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  1. Yes, but I won't tell a year yet (as always...).
  2. You probably assigned a tiller axis, please check the A320 manual for this if it only occures in the A320 and not in any other airplane.
  3. Hello, without telling which aircraft this is about it will be close to impossible to tell something certain.
  4. We fully understand your point of view Hewey, I also hope you understand that as long as development is not in stages where clear statements can be made we do not want to make any guessing games. I am positive this is also in your interest in the end. You can be rest assured that the moment we can say something for certain we will do so. We always did. The last update from Oliver is just 3 months old and was linked by Tom above. In case you missed it: That's all we can say at the moment. The moment there is more news you can be sure you will find it in our forums!
  5. Wait a second Ray, you are a paying customer for the FSX/FS9 version of AES. Not for an FSX:SE/P3D version. Nonetheless, being a paying customer or not, of course you are allowed to ask questions. And anyone is allowed to have whichever opinion they want on these questions. That's our understanding of democracy.
  6. Any deeper reasons behind the windows being blacked out in the repaint? Oh well, I'd better not ask... Very nice pictures!
  7. Toms reply covers it all, I have nothing to add. Thanks Tom!
  8. Ray, why else do you think Oliver would be working on it?
  9. Hello, sorry for not getting any replys. Our forums is more of a customer to customer support forums. For official (and timely) support from us please use our support E-Mail address: support@aerosoft.com. Over there we do our utmost best to answer you within 24 hours.
  10. Very nice, thank you!
  11. No ideas unfortunately, I never came around to use ReShade with P3D yet. Which file is listed as faulting module in the crashreport?
  12. Well, we didn't. You can at any time use external tools like PPFX or Simbrief and then simply load the Airbus using the loadmanager in the right MCDU. Nobody forces you to use our fuelplanner, even though I believe my example above shows it works pretty well.
  13. You should most definately read all of the charts applicable for your approach. That is the STAR chart (if used), the final approahc chart (ILS Runway xx or whatever you fly), the Ground chart and the parking chart.
  14. It doesn't. The PFPX profile is totally unrelated to our Aerosoft Airbus. Many people also use the PFPX profiles with the Flight Sim Labs Airbus and the fuel usage fits perfectly. Just as it does with our Airbus. Well, but it isn't? Fuel usage with CFM and IAE engines is almost the same, the difference is really small (else you could be sure no airline would order the more thirsty engine). Perhaps the gauge is buggy, I can't tell. All I can tell is that the value indicated on your gauge is incorrect and does not represent the actual fuel usage the Airbus has which is shown on the ECAM. Here you go (PFPX had a different wind than you had, so I matched our fuel planner with the PFPX wind which was an average 20kt tailwind): The fuel planner comes up with almost an identical value as PFPX. The only difference is ~300kg ETP addition which PFPX makes which our fuel planner can not take into account. No idea where these values come from, but they do not match either both plannings shown above, nor what I see with our Airbus on this flight. To talk in the same language as your post: No, the only thing screwed up and is practically useless is your computer. Fact is: You are the only one seeing these wrong values. So it is 100% sure something wrong with your settings on your computer.
  15. Right, in the 747 they added this with one of their updates. The initial release didn't have it though, neither do the 737 or 777. But as Stefan said already...