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  1. Maddog X is still waiting for a fix. The route format from the old Maddog version has not changed so it shouldn't be such a big deal to fix. All routes are truncated by PFPX usually in the middle of the last airway, much prior to the STAR. A Hotfix for this would be much appreciated.
  2. Any news on the Export function for the new Maddog X? I hope you can issue a hotfix soon. Regards
  3. Michele

    PMDG 777 Brakes

    Same issue here.... at times (not always) after pushback brakes simply do not brake. All systems are normal, FSX is receiving the brake signal as the braking message is displayed; it seems to be an internal PMDG thing. Maintenance actions won't clear it. I tried saving the flight and restarting at that point, still there. The only solution is to exit FSX and restart as new flight. Very annoying, It happens even in non AES airports, so I guess it is not related.