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  1. Skyrock

    Adjusting Fuel Bias question

    Looking at your picture from the first post, it appears that you have quite a difference in the speed. You preselected Mach .81 but from your entered speeds, this equals only Mach .801. Are you sure you were flying at Mach .81 the first time? This could have a huge influence on the fuel and drag biases.
  2. I had this problem since earlier versions. For some reason, on westbound flights the FL are not correctly selected, however, for eastbound flights it's fairly accurate. I had some flights from FRA to YYZ and EWR and on the westbound flights, I always had to correct the altitudes whereas on the return flight to FRA it was mostly fine.
  3. Skyrock

    PFPX hotfix 1.28.9c

    So let me get this straight: you get a wrong calculation because YOU are clearly not capable of using PFPX properly, but instead of asking for help in a decent attitude, you start trash talking about 1.28.9c being the worst version of PFPX ever and that there are is a ton of bugs in it? Are you serious about that? This was CLEARLY your fault because you messed it up yourself. Second: So, Fokkers and ATRs are funny aircrafts? Would you tell that real life pilots, too? You do know how old TOPCAT is and that it was released in a time where many of us were still using FS9 where these aircrafts were pretty popular add ons? Besides, all the Boeing aircraft you mentioned are covered by TOPCAT and PFPX (except for the B77W in TOPCAT). Even the PMDG aircrafts are covered with specific profiles. So no reason to grumble about it. Keep in mind that there are only 2 people developing PFPX and TOPCAT and they do it in their spare time because they still have a real life job to do. People behaving ungrateful and rude like you are the reason why developers like PMDG and ORBX treat their customers like garbage, and I'm not even surprised about that.
  4. Basically, nothing much has changed from ETOPS to EDTO, except that now all airplanes are subject to EDTO (ETOPS), e.g the B747-8.
  5. Skyrock

    PFPX - usage

    What do you mean with Block index? Never heard of that. Do you mean the Block Fuel? This is the release fuel given by PFPX. Does SimBrief provide a trim setting? I don't think so. But that is not the purpose of these programs. For this, in real life, you have your EFB. It is not hard to estimate the appropriate trim setting: just enter the ZFW from your flight plan in the Load/Fuel Menu in the MCDU. Then take the CG value it presents you and adjust the trim accordingly. You can do that by looking at the numbers between the trim wheel and the thrust levers. There you can see which trim setting equals the CG value. No need for a program for that! PFPX has far more possibilities to plan your flight than Simbrief. AFAIR, simbrief only uses only routes which are saved in the database whereas in PFPX, you are able to create a routing from scratch. Besides, there are working profiles for Airbus aircrafts, even with Cost Indexes, however, they are more suited for the FSLabs A320, but could also work for the Aerosoft Airbus. You can also save routes from PFPX to load in the Aerosoft Airbus. Works perfectly. So I can not really see where your problem is.
  6. Even with the latest hotfix (1.28.8) the problem persists. Also the turbulences are not shown on the printed charts anymore. Could bring both features back please?
  7. Thank you very much! I appreciate the support!
  8. Hello, I'm still missing the tanker fuel field missing in the Fuel Section of the flight planning. Could you add it in the next update? Thank you! Regards
  9. I have the same problem with the B777-300ER. Whenever my TOM is above 330t, I get the "error in performance file" warning.
  10. You would change just because of some people walking around the aircraft? Wow, that is a bit ridiculous.