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  1. Der magnetische Nordpol wandert im Jahr um mehrere hundert Kilometer, damit ändert sich dei magnetic heading. Da die Runwayrichtung in Degrees Magnetic angegeben wird, ändert sich somit die Ausrichtung real langsam, meistens ein Grad alle paar Jahre. Nach vielen Jahren kann das sogar dazu führen, dass sich damit die Runwaynummer ändert, da der neue Runwayheading gerundet zur nächsten Nummer gehören würde (so geschehen zB 2010 in EDLD. Am besten schaut ihr für die aktuellsten Zahlen in die NavDataPro oder Navigraph charts, denn diese sind das aktuellste Material für die Flugsimulation. VATSIM updatet die Karten soweit ich weiß nicht monatlich, sondern nur wenn es größere Änderungen, wie SID Identifyer, etc. gibt. Hier sei allerdings angemerkt, dass diese Zahlen nichtmehr zwangsweise mit dem Simulator übereinstimmen müssen, da dieser nicht immer 100% tagesaktuell ist.
  2. Emanuel Hagen

    Missing engine shut down sound?

    Then you know best that a quick a dirty fix has nothing to do with giving your best
  3. Emanuel Hagen

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Our aim with the A330 will, just like with the A320, be to simulate the aircraft from the pilots day to day life perspective.
  4. Emanuel Hagen

    Krakow Balice EPKK V2

    Viel Spaß in Krakau Frank!
  5. Emanuel Hagen


    Edit: The new version should now be available to all of you. Please check your shopaccount for: (DD_EPKK-KRAKOW-X_V2_FSX_P3D_FSXSTEAM.exe - 12.11.2018 07:23:00 | 558 MB)
  6. Emanuel Hagen

    V1, VR and V2 are not calculated

    Hi, we never had an automatic takeoff function implemented in any of the FSX versions, neither we have one now. Just like in the real Airbus the pilot will have to rotate himself.
  7. Emanuel Hagen

    Istanbul Ataturk (LTBA) on NavDataPro

    Only the data which is required by LIDO customers is included. In Turkey I doubt any major airport would be removed any time soon (it's still very usable as alternate, emergency diversion, etc.), but in other parts of the world some airports are not included. Santos Dumont is one of those if I'm not mistaken as in South America many airlines fly on Jepp data and those using LIDO are not using Santos Dumont.
  8. Emanuel Hagen

    Arriving Rwys no more displayed in Nav-Display

    Under investigation, thanks guys!
  9. Emanuel Hagen


    Hi Frank, it is available already: https://www.aerosoft.com/de/flugsimulation/flight-simulator-x/szenerien/2545/epkk-krakow-x-v2?c=1030
  10. Emanuel Hagen

    LGSK Scenery

    Hi John, sounds like you have a conflicting scenery installed. Anything from ORBX like FTX Vector or an AI traffic addon maybe? Try to disable their files for LGSK and see if that helps.
  11. Emanuel Hagen

    Airac 1812 and EDDH - charts discrepancy

    Hi, 109.55 is the current frequency. We'll have to check with LIDO, it might just be a mistake in their chart. These things sometimes slip in occasionally, even with the best providers.
  12. Emanuel Hagen

    Cologne-Bonn SODE

    If you select a wider gate size in the AFCAD AI planes might crash into another at those gates. The P3D AI engine is dumb, it will simply crash aircraft into one another or even into the user if the gates are big enough.
  13. Emanuel Hagen

    EDDH ILS 15 wrong

    You might be able to correct the frequency in the AFCAD with Airport Design Editor. As the earths magnetic field is stationary in the sim I would not recommend changing the course. This would only result in trouble with the ILS approach becoming offset.
  14. Emanuel Hagen

    True Glass intensity

    I don't think there is any way we can change this at the moment. This sounds like it is more something for TFDI to look into as that's basically what their program does.
  15. Hi, der LS Button zeigt lediglich den LOC und GS auf dem PFD an. Mit dem APPR Button fängt der Flieger diese ein. Das Keyword hier ist das FMA. Dieses zeigt dir immer genau an was der Flieger machen wird. Wenn der gewünschte Mode nicht im FMA erscheint, wird der Flieger das Manöver auch nicht fliegen.