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  1. Removal of uploads

    I eventually discovered that only my American liveries were removed from the server , not ALL liveries as stated in my " intellectual property " topic . As I wrote in the first post above , NOWHERE in any of my other posts did I ask for any liveries to be removed at all and I had no intention ( at the time ) to do so . However , receiving 5 downvotes in my original post for stating this is proof enough of the toxic atmosphere here , also no-one apparently disagreed with the downvotes either and THAT is the reason that I reversed my original decision . Having recently made a list so that I was able to keep track of which airlines ( and registrations ) I had painted , I can only say thank you to the 21000+ people who have downloaded these liveries . That Aerosoft are planning to no longer include the N911UY livery in the next A3XX upgrade is understandable but why also include a disclaimer that the livery was created by ... when it is no longer there ? I fail to see the logic in that . My " mistake " was simply expecting my name ( and Detcord's ) to be included in the manual as the " creators " of N911UY without any further expectations . For those who seem to think that I only painted Airbusses to receive " free " products , I can only say that I obviously wasn't very good at doing that in the 7 years that I have been active here , nor have I ever asked for anything . In all openness , I did receive 2 products in October 2014 after the complaints that were made that the Painters Forum was closed ( and later re-opened ) . I EXPECT that ALL of my uploads will be removed within the next 24 hours as I am unable to do so myself . I find it ridiculous that uploads have been removed without asking but when I DO ask , that it does not happen .
  2. Removal of uploads

    It is now abundantly clear that anything I do or say here is going to be downvoted by a small group of faceless " keyboard warriors " who have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the comment I made above . As I have no idea who these " keyboard warriors " are I have no way to thank them personally for helping me with the following decision . With this in mind I am now asking ( demanding ) that ALL of my uploads here on the server be removed with immediate effect ( or be allowed to do so myself ) . Sorry to other members but I would not tolerate this from a work colleague , so have no reason to do so here . So CONGRATULATIONS !! You win . I have no intention of closing my account here as I have several Aerosoft products in my possession that will ( possibly ) require updates in the future .
  3. Removal of uploads

    First of all I would like to make it perfectly clear that NOWHERE in any of my last posts did I state that I wished to or was removing ALL of my uploads here . I also see no reason to contact any Aerosoft staff via email ( behind closed doors ) as I personally have nothing to hide or have any ulterior motives for any decisions that I may have to make , now or in the future . I do NOT have a " hidden agenda " and have been nothing but open and honest in the 7 years that I have been active here . That I now discover that several uploads have been removed ( not ALL as stated ) without being told exactly what has been removed is something that I just cannot understand , having just spent several days uploading , why would i now be removing them ? What does bother me though is the petty behaviour of some forum members regarding " reputation points " as witnessed by myself in the Screenshots forum . On the competition page someone decide for whatever reason to downvote a screenshot , that I chose to comment on that ( and upvoted so the total was 0 ) can hardly be a bad thing , that I have now been downvoted at least twice ( at the time of posting ) just proves what I posted earlier ... " The whole reputation points system is open to abuse as staff here know , this happens everywhere , not just here . Why do you think that AVSIM disabled the downvote button ? I never asked for a reputation , that is down to other forum members and certainly not the reason I upload and post here . " If someone has a problem with anything I post at least have the courtesy to explain why to me personally instead of hiding behind your keyboard .
  4. Why on earth would someone downvote the screenshot above ? Sorry Aharon can't give you 2 votes .
  5. Repaints and intellectual property ( IP )

    First of all , I had no idea that Aerosoft was such a small company that can only offer support for one product at a time , secondly , I am not privy to the vacation plans of the Aerosoft staff , so can hardly be blamed for that . According to post #3 of this very topic the disclaimer page was ALREADY in place ( July 16 ) , as I later pointed out this was not so . Other flightsim related sites do have such a page as standard , so maybe the simple solution is to upload elsewhere . I did not start out asking for " freebies " as anyone seems to think , although I was " triggered " by the posts made by Mathijs in the CRJ topic ( #17 #19 and #23 ) .With post #22 ( even with a smiley ) , it seems I am not the only person who felt entitled enough to ask the same . As for Aerosoft staff not being available 24 hours per day , funny that , as that is what the forums members seem to expect anyway . Don't forget , not everyone is in the same time zone but as I live in Europe and posted at 07:00 I wasn't expecting anyone to have to get out of bed to reply . I also waited a further 24 hours before adding to the previous post . The whole reputation points system is open to abuse as staff here know , this happens everywhere , not just here . Why do you think that AVSIM disabled the downvote button ? I never asked for a reputation , that is down to other forum members and certainly not the reason I upload and post here . As for the American livery included in the product , I never asked for anything there either , but I did expect to at least have my name ( & DetCord's ) added to the manual , or was that too much to ask for ?
  6. Repaints and intellectual property ( IP )

