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  1. Stall Warning Does not Work

    And then still expect help ??
  2. Airbus livery issue

    @Ake , Relieved to note that it is not my repaint , as for it not being " rocket science " no one is infallible - painters included , mistakes can be made . DetCord started to make the liveries for SAS with the full co-operation of SAS regarding colours and logo's but due to his illness was unable to continue , so I ended up painting the entire SAS Airbus fleet ( with the correct names ) . As seen here : Unfortunately , Aerosoft in their wisdom chose to remove these paints ( without DetCord or myself asking them to do so ) which is their right , so they are no longer here to be downloaded . In answer to your ( next ) question , they are not available elsewhere either as I do not have the time ( or inclination ) to create the neccessary readme files and screenshots to upload to a site such as AVSIM and due to the hack and later server crashes I have to wonder how long it would be before I would have to re-upload everything there too ( already had to do that 3 times ) . John Glanville
  3. Paint Kit of the a320

    Of course it's possible to create a " blank " aircraft with the paint kit . By going to the section marked " Livery specific paint ... " and switching off ( unticking ) the layers you don't want to see you end up with an aircraft in the base colour and start to make your paint from there .
  4. This morning I received a couple of notifications that " someone " had reacted to a post of mine concerning liveries that were made some time ago . The topic : was buried on page 8 of the tweaking section and the last reaction was posted May 21 2016 . The " someone " decided to downvote these posts possibly because of the fact that these liveries are no longer available even though as I have made perfectly clear in the past , this was not a decision I wanted to make in the first place . Aerosoft decided to remove my American & SAS repaints all by themselves , DetCord or myself NEVER asked for this to be done and in fact ignored the PM I sent regarding this . I have often been contacted via PM by others asking for certain liveries to be made available but will no longer be doing this if this kind of reaction is going to be the norm . One of the " reactions " was regarding Virgin America , in this topic : I made a full public apology to the VA , improved the textures and added the two new A321's in their fleet . I later contacted the virtual airline and instructed them to download all of the liveries and host them on their own site with my permission , I have no idea if they did so but I gave them several days to achieve this . As I am not the only person who has spent time making liveries for the Airbus series ( at no cost to the forum members here ) , I can only suggest that you could post in the painters forum asking for the livery to be made , or if you were one of the people who " donated " to Holgi's new PC you could ask him ( and have every right to do so ) although he hasn't uploaded anything Airbus related since May 2016 . John
  5. What happen to the Aer Lingus A319?


    1. John Glanville

      John Glanville

      Sorry to disappoint you but my liveries are no longer available . It was not a decision I took lightly with some 240 liveries and almost 100000 downloads . I was simply " underwhelmed " by the support I received not just from Aerosoft but also the very forum members who ( seemed to have ) agreed with the actions taken by Aerosoft .


      I recently opened this topic :



      This later turned out to be a misunderstanding on my part . I remedied this by apologising to the person concerned in the open forum ( instead of privately ) and also uploaded reworked textures and an additional 2 new liveries .

      If you take the time to read this thread you will see that other issues came to light that only made everything worse . Aerosoft decided to remove two of the most popular airline livery sets ( American - one of which had more than 13500 downloads for just one registration and SAS - the entire Airbus fleet ) made by DetCord and myself without even asking our permission to do so . Simply put , if I was planning to remove my paints why would I be uploading improved liveries and additional paints .

      I was at the time active in the forum still making liveries by request including entire fleets and read the posts on a daily basis but now I see no reason for " contributing " anything here unless an apology is given ( not just to myself ) and that all painters are given the recognition and status they deserve ( instead of just one ) .


