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  1. Thanks for the fast update. I hope I do it right ! 1. Update via Updater 2. Reinstall own liveries 3. Fly Frank
  2. f.skywalker

    Take-Off Speed Call-outs

    Yes please !
  3. f.skywalker

    mid flight or taxi power loss

    Hallo Dave and Mathijs I just wanted to report that at the moment no flights more errors have occurred with the power loss Problem. I think that it probably had to do with my Ezdoc setting Keys and the Bus.. After i change my Settings in Ezdoc i have no Problems. Ezdoc works perfect with my Airbus Prof. If there is an error again I will report it. Frank from EDDM
  4. f.skywalker

    Airac Setting FMC

    Thanks for the informations. With the planning tools I know only one Airac to use. A really good service. Frank
  5. f.skywalker

    Airac Setting FMC

    I have a little question. I use Navigraph. When I plan my flight I have the choice in the FMC to use the Airac that was involved in the installation or my Navigraph Airac. In the config tool I switched to Navigraph. So that offers the possibility to fly with different airacs?! I hope I did not make any mistakes. Frank
  6. f.skywalker

    mid flight or taxi power loss

    I will test it the next few days if I have time. Of course, I'll tell you the result of my test. After only one user had the problem synonymous. Can also be a small bug in the Airbus. Frank
  7. f.skywalker

    mid flight or taxi power loss

    I was just walking and thinking about the mistake. I set up my ezdoc cam before each flight where the error occurred. After updating to I always had to change something. The second flight has always worked because I have changed nothing more on the Ezdoc Cam. The first flight was the 320 and the second was the 319 To program the cam I use the key (E) I have to press (E)to start the programming and then (E) again to finish. Maybe the error comes from this button. Have now changed the key to (+) That's just a guess One Question more. In my FMC the ZFCG is not working. Always orange Boxes. Frank
  8. f.skywalker

    mid flight or taxi power loss

    Today i have two of this Problems mid taxi power loss. 1. First flight with A320 CFM (V. power loss (JS EDDH to LIPZ) at taxi to RW 33. Second flight without Problems. (Repaint Condor) 2. First flight with A319 CFM (V. power loss(JS EDDH to LEVC) at taxi to RW 33. Second flight without Problems. (Repaint LH 2018) The Engines are running mid power les all the time I have no Corenado planes. I have Saitek Hardware to fly. Sorry about my bad eglisch writing. Better to write in german. Frank from EDDM
  9. Hi Mathijs,


    you write to me:

    "I have no idea where you get that idea from but on the airbusses we know things are as we do them (and in the order you say they should be) "


    apologize for confusing you with a mistake that does not exist.
    Do not understand what I see  on my Bus.


    At this time i check my A321 and everithing is ok.


    I would like to apologize to you and you team.


    Frank from EDDM




  10. f.skywalker

    small display error

    Thanks, sorry i will not make Trouble. Please check your A321 Lufthansa Repaint 2018 Maybe i drink to mutch beer on the Oktoberfest. I will check later my A321 Prof where i yesterday see the difference and tell you i am not right...... Frank from EDDM
  11. f.skywalker

    small display error

    Hallo Stefan, danke. Korrekt ist es ja aber die Reihenfolge stimmt hat nicht auf der FO Seite. Funktionieren tut es ja, aber schaut halt nicht wie in echt aus da die FO Seite mit den Schaltern im realen Flieger gespiegelt sind. War ja auch nur ein hinweis, um es noch perfecter zu machen. Frank
  12. f.skywalker

    small display error

    Thanks, i think you do not understand me. In Real World the FO Side is different the Aerosoft Bus. Yestereday i fly with my A321 Prof an see this smal Display problem Real World CPT: CSB-WPT-VORD-NDB-APT FO: APT-NDB-VORD-WPT-CSB Aerosoft: CPT: CSB-WPT-VORD-NDB-APT FO: CSB-WPT-VORD-NDB-APT Die Reihenfolge ist falsch auf der FO Seite Frank
  13. f.skywalker

    EZCA v2 and Airbus Professional

    No Problem, run the EZdoc config Tool again. You must make this after every new Airplane Installation - update. Frank
  14. Found a small bug on the autopliot panel. The arrangement of the Data Display switches on the Copliot page are arranged the wrong way around. I noticed today during a flight with the A321. The arrangement of the Switches on the Co Pilot is not correct at this Time. Switches Pilot Page CSTR-WPT-VOR-NDB-ARPT Switches Co. Pilot shoult be: ARPT-NDB-VOR-WPT-CSTR Sorry about my bad englisch writing Frank
  15. f.skywalker

    Sound V1-V2-Rotate

    Hallo Mathijs, it worked for me. I am a Boeing Flyer who is test at this time an Airbus to fly. It is very hard to learn the new Systems..... The A321 bring me the last to Flights a Problem. P3D closed without a Information in the Ivent Viewer. (Last Update Version) Frank