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  1. Could you expand on what exactly you'd like to see here?
  2. At any time people could recreate the voice files with their own accents and upload the new ones to our downloaddatabase. They're all .wav if I'm not mistaken, so a simple audio editor like Audacity will be able to create your own ones.
  3. Some words about support...

    Hi Lotus, I checked our Zendesk (that's where everything comes togeather, be it E-Mail or direct Tickets in Zendesk), but couldn't find any recent request from the E-Mail address you used to sign up in our forums. Could you PM me the mailaddress or ticket numbers of the requests where you encountered such difficoulties? I'll be glad to look up what went wrong and if there's anything we can learn from your case to improve our support in the future.
  4. In the flight sim community this would likely be the case, but keep in mind we also do professional projects for airlines, flightschools, universities, etc. If there is professional demand for a project we would be silly not to release it for the flight simulation market afterwards, wouldn't we? There are many reasons why a project may make more sense than another one, which may not be obvious at the first look.
  5. Berlin-Tegel Professional performance

    In my experience P3D is rather heavy on performance in large cities. As Tegel is situated directly in the city performance is rather low there anayway, regardless of the addon. If I disable Tegel Professional my performance is rather low there for the start already.
  6. Kein Downloadlink erhalten

    Die meisten OMSI Addons sind Steam Downloads. Hast Du einmal in das PDF hineingeguckt Citomsi? Dort sind die Downloadanweisungen enthalten. Der Steam Code sollte auf deiner Produktseite in deinem Kundenaccount gelistet sein. Anweisungen, wie man ihn nutzt, sind dann im PDF. Um einmal direkt von der Produktseite zu zitieren: Internetverbindung und Benutzerkonto bei Steam erforderlich! Hinweis: Mit dem Kauf dieses Produktes erhalten Sie von uns eine Seriennummer. Das Produkt muss anschließend über Steam heruntergeladen und aktiviert werden. Dafür ist ein Steam-Account sowie eine aktive Internetverbindung erforderlich. Weitere Informationen entnehmen Sie bitte der Installationsanleitung.
  7. Carenado products in Prepar3D v4

    Alright, that does not look right to me on a first glimpse. Please send us a mail to support@aerosoft.com and my colleagues will sort that out for you.
  8. Carenado products in Prepar3D v4

    You can find all serial keys in your downloadshopaccount. Assuming Carenado sent us the new keys (I believe they did for most products by now) you will find the new keys listed in your order information.
  9. Carenado products in Prepar3D v4

    I can not find that information there. The opposite is the case, with most newer Carenado aircraft you simply need to download the latest version and it will include a v4 installer. There are of course some exceptions, but most aircraft are compatible.
  10. The A318 REs new Autopilot will be fully implemented into the new A320 and A330 series.
  11. The Body of the Aircraft is darker than the Nose

    Be sure to include a texture.cfg from the current Airbusses with your paint. If you still included one of the Airbus X Extended you will get the dark fuselage. Copy one from our existing repaints of the Airbus, such as our house livery, as the folder structure had changed compared to the Airbus X Extended.
  12. Template from PDF (flydba)

    Hi Reinhard, using a PDF as template is not possible the way you want it to do. The information about the plan that is provided in your PDF is not a lot, even the whole navlog is missing. It would be hard to recreate the plan with this little information.
  13. In this case I have good news for you: The new soundset of course also includes new startup sounds!
  14. During development a lot of time was spend filming real startups and recreating it as close as possible to what we filmed. At least on the upper ECAM values are pretty close to our videos. On the lower ECAMs ENG page a few parameters needed to be adjusted in order to create realistic indications on the main engine parameters. Other than that our startup is pretty close to what our reference videos show. Now, it's been two years since we created those and I'll review them tomorrow to see if I remembered it correctly (you know there is always a confirmation bias when you're developing something ;)).