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  1. LM did it again, ENHF is not compatible with p3d v4.2

    Topic closed, we do not allow bashing of other developers products in our forums, expecially not after your past topic on this matter.
  2. Like what, a 20% reduction in your payscale?
  3. Look back a few pages, has been discussed in details In short: No, it does not mean that release will be in two weeks.
  4. It's used for CPDLC purposes, so clearances, etc. As far as I know you can not use them to display weather. You can use the MCDU for it though or simply print it from the MCDU and stick it to the window frame as paper printout.
  5. Hallo, bitte prüf das nochmal und stell ggf. einen Screenshot hier rein. Im Screenshot ist ganz klar zu erkennen, dass dort die TAS angezeigt wird und dafür gibt es wirklich nur die eine Möglichkeit.
  6. Hallo, bitte mach die Option "wahre Eigengeschwindigkeit anzeigen" in deinen Realismuseinstellungen aus. Wenn IAS=TAS ist, wird es in Reiseflughöhe zwangsweise zu entsprechenden Warnungen kommen, da die Overspeedwarnung IAS basiert ist und daher bei falscher (zu hoher) vorgegaukelter IAS die Warnung früher ausgelöst wird.

    As far as I can see there do not exist any STARs at LHBP anymore. Only transitions are available nowadays. The Airbus will list transitions under the APPR VIAS tab, so you should find them all there.
  8. Hi Steve! It's been a long time! It is most certainly a consideration that is on our table, not yet implemented however. You can be sure I will be one of those pushing it for the A330 release, though maybe not for the initial A320 Family release. We surely understand the significance of time acceleration for long haul aircraft, though we have to see how they are compatible with our fly by wire system and what is technically possible with it..
  9. LLBG Aerosoft Shop?

    Well, there is a good Tel Aviv payware in that quality already that was released years ago. Recently I experimented with installing that into my P3D and at least for those daylight flights I did there I did not encounter any visible issues with it for the three or four flights I did there.
  10. I always use 1.0 with the wideview option enabled. That gives me the best feeling for speed.
  11. Edited that. Initially there was a small mistake in the numbers.
  12. how to install 4.2?

    Please do no experiments Eduard, simply follow LM's guide from the downloadsite of your Prepar3D to the letter. That's really all you need to do.
  13. It was indeed talked about and we already experimented with it, however the human eye is trained to tell exactly what a human is and what not. If we'd put a copilot who really looks like a human into the right seat all your neaty 1080Tis will be brought to their knees, just like your fps. Hardware is getting better and better, just compare what we thought would look 'as real as it gets' 10 years ago to what we have now and you'll immediately see a big difference. Now in another 10 years things may have changed considerably and we may even have the children asking to take a look into the flight deck after landing. That's a thing for the future however.
  14. The whole manager in the current right MCDU is programmed in XML while the FMGS is in C++. To get them both into the same gauge it would be required to reprogram the manager completly, something we really do not want you to wait another month for. No worries though, we'll find a good solution for this issue. You might be surprised in the end!