    So , it's been 24 hours , several views but no comments from staff or forum members . I am well aware that it may be busy times with the release of the CRJ but that is just ONE of the many products avaiable . There again , seems to be par for the course at the moment . The issues I mentioned in the previous post are obviously only important to me ( for now ) . The disclaimer pop-up ( not just for my paints but for everyone ) - No comment . The non-inclusion of DetCord's and my name in the manual for the delivered livery - No comment . Some time ago an apology ( face-to-face ) was promised regarding the accusation ( at the time all 12 Beta painters were considered guilty ) of being a " pirate " , unfortunately this never happened . A few words in a " personal message " is not the same , the operative word here was " promised " . I was however out of pocket for a 200km round trip , admission to the museum and parking . My free beer never materialised either . I have put up with a lot of issues here over the years and literally " bent over backwards " and " sucked it up " on more than one occassion and yet still continued to be a productive member here , I just did not realise that I had to bring my own jar of Vaseline as well . Having read DetCord's response in the " first impressions " post ( linked in my previous post ) , now closed but can anyone blame him ? It only becomes an issue when we have to mention the facts ourselves , although if what we provide had any value we wouldn't have to mention it in the first place . Anyone following the Airbus A3XX forums will know how active he has been ( even though he is a serving member of the armed forces ) and the quality of liveries he provides . I gladly worked with him on two projects and judging by the amount of downloads they are popular . As for the people who downvoted his comment . do you actually know what preceeded this and his reason for posting when doing so ? I can guarantee that he had a very valid reason for his post . So is it acceptable to downvote someone for making a perfectly honest comment ? The truth of the matter is that we ( DetCord and myself - cannot speak for others ) feel that we are barely tolerated , a sort of friends ( of Aerosoft and forum members ) without benefits . Now with the CRJ , looking at the sheer amount of posts people are either loving or hating it ( haven't read everything - but I cannot see it being any different to the past Airbus releases ) so there will be a large amount of traffic in the CRJ forum because of it . This brings us to the " reputation points " , if they are an indication of how " good " or " bad " ( or is it just how popular ? ) someone is , then DetCord's 1500+ must count for something . For myself it has taken me twice as long to gather half as many " points " as him , so I must be pretty bad . However when someone becomes Aerosoft's " newest best friend " for a making a couple of videos in a forum that will by definition have a lot of views and therefore a lot of voting , it does make me wonder what I and possibly others are doing wrong . For those clamouring to be Beta testers , if you are in it for a free product , ask any of the Beta painters for the AirbusX what they received for the 9 months of work they supplied , or how the team was " disbanded " .There are two ( not counting myself that I know of ) still active in the forums . Was once told by a painter colleague ( no longer active here ) that there used to be an " unwritten rule " ( at Aerosoft ) that for every 5 repaints uploaded you were " entitled " to a free download , if that is the case , where do I apply ? Would have thought that would be the job of the Library Manager .
  7. Repaints and intellectual property ( IP )

    Must say I am disappointed that the " promised " disclaimer page for downloading repaints has not been realised . Since my first post I came across yet another VA that were hosting my paints on their own server without asking for my permission . This has now been resolved , though I find it a sorry state of affairs that I came across this by accident , I hate to think what I would find if I started actively searching for this kind of " piracy " . I am now busy adding a text to all of my repaint download pages and adding the same text to the aircraft.cfg pointing out that this is not allowed . With some 230+ paints you can imagine how much work this is . What I do not understand however is that VA's get a price reduction when buying products just for being a VA , while myself ( and I imagine all other painters ) are paying full price just to be able to paint liveries and upload here . If I were to take an average of a week per paint ( and I can assure you that some take much longer ) that comes to 4.5 years spent since 2010 and all at no cost to the forum members . This doesn't include the time spent in the forums helping others with paint install problems . There have been issues in the past , the worst being accused ( the entire Beta painters group ) of leaking the AirbusX Beta , even though the version we had was NOT the leaked version , followed by the closure of the painters forum ( since reversed ) . Another point is the inclusion of an American paint ( co-production with DetCord ) in the product , maybe an oversight on Aerosoft's part but we are not even mentioned in the manual ( a 5 minute job to add ) . Ofcourse my fault for not insisting on it in the first place . You can imagine my feelings when I read this topic in the CRJ forum ( especially posts #17 , #19 and #23 ) : There have been others in the past that received " freebies " for pointing out spelling mistakes in manuals ( for example ) etc. etc. So I have to wonder what I ( or others ) would have to do to qualify for the same treatment .
  8. Discussion about the next Aerosoft Airliner Product after 2018

    That has to be one of the most ( insert appropriate word here ) comments I have ever seen in this forum , though I have probably made a few myself . Firstly ; a pilot being sad because he has to fly with an A380 ? No one can take that comment seriously , I think most would find it a highpoint in their career being able to pilot the largest ( passenger carrying ) aircraft available . Secondly ; if Aerosoft ever did make an A340 , I sincerely hope that they have your contact details and bank account or credit card number . Almost every other aircraft mentioned in this thread has been dismissed by the OP but the title is : " Discussion about the next Aerosoft Airliner Product after 2018 " not " Discussion about the A340 after 2018 " , just accept the fact that hardly anyone agrees with you and move on . The whole premise of the topic is becoming quite sad .
  9. Airbus 321 NEO Sharklet

    No problem , I am just surprised no one gave you the answer sooner .
  10. Airbus 321 NEO Sharklet

    The reason is this repaint was made for the AirbusX Extended which had a different folder structure . It will work in the latest version but you will have to edit the aircraft.cfg after installing . You might want to read this first :
  11. Thx for the VX repaints young man. They will be getting a new paint job starting next year, and the gradually leave the fleet. You are most excellent! Carry on!


  12. Repaints and intellectual property ( IP )

    When I simply deleted the file I was not able to close the page , it kept asking for another file to be uploaded ( in it's place ) . Before the last forum update this wasn't a " problem " . @steve dra Sending you a PM .
  13. Repaints and intellectual property ( IP )

    Any chance of an answer on this ? Also in my previous post I should have mentioned that ALL Virgin repaints ( including Virgin Atlantic ) have been revised , so that ( for example ) the clamps for the starboard cowling clamps are now shown , something that has been " missing " since the AirbusX ( check out the liveries for the A320 / 321 supplied with the product ) . Never noticed it myself , ( in 7 years ) until recently when working on some easyJet repaints !!
  14. Repaint request

    Just uploaded :
  15. Repaints and intellectual property ( IP )

    Took slightly longer than I intended but I took the opportunity to make a few minor changes to the textures before uploading . Have now included the 2 A321's that Virgin have added to the fleet .