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  1. Repaints, livery requests, repaint support

    Here are the Images , I hope the ulpoad will work... Many Greets Bob
  2. Repaints, livery requests, repaint support

    Here´s the Air Bahama DC-8. The Original was a series 63 - but as we don´t have aSeries 63 i did the repaint to the Series 50. Have fun!
  3. Hi everybody, do anybody know where I can get the template for PFPX for the new Aerosoft DC-8? Thanks a lot and many greets to everybody! Bob
  4. Hi friends, thanks a lot, I will try. Thanks once again!!!! Greets Bob
  5. Hi Folks, sorry guys, but why this Video isn´t available at normal you-tube? to be honest: I have no idea how to open that channel neither how to see any Video - at least... must I be a member of what? maybe you can give a short overview for all Readers of the Forum who want to have a look and don´t know how? would be very kind of you! and thanks a lot for the patience with us older people who don´t know too much about computer-handling and all that tricks... thanks and best wishes to you all Bob
  6. okay, and what about the PMDG´s? they have dimmable panel-lights since years...? Sorry, but I just want to understand it why they can do that...? I´d prefer to have better panel-lights than st. elmos fire cause the panel-lights are much more important to me as I need them more for the sim as st elmos wich is just only a spectacular view...
  7. Hi Mathijs, thanks for your open word. I apreciate that. To say it clear, I´m customer of AS as well as of FSL. First I had the AS Airbus, the whole package 318-321. And I rememeber very well, that at night this Panel lights always just blended me so I would like to turn them a bit less - but it was impossible. I just needed something between full and off because it silmply was too shiny. You told me about your Mercedes - but don´t you agree with me, that sometimes the smallest things can make you crazy? So I turned to FSL and bought such a complicated Airbus that has stuff i never will use it - but they hat the better panel-lights. But back in the Corner of my head I always hoped that the next Generation of AS-Bus will have dimmable lights. Okay, now as long as I understood your words, the AS will not have dimmable lights. And how about lights in 3-steps: off - low -high? that maybe could be already a solution I can live with as I really are going close with your philpsophie! I think you´re doing great work - thanks for that and thanks for the way you have an open mind to our ideas, wishes and whatever. Thanks as well for that to you as well as for you and your whole Team. Regards Bob
  8. Hi Folks, as I´m one of them who has the FSL - but to say the truth: I´m already waiting the AS Airbus. Why? Well, I believe the FSL Airbus is what I call "overclocked". So closed to reality (I think ist is...?) so the fps are so poor that the aircraft is nearly un-flyable. So Mathijs is right with his philosophie of Airsim - I for sure want to have an accurate aircraft - but I´m interested in the things what makes the normal live of Airline/aircraft or call it as you want. But for sure it is quit unimportant to me, to find out if I´m able to land an aircraft with or without any engines in a hurrican with 50 mph sidewind on a rwy of 1000 m with brake-failure. So the FSL is a great plane and a really good work - but for me as a simmer and as only my Hobby - as I said before "overclocked". But what disturbed me at most at the Airbus of AS (last vesrion for v3) is, that simple things like the Panel lights had just only on or off - there was no between, no smooth way to make the lights well shining for me. That was it, what made me buy the FSL. So please Mathijs, will you please make a simple light as close as possible to reality ?? What I want to say is: I don´t care of complicated things on an A320 like the FSL, but I wanna have simple things as close to the reality as possible. Please tell me: are the Panel lights in the new Bus more the just on or off? Thanks for an answer and please take your time to create a flyable aircraft! Sorry, I think my english should have an upgrade with one more round to school...! Thanks a lot Regards Bob
  9. The Aerosoft A330X Paint Wishlist

    Star Alliance Lufthansa
  10. Hello, I´m just waiting for that bus, but at least I need a Long-Range Aircraft. Can you tell me more or less, how long (months) will it takes till it will be developed? The question is, should I wait till the A330 or shall I switch to the PMDG747 (I prefer the bus...?) but at least, I won´t wait until summer 2017... another question is: will the aircraft has infinetly variable Instrument-lights/Cockpit lights? Many thanks to you guys!!! Greets Bob
  11. PMDG FS2004 Installation

    Hallo Gerd, ganz herzlichen Dank für Dein Posting. Dann kann ich ja beruhigt ins WE gehen, habe mir schon voll die Gedanken gemacht was nun wieder sein mag. Werde mich also am Montag an den Support wenden. Schönen Sonntag! Liebe Grüße Bob
  12. Hallo allerseits, habe mir heute die PMDG MD11 für FS2004 und FSX (habe ich bzwar noch nicht, werde ich aber vielleicht irgendwann haben müssen...) gegönnt und wollte diesen Flieger nun installieren. Er zeigt mir den aerosoft Installatiosnbildschirm, rdelt kurz rum und bringt mir dann die Meldung, dass ich Emulator und das virtuelles Laufwerk deaktivieren solle. Ich hatte in meinem Leben noch nie irgendetwas mit Emulator zu tun und habe auch definitiv kein virtuelles Laufwerk. Die Installation wird nicht fortgesetzt. Was also passiert da bei mir? Der teure Flieger steht nun also auf dem Auslieferungs-Apron und trotzdem unerreichbar für mich... bin leider auch schon ziemlich angenervt darüber. Hat jemand eine Idee? Liebe Grüße Bob