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  1. Crash to desktop with ENBR

    Hi Can confirm that it was a bug in the X-Plane 11.02R2 AI aircrafts. Laminar Research has this on their to do list.
  2. Crash to desktop with ENBR

    All sent now to Laminar Research as we may have narrow it down to be a bug in AI for 11.02R2 beta and not the ENBR scenery in particular. Will of course update this thread when more news or fixes are updated. Thanks for trying to assist guys.
  3. Crash to desktop with ENBR

    Hi Matthias Sorry, not at this moment. Working close with LR to fix this issue and try to verify if it is strictly a third party issue or related to beta R2 for Windows.
  4. Crash to desktop with ENBR

    Just been talking to Jo Erlend Sund regarding his scenery ENBR. After several incidents where X-Plane crash to desktop (confirmed and investigated by Laminar), I was redirected to this forum as he did not have much to do with this. I was under the impression that this scenery was converted by so I sent an email based upon Jo Erlends feedback to them. But I also wanted to notify Aerosoft and other users of it. Not sure what happens or what causes this CTD, but it has happened on 3 separate occasions now. You choose the airport, select placement then loads the scenery. Without any warning, XP is shutting down. Next time it might start normally! I filed a bug with Laminar Research since I was using XP11.02R2 beta, but after they investigated it via the crash report, it was clear the fault was the developers of the airport ENBR. If this was a freeware, I would only contact the developer and let him know, but when it is a purchased product I tend to take it more seriously. Sure hope you can fix this issue! Best regards Tom Knudsen
  5. Preview Vaeroy (X-Plane)

    This is a FSX conversion, not a scenery made for X-Plane, far from it. Though I welcome these sceneries and I for one would love to get ENVA converted Sent from my SM-P900 using Tapatalk
  6. Barcelona X Evolution preview

    It has been mentioned multiple times that it'll be FSX/P3D. Maybe there will be an X-Plane convertion at some point in the future, but I can't say for sure. For now everything you see on the screenshots is FSX/P3D. Well did not bother to read the entire thread, also dont care about games like FSX and P3D. Thank you for the info sir Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
  7. Barcelona X Evolution preview

    Will it be XP11 released Sent from my SM-P900 using Tapatalk
  8. IXEG NAV DATA do not update

    Thank you Heinz, excellent support
  9. IXEG NAV DATA do not update

    PS Heinz, the issue is that cycles.txt is misplaced, just checked it now
  10. As seen in the image there must be an issue with the NAV DATA file structure When I load the FMS in the airplane I cannot see the cycle info change, it says 15.09 not 16.05 as it should after install I have checked file path and it is pointed to the main aircraft folder See file structure after install here, with two different cycles.txt in two different places
  11. Stavanger X Preview

    Allways, and I do... But it does not explain why the scenery is so demanding in regards to FPS? Or even if there is space to amend and correct it in future development right? My best educated guess is that it has to much poly´s to go around, if so the developer needs to take a detail look into where he can efficiently narrow it down to increase the overall performance. I dunno of course know how the texture is resampled or even what the normal size is, but I found that texture scaling is a huge FPS gain in FSX. Anyway, there are always difference in how sceneries are made and the quality of the end product, but I tend to favour performance over eye candy any day of the week. An great example would be EGLL (London Heathrow) Better performance with UK2000 scenery, but far better eye candy with Aerosoft (no offence intended to either parties) So, to conclude: My hopes and dreams lay in the making of and airport suite that are more focused on performance than beauty..... But that´s me right
  12. Stavanger X Preview

    Said the man with 2x GTX580
  13. Stavanger X Preview

    All thou it looks amazing I would think twice about purchase this airport. If you take a closer look on the designers previous releases, the frame rate is devastating. In regards to OSLOX which by the way is almost useless due to performance, I truly truly hope this will be amended and corrected in this upcoming scenery.. I dearly hope Aerosoft will test this for performance before release, so they do not yet again relese this next in line series of hard FPS hitting airports. It truly shames the Aerosoft brand name, just my opinion. Regards
  14. Put your "ELECT-ME" posts in the topics below

    Is it here I am supposed to say elect me, oh well just did
  15. Scenery Request

    If admin can move this tread into the suggest a scenery thread I would be most happy..