 300 Addons, viele von unterschiedlichen Entwicklern, für jeden Nutzer ist ein anderer Airport 'der wichtigste'. Auch kann ich dir mehr als genügend Entwickler nennen, die noch bei weitem nicht alle Airports P3Dv4 kompatibel haben (ORBX, Digital Design, JustSim, Taxi2Gate, um nur einige der Bekannteren zu nennen). Auch ging die Beta keine x Jahre, sondern nur einige Monate - in der Zeit kann man eben keine xxx Addons bearbeiten.
  15. No, please use the forum search or read back a little. It is 2060 actually.