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  1. Hello, where did you read this? The maximum Flightlevel is FL396, so effectively 390 for practical operation.
  2. That's how cabins are done anyway. But it doesn't change the fact that each row still needs to be calculated seperately in the sim. And things like the galleys, etc. still have a lot of objects you can not simply copy.
  3. Probably our first Airbus X might work, I believe it was mainly an xml driven aircraft. But you clearly saw the limitations given by xml in this addon. Even if you can get it installed and running now though all compability might be lost with a major update Dovetail might do. P3D customers will know this, the difference i just that P3D was an official release already, where you do not expect groundbraking changes from a developers point of view, but Flight Sim World is an Early Access where basically anything can still change. As Mathijs told: Time will tell.
  4. Autothrottle has nothing to do with an overspeed condition, unless you are in TOGA LK mode, which you should disengage as soon as you are out of the dangerous area on departure.
  5. It is a development from ground up. All the systems code is written by Hans himself.
  6. Hi, if you are not running weather addons this may be the problem. FSX uses "weather blocks" and if you fly from one block into another your windspeed can change abruptly and without any warning. This in return causes the Airbus to overspeed or stall. In real life such wind changes in cruise are smooth and take a lot of time, therefore not affecting the airplane really much. Using a weather addon (be sure to check the addons featurelist to make sure wind smoothing is included!) or FSUIPC's wind smoothing should solve the issues you experience.
  7. There is no complete 2D Cockpit, only some popups will be available.
  8. They have first classes in CRJs? I've definately flown with the wrong airlines yet!
  9. mmh, but the fuel is usually stored in tanks some 10ft underneath the tarmac. It should be colder down there.
  10. Why not take her from the factory in Canada across the Atlantic over to Paris or whereever you want to base her? I always do that with any new airplane I get.
  11. Hello, which version of FSX do you use exactly? Maybe FSX:Steam? In that case you might need to install simconnect. Read up on it here: https://www.justflight.com/support/flight-simulator-x-steam-edition/384bffb
  12. I love these questions, I really do. The honest answer is: Well, then you are screwed anyway since you can't control the aircraft anymore. And even if you can still control the aircraft: No power -> No instruments, thus charts would be obsolete anyway.
  13. I believe there was an issue when you cross the 0z time. It is fixed in our A330 builds, so with the next A320 this will also be fixed.
  14. Which AIRAC exactly do you use? Could you tell us the exact AIRACs identifyer and your provider?
  15. Hi, I believe it is time dependant, when the page presently shown hasn't been shown for a certain time you can't change to the next one.