      Before being able to reply to the topic above it was locked so I started this thread :



      Even after stating that I had no intention of removing any repaints ( and expecting that the American and SAS liveries would be re-installed on the server ) , it seems that a small minority took it upon themselves to start downvoting every post I made for whatever reason without being brave enough to actually tell me what they " disagreed " with . Even now ( one month later , these posts are still being downvoted ) . I was however disappointed to discover that no one chose to comment in a positive manner or show any support as to what happened . It seems that people are thinking I only painted the Bus for " free stuff " , the only problem with that is I never asked for ( or was offered ) anything from Aerosoft for my repaints even though the American A321 ( N911UY ) is included in the product but Aerosoft " forgot " to include our names in the manual and we received absolutely nothing for it , although others have ( in the past ) received free copies for pointing out spelling / grammatical errors in the manuals or simply uploading a video . This made it perfectly clear that my input in the last 7 years wasn't worth that much ( if anything at all ) .

      This attitude led me to the conclusion that my only option was to remove ALL of my liveries ( some 240 ) myself as no one from the Aerosoft staff chose to make any kind of a reply to my posts and have in fact ignored them . With the sheer number of repaints involved I have no plans to upload anywhere else at this time due to the amount of work this would entail .


      You could post in the painters forum asking for the livery to be made , or if you were one of the people who " donated " to Holgi's new PC you could ask him ( and have every right to do so ) although he hasn't uploaded anything Airbus related since May 2016 .


      I could have just replied " NO " to your post but I feel it is important that you understand that it was definitely NOT my decision to remove anything in the first place , the " MISunderstanding " is all Aerosoft's doing , not mine .



  6. Removal of uploads

    I eventually discovered that only my American liveries were removed from the server , not ALL liveries as stated in my " intellectual property " topic . As I wrote in the first post above , NOWHERE in any of my other posts did I ask for any liveries to be removed at all and I had no intention ( at the time ) to do so . However , receiving 5 downvotes in my original post for stating this is proof enough of the toxic atmosphere here , also no-one apparently disagreed with the downvotes either and THAT is the reason that I reversed my original decision . Having recently made a list so that I was able to keep track of which airlines ( and registrations ) I had painted , I can only say thank you to the 21000+ people who have downloaded these liveries . That Aerosoft are planning to no longer include the N911UY livery in the next A3XX upgrade is understandable but why also include a disclaimer that the livery was created by ... when it is no longer there ? I fail to see the logic in that . My " mistake " was simply expecting my name ( and Detcord's ) to be included in the manual as the " creators " of N911UY without any further expectations . For those who seem to think that I only painted Airbusses to receive " free " products , I can only say that I obviously wasn't very good at doing that in the 7 years that I have been active here , nor have I ever asked for anything . In all openness , I did receive 2 products in October 2014 after the complaints that were made that the Painters Forum was closed ( and later re-opened ) . I EXPECT that ALL of my uploads will be removed within the next 24 hours as I am unable to do so myself . I find it ridiculous that uploads have been removed without asking but when I DO ask , that it does not happen .
  7. Removal of uploads

    It is now abundantly clear that anything I do or say here is going to be downvoted by a small group of faceless " keyboard warriors " who have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the comment I made above . As I have no idea who these " keyboard warriors " are I have no way to thank them personally for helping me with the following decision . With this in mind I am now asking ( demanding ) that ALL of my uploads here on the server be removed with immediate effect ( or be allowed to do so myself ) . Sorry to other members but I would not tolerate this from a work colleague , so have no reason to do so here . So CONGRATULATIONS !! You win . I have no intention of closing my account here as I have several Aerosoft products in my possession that will ( possibly ) require updates in the future .
  8. Removal of uploads

    First of all I would like to make it perfectly clear that NOWHERE in any of my last posts did I state that I wished to or was removing ALL of my uploads here . I also see no reason to contact any Aerosoft staff via email ( behind closed doors ) as I personally have nothing to hide or have any ulterior motives for any decisions that I may have to make , now or in the future . I do NOT have a " hidden agenda " and have been nothing but open and honest in the 7 years that I have been active here . That I now discover that several uploads have been removed ( not ALL as stated ) without being told exactly what has been removed is something that I just cannot understand , having just spent several days uploading , why would i now be removing them ? What does bother me though is the petty behaviour of some forum members regarding " reputation points " as witnessed by myself in the Screenshots forum . On the competition page someone decide for whatever reason to downvote a screenshot , that I chose to comment on that ( and upvoted so the total was 0 ) can hardly be a bad thing , that I have now been downvoted at least twice ( at the time of posting ) just proves what I posted earlier ... " The whole reputation points system is open to abuse as staff here know , this happens everywhere , not just here . Why do you think that AVSIM disabled the downvote button ? I never asked for a reputation , that is down to other forum members and certainly not the reason I upload and post here . " If someone has a problem with anything I post at least have the courtesy to explain why to me personally instead of hiding behind your keyboard .
  9. Why on earth would someone downvote the screenshot above ? Sorry Aharon can't give you 2 votes .
  10. Repaints and intellectual property ( IP )

    First of all , I had no idea that Aerosoft was such a small company that can only offer support for one product at a time , secondly , I am not privy to the vacation plans of the Aerosoft staff , so can hardly be blamed for that . According to post #3 of this very topic the disclaimer page was ALREADY in place ( July 16 ) , as I later pointed out this was not so . Other flightsim related sites do have such a page as standard , so maybe the simple solution is to upload elsewhere . I did not start out asking for " freebies " as anyone seems to think , although I was " triggered " by the posts made by Mathijs in the CRJ topic ( #17 #19 and #23 ) .With post #22 ( even with a smiley ) , it seems I am not the only person who felt entitled enough to ask the same . As for Aerosoft staff not being available 24 hours per day , funny that , as that is what the forums members seem to expect anyway . Don't forget , not everyone is in the same time zone but as I live in Europe and posted at 07:00 I wasn't expecting anyone to have to get out of bed to reply . I also waited a further 24 hours before adding to the previous post . The whole reputation points system is open to abuse as staff here know , this happens everywhere , not just here . Why do you think that AVSIM disabled the downvote button ? I never asked for a reputation , that is down to other forum members and certainly not the reason I upload and post here . As for the American livery included in the product , I never asked for anything there either , but I did expect to at least have my name ( & DetCord's ) added to the manual , or was that too much to ask for ?
  11. Repaints and intellectual property ( IP )

    So , it's been 24 hours , several views but no comments from staff or forum members . I am well aware that it may be busy times with the release of the CRJ but that is just ONE of the many products avaiable . There again , seems to be par for the course at the moment . The issues I mentioned in the previous post are obviously only important to me ( for now ) . The disclaimer pop-up ( not just for my paints but for everyone ) - No comment . The non-inclusion of DetCord's and my name in the manual for the delivered livery - No comment . Some time ago an apology ( face-to-face ) was promised regarding the accusation ( at the time all 12 Beta painters were considered guilty ) of being a " pirate " , unfortunately this never happened . A few words in a " personal message " is not the same , the operative word here was " promised " . I was however out of pocket for a 200km round trip , admission to the museum and parking . My free beer never materialised either . I have put up with a lot of issues here over the years and literally " bent over backwards " and " sucked it up " on more than one occassion and yet still continued to be a productive member here , I just did not realise that I had to bring my own jar of Vaseline as well . Having read DetCord's response in the " first impressions " post ( linked in my previous post ) , now closed but can anyone blame him ? It only becomes an issue when we have to mention the facts ourselves , although if what we provide had any value we wouldn't have to mention it in the first place . Anyone following the Airbus A3XX forums will know how active he has been ( even though he is a serving member of the armed forces ) and the quality of liveries he provides . I gladly worked with him on two projects and judging by the amount of downloads they are popular . As for the people who downvoted his comment . do you actually know what preceeded this and his reason for posting when doing so ? I can guarantee that he had a very valid reason for his post . So is it acceptable to downvote someone for making a perfectly honest comment ? The truth of the matter is that we ( DetCord and myself - cannot speak for others ) feel that we are barely tolerated , a sort of friends ( of Aerosoft and forum members ) without benefits . Now with the CRJ , looking at the sheer amount of posts people are either loving or hating it ( haven't read everything - but I cannot see it being any different to the past Airbus releases ) so there will be a large amount of traffic in the CRJ forum because of it . This brings us to the " reputation points " , if they are an indication of how " good " or " bad " ( or is it just how popular ? ) someone is , then DetCord's 1500+ must count for something . For myself it has taken me twice as long to gather half as many " points " as him , so I must be pretty bad . However when someone becomes Aerosoft's " newest best friend " for a making a couple of videos in a forum that will by definition have a lot of views and therefore a lot of voting , it does make me wonder what I and possibly others are doing wrong . For those clamouring to be Beta testers , if you are in it for a free product , ask any of the Beta painters for the AirbusX what they received for the 9 months of work they supplied , or how the team was " disbanded " .There are two ( not counting myself that I know of ) still active in the forums . Was once told by a painter colleague ( no longer active here ) that there used to be an " unwritten rule " ( at Aerosoft ) that for every 5 repaints uploaded you were " entitled " to a free download , if that is the case , where do I apply ? Would have thought that would be the job of the Library Manager .
  12. Repaints and intellectual property ( IP )

    Must say I am disappointed that the " promised " disclaimer page for downloading repaints has not been realised . Since my first post I came across yet another VA that were hosting my paints on their own server without asking for my permission . This has now been resolved , though I find it a sorry state of affairs that I came across this by accident , I hate to think what I would find if I started actively searching for this kind of " piracy " . I am now busy adding a text to all of my repaint download pages and adding the same text to the aircraft.cfg pointing out that this is not allowed . With some 230+ paints you can imagine how much work this is . What I do not understand however is that VA's get a price reduction when buying products just for being a VA , while myself ( and I imagine all other painters ) are paying full price just to be able to paint liveries and upload here . If I were to take an average of a week per paint ( and I can assure you that some take much longer ) that comes to 4.5 years spent since 2010 and all at no cost to the forum members . This doesn't include the time spent in the forums helping others with paint install problems . There have been issues in the past , the worst being accused ( the entire Beta painters group ) of leaking the AirbusX Beta , even though the version we had was NOT the leaked version , followed by the closure of the painters forum ( since reversed ) . Another point is the inclusion of an American paint ( co-production with DetCord ) in the product , maybe an oversight on Aerosoft's part but we are not even mentioned in the manual ( a 5 minute job to add ) . Ofcourse my fault for not insisting on it in the first place . You can imagine my feelings when I read this topic in the CRJ forum ( especially posts #17 , #19 and #23 ) : There have been others in the past that received " freebies " for pointing out spelling mistakes in manuals ( for example ) etc. etc. So I have to wonder what I ( or others ) would have to do to qualify for the same treatment .
  13. Discussion about the next Aerosoft Airliner Product after 2018

    That has to be one of the most ( insert appropriate word here ) comments I have ever seen in this forum , though I have probably made a few myself . Firstly ; a pilot being sad because he has to fly with an A380 ? No one can take that comment seriously , I think most would find it a highpoint in their career being able to pilot the largest ( passenger carrying ) aircraft available . Secondly ; if Aerosoft ever did make an A340 , I sincerely hope that they have your contact details and bank account or credit card number . Almost every other aircraft mentioned in this thread has been dismissed by the OP but the title is : " Discussion about the next Aerosoft Airliner Product after 2018 " not " Discussion about the A340 after 2018 " , just accept the fact that hardly anyone agrees with you and move on . The whole premise of the topic is becoming quite sad .
  14. Airbus 321 NEO Sharklet

    No problem , I am just surprised no one gave you the answer sooner .
  15. Airbus 321 NEO Sharklet

    The reason is this repaint was made for the AirbusX Extended which had a different folder structure . It will work in the latest version but you will have to edit the aircraft.cfg after installing . You might want to read this